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This section of the walkthrough will help you defeat the Elite Four and Champion.

Before you challenge the Elite Four...

  • Make sure you have a lot of Hyper Potions to heal your Pokémon, as well as a few Max Potions or Full Restores. You may want some Revives as well. You'll need to heal after every battle, so don't skimp on supplies. Many times hyper potions works same as max potions in terms of healing hp.
  • Make sure your Pokémon are Level 56 or higher before challenging the Elite Four. As you probably know, you have to defeat all of them, as well as the Champion, in one shot— if you're defeated, you have to start over.

If you think you're ready, step through the door!

Elite Four


The first Elite Four member is Sidney, who specializes in the Dark type. Bug- and Fighting-type moves will be supereffective against his Pokémon. Bug-type moves will deal four times the normal damage against his Cacturne and Shiftry, as they are both Dark/Grass-types. (Note: Heracross is an excellent Pokémon to fight Sidney with.)

Sidney sends out his Mightyena first. It knows Crunch, a strong Dark-type move, Double-Edge, a very powerful Template:Type2 move, Roar to force your Pokémon to switch, and Sand-Attack, which lowers your Pokémon's Accuracy. Mightyena's best stat is Attack, so watch out for Double-Edge! Crunch is a good move that gets STAB, but Mightyena's Special Attack isn't that great, so don't worry about it that much. Sand-Attack and Roar may get annoying. The best thing to do about Mightyena is to just knock it out as quickly as possible with strong Bug or Fighting attacks. Sidney's Cacturne and Shiftry have a 4x weakness to Bug. Cacturne knows Faint Attack and Needle Arm for attacking, and you'll really need to watch out— it has an excellent Special Attack stat. Leech Seed will drain the health of a Pokémon hit by it, harming you and healing your opponent. Cotton Spore will harshly lower your Speed. You really need to watch out for this thing— hit it with strong Bug-, Fire-, Ice-, or Flying-type attacks and don't mess around. Thankfully, it has low Speed. Sidney's other Dark/Grass-type, Shiftry, has slightly lower attacking stats, but it is faster and has more HP. Oddly, it only knows one attacking move— Extrasensory, which is of the Psychic type. Shiftry knows Double Team to boost its evasiveness, Torment to prevent your Pokémon from using the same move twice in a row, and Swagger, which will confuse your Pokémon but also sharply raise their attack. Shiftry shouldn't be too much of a problem; It has the exact same weaknesses as Cacturne, so just get it out of the way. Crawdaunt has a somewhat unusual type combination: Water/Dark. It has a massive Attack stat (which can't be lowered, thanks to its Ability), so do not mess around. It knows Strength, a Template:Type2 move, and Surf, a strong Water-type attack. (Interestingly, these are both HMs.) Crawdaunt also knows Swords Dance to sharply boost its already deadly Attack stat, and Facade. Facade will double in power from 70 to 140 if you poison, paralyze, or burn Crawdaunt, so don't use moves like Toxic, Thunder Wave, or Will-O-Wisp on it! Crawdaunt is weak to Fighting-, Bug-, Grass-, and Electric-type moves, so use those to get rid of it. Sidney's highest-leveled Pokémon is his Absol, which has even higher Attack than Crawdaunt! It knows Rock Slide, Aerial Ace (this never misses), and Slash to attack, and also has Swords Dance to boost its already incredibly high Attack. Being a pure Dark-type, Bug and Fighting moves will take it out. Basically, the strategy with Sidney is this: Keep attacking and don't mess around with status moves.


Your next opponent, Phoebe, is a specialist of the Ghost type. Template:Type2 Pokémon are completely immune to Ghost-types moves, while Dark- and Steel-type Pokémon resist Ghost attacks. Ghost-types are weak to Ghost- and Dark-type attacks. Don't use Template:Type2 Pokémon, as they are weak to Ghost (unless their second Type is Steel, as in the case of the Metagross family).

Phoebe sends out her Level 48 Dusclops first. It knows Curse, which will lower its health by half, and causes a Pokémon hit by it to lose 25% of its health every turn until it faints or the battle ends. Dusclops also knows Confuse Ray to Confuse your Pokémon, Protect to block your attacks, and Shadow Punch to attack. Hit Dusclops with a Dark- or Ghost-type move to get it out of your way. it has massive defensive stats, so it might be harder than you expect. Next, Phoebe has two Level 49 Bannette, both of which know the powerful Ghost attack Shadow Ball. One has Grudge, Will-O-Wisp, and Faint Attack as its other three moves, and the other knows Thunderbolt, Psychic, and Facade. These two aren't especially hard to defeat, although Will-O-Wisp causes a burn if it hits, Grudge can be annoying, and Facade can hit hard due to Bannette's high Attack stat. Don't paralyze, poison, or burn either Bannette because it's hard to tell which one you're after. Facade doubles in power if the user is affected by a major status condition. An interesting Pokémon you'll have to deal with is Sableye, which has no weakness. It has Double Team to boost its evasiveness, so knock it out as quickly as you can before things get annoying. Any move that isn't Normal, Fighting, Psychic, or Poison will deal normal damage to Sableye, which has stats that aren't the greatest. The most dangerous Pokémon on Phoebe's team is her quite dangerous Level 51 Dusclops. It's hard to knock out due to its massive defensive stats, and it knows very powerful attacks: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Rock Slide, and Earthquake. With this one, go all-out with your best Ghost and Dark attacks until you've knocked it out.

Once you've defeated Phoebe, heal up your team and continue on to the next room.


The third Elite Four member, Glacia, uses Template:Type2s. They are weak to Fire, Fighting-, Steel-, and Rock-type moves. Don't use Dragon-, Flying-, Grass-, or Ground-types, since they are weak to Ice.

Beware! One of her Glalie knows Explosion which may deal great amount of damage to your pokemons. However ghost type pokemons like Haunter are not effected by explosion but they are super effected by crunch and Shadow Ball.Her Sealeo are like to start with hail , here is your chance to defeat them in first turn. But out of all her pokemons biggest challenge is her Walrein which knows Sheer Cold - an OHKO move! Sheer Cold will deal damage as same as your pokemon's current HP , making ' em instantly faint. However this attack will Fail if your pokemon's level is more than Walrein's level aka 53. If your pokemon is also at lv. 53 than it has [your pokemon's level + 30] % chance to hit.

Lv. 50 Sealeo knows encore which will make your pokemon use same move turn by turn for some turns. Lv. 52 Sealeo knows attract which may not allow your pokemon to attack if gender difference exists. However it also knows Double Edge which not suits its low attack and also deals recoil damage to it. But Blizzard which has 120 base power super suits on it and deals damage as attack with base power of 180 because it receives STAB for this move. .Both Glalie are hard to beat because of their counter move usage. Level 50 Glalie is also known to use Light Screen Walrein has very powerful sp. attack so Ice Beam can cause your pokemon super damage. Surf can also be cause of problem. However Body slam is not sp. attack but it can cause paralysis. Walrein also owns one sitrus berry All you have to do is attack without wasting any turn and finish it as early as possible. You can use fire type pokemons so when you got frozen solid you can use your fire type move which makes you free from it. But Sealeo and Walrein have ability of Thick Fat and Water as their secondary type which will make fire moves more ineffective.


The final and toughest Elite Four member is Drake, who trains Template:Type2 Pokémon.

Champion Wallace

In Ruby and Sapphire, Steven was the Champion. Now, he's been replaced by Wallace, a master of Template:Type2 Pokémon. Against all of Steven's pokemons , grass type pokemon are super effective and only one pokemon of Steven is able to deal gigantic damage on Grass types.

Good news for Sceptile users and may be bad news for Blaziken users because with champion , of course , champion's main type of use is also changed from STEEL to WATER changing all equations for Fire type users. Excluding Tentacruel not even one pokemon can deal super damage to grass types.

His jumbo Wailord (level 57!) starts with Rain Dance.

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