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This is a poll to see whether we should have quick redirects (in the style of the link templates) to pages with parenthetical disambiguation.

This "quick search" method would work in much the same way that the link templates do on pages. For example, for a user to search a Pokémon's page currently, they would need to type in <species name> (Pokémon) on the search bar. Many people do not know how to type the é, and additionally, the entire parenthetical reference makes the typing longer.

A solution to this is to create redirects that will quickly get the searcher to the requested page. As the Pokémon species Pikachu is linked as {{p|Pikachu}}, a redirect in this manner would be at Pikachu to Pikachu (Pokémon). Similarly, as Double Team is linked as {{m|Double Team}}, a redirect would exist at Double Team to Double Team (move).

This would be undertaken similarly for most link templates. Also, keep in mind, we are not moving the pages to those targets, simply creating redirects.


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