Ash's Sceptile

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Ash's Sceptile
サトシのジュカイン Satoshi's Jukain
Poké Ball
Ash Sceptile.png
Ash's Sceptile
Debuts in Tree's a Crowd
Caught at Route 104
Evolves in Exploud and Clear
Odd Pokémon Out
Gender Unknown*
Ability Overgrow
Current location At Professor Oak's Laboratory
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This Pokémon spent 59 episodes as Treecko and 95 episodes as Grovyle.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Treecko Yūji Ueda Dan Green
As Grovyle Yūji Ueda Darren Dunstan (4Kids)
Bill Rogers (TPCi)
As Sceptile Yūji Ueda Bill Rogers

Ash's Sceptile (Japanese: サトシのジュカイン Satoshi's Jukain) was the second Pokémon caught by Ash Ketchum in the Hoenn region.



As a Treecko

Treecko was caught in the episode Tree's a Crowd! after Ash helped it in trying to save its old tree home; this event was followed by a battle with Ash's Pikachu, and Ash caught him as a result of that battle. In the next episode, Treecko struggled to make friends with the other Pokémon until it rescued May's Torchic from a wild Seviper, though it was badly hurt in the process. Later in the episode Treecko went of to do some special training on its own; when it had perfected a new variation of Pound in which it spun in the air before hitting the target, it battled the Seviper again, this time while under the ownership of Jessie, and won.

In The Winner by a Nosepass, Ash choose Treecko to battle Roxanne's Geodude where it quickly lost. Brock pointed out that even though Template:Type2s are strong against Template:Type2s, Treecko did not have an advantage due to it not knowing any Grass-type moves. In Brave the Wave it was used against Brawly, and while it managed to defeat Machop, it was still beaten by Brawly's Hariyama, which meant Ash lost the match. In Turning Over a Nuzleaf, when it and the other Pokémon were separated from their Trainers, Treecko would frequently taunt Corphish, though they later made amends in order to beat Team Rocket. Treecko battled Hariyama again in Just One of the Geysers and won, earning Ash the Knuckle Badge.

Treecko battled a Shiftry in Jump for Joy! to rescue Nurse Joy. Ash revealed in What You Seed is What You Get that the Shiftry had inspired him to try and teach Treecko how to use Bullet Seed. This became a reality when they met Natasha and her Grovyle, who helped Treecko learn the move using watermelon seeds.

In Going, Going, Yawn, Treecko was used in Ash's battle against Flannery. It was chosen to battle Slugma but was recalled after it was burned. It was sent out again to battle Flannery's Torkoal but eventually lost. In Gulpin it Down it ended up temporarily becoming giant alongside a wild Gulpin that had been terrorizing a large city.

As a Grovyle

Treecko evolved into Grovyle in the episode Exploud and Clear during a battle against Guy, whose Loudred had evolved into Exploud at the same time. Ash has used Grovyle in almost every gym battle since its evolution, including his battle against Norman in Balance of Power, where it battled Norman's Slaking and activated its ability Overgrow. In Sky High Gym Battle!, Grovyle battled Winona's Altaria and won, despite the type disadvantage, and was later used against Winona's Swellow, though he lost. In Vanity Affair it once again battles an Altaria, this time belonging to the Hoenn Elite Four's Drake—with its incredible jumping ability, Grovyle was able to attack Altaria while it was in the sky, but was unable to defeat it. It was sent out to fight Juan's Luvdisc in The Great Eight Fate!. It was confused by Sweet Kiss and thrashed about, causing itself serious damage and fainting in the next episode.

Grovyle was used many times in the Ever Grande Conference. Its first battle was in Shocks and Bonds where it teamed up with Glalie to battle Quilava and Charizard, and though it was able to defeat Quilava, it lost to Charizard, leaving Glalie to battle on its own. In A Judgment Brawl, it battled Katie's Walrein and won the match for Ash, and in Ash's next battle against Morrison in Choose It or Lose It!, it beats Morrison's seemingly unstoppable Steelix only to be beaten by Morrison's speedy Gligar. In Ash's battle against Tyson in At the End of the Fray, it battled Metagross, and even after the damage Swellow had caused, Grovyle was unable to beat Metagross.

Kanto Battle Frontier

Grovyle battled Greta and her Hariyama in Wheel of Frontier, but was defeated.

Ash and Sceptile

In Odd Pokémon Out, it had a crush on a Meganium owned by a Nurse Joy, and evolved into a Sceptile to rescue it when it had fallen into Team Rocket's hands. However, the Meganium was attracted to a Tropius, leaving Sceptile heartbroken and unable to use any moves. It regained its ability to use attacks in Cutting The Ties That Bind to save Ash from Team Rocket with the use of Leaf Blade. It then used Quick Attack to save him and Bullet Seed to soften the fall. It was used in Ash's battle against Spenser in the following episode, Ka Boom With A View, where it won Ash the Spirit Symbol after learning a new move, SolarBeam.

In Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis!, Sceptile helped battle a wild Deoxys. It later battled another legendary Pokémon in Battling the Enemy Within!, Regirock, when Ash was possessed by the evil spirit of the King of Pokélantis.

In Once More With Reeling it fought in the Terracotta Contest final against May's Blaziken. The battle resulted in a tie where both May and Ash won the ribbon.

Ash left Sceptile at Professor Oak's lab before setting off to Sinnoh.


In The Semi-Final Frontier!, Ash's Sceptile had its third battle against a legendary Pokémon when it was sent out against Tobias's Darkrai in the semi-finals of the Lily of the Valley Conference. It used its newly-learned attack, Leaf Storm, to attack Darkrai, but was hit by its Ice Beam first. Soon, Sceptile was hit by a Dark Void and was put to sleep, but was able to wake up almost instantly, shocking Tobias, and defeated Darkrai with a powerful Leaf Blade. Sceptile was the only Pokemon in the Sinnoh League (or the region for that matter) to defeat Darkrai. However, after all the damage it had taken it was unable to defeat Tobias's next Pokémon, Latios, whose Giga Impact had overpowered Leaf Blade, knocking Sceptile out.


Right from its debut, Sceptile has been known to act cool, calm and collected; holding a twig in the side of its mouth almost always. Sceptile has an overpowering pride, similar to Buizel's, that it will defend at all costs from anyone or anything that damages it, most notably after being defeated by Seviper, Hariyama and when a Tropius flirted with a Meganium it had taken a liking to. Before evolving into Sceptile, it was shown to tease the other Pokémon, especially Corphish, although it would always defend and protect them.

Moves used

Using Bullet Seed
Using Leaf Storm
Move First Used In
Pound Tree's a Crowd
Slam A Tail with a Twist
Quick Attack  A Tail with a Twist
Bullet Seed What You Seed is What You Get
Leaf Blade  Exploud and Clear
SolarBeam Ka Boom with a View!
Agility Curbing the Crimson Tide!
Leaf Storm  The Semi-Final Frontier!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Sceptile keeping a twig in its mouth is much like a 番長 banchō, a juvenile gang leader, a character type that was common in manga and anime in the sixties and early seventies.
  • Sceptile has been referred to as a male in episodes such as Tree's a Crowd and Odd Pokémon Out, but only in the English dub.
  • It took 59 episodes for Treecko to evolve into a Grovyle. Incidentally, the amount of episodes to evolve again was the reversed digits; 95.
  • Sceptile is Ash's first fully evolved Grass-type starter.
  • Sceptile is the third of Ash's Pokémon to defeat a legendary Pokémon, defeating Tobias's Darkrai in The Semi-Final Frontier.

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