Brilliant Pokémon

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A Brilliant Pokémon encountered as a symbol encounter

Brilliant Pokémon (Japanese: オーラポケモン Aura Pokémon) are Pokémon with special auras in the overworld that can appear in Pokémon Sword and Shield. They have certain properties that are distinct from other Pokémon in the area.

Brilliant Pokémon can be encountered by one of two methods: as symbol encounters or via fishing. Symbol encounter Brilliant Pokémon give off a visible yellow aura in the overworld, whereas when fishing the aura is around the fishing spot. Once the player encounters the Pokémon, its aura is not seen again.


Brilliant Pokémon have the following properties:

  • They are typically a higher level than the average Pokémon in the area.
  • They know an Egg Move.
  • They have two or three of their IVs guaranteed to be 31.
  • The player earns Watts for catching or defeating them, with high-level Brilliant Pokémon yielding more Watts.

Appearance rate

Symbol encounters

The more Pokémon of a particular species that the player has caught or defeated, the more likely Pokémon of that species are to appear as symbol encounter Brilliant Pokémon. The number of times a player has encountered a particular species of Pokémon is recorded in their Pokédex.

Additionally, the chance of encountering a Shiny Pokémon will increase a maximum of 3% of the time.

Encounters Brilliant Pokémon rate Shiny Pokémon rate
0 Cannot appear Normal rate
1–19 Normal rate Normal rate
20–49 1.3× normal rate Normal rate
50–99 1.6× normal rate 2× normal rate
100–199 2× normal rate 3× normal rate
200–299 2× normal rate 4× normal rate
300–499 2× normal rate 5× normal rate
500+ 2× normal rate 6× normal rate


A Brilliant Pokémon encountered via fishing

When fishing, Brilliant Pokémon are more likely to occur the more consecutive Pokémon are successfully reeled in and defeated, regardless of species. If the player fails to reel in a Pokémon, catches a Pokémon, flees from a Pokémon, leaves the area, or turns off the game, their streak is broken and the rate of encountering a Brilliant Pokémon via fishing resets.

Successful encounters Brilliant Pokémon rate
0-2 Normal rate
3–6 1.3× normal rate
7–14 3.3× normal rate
15–24 6.6× normal rate
25+ 16.6× normal rate

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 氣場寶可夢 Heichèuhng Pokémon
Mandarin 氣場寶可夢 / 气场宝可梦 Qìchǎng Pokémon
  French Pokémon à aura
  German Pokémon mit Aura
  Italian Pokémon con l'aura
  Korean 오라 포켓몬 Aura Pokémon
  Spanish Pokémon aural

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