2-Player CD-ROM Starter Set (TCG)

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The 2 Player CD-Rom Starter Set is a special beginners deck from the Base Set 2 of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It includes a CD-Rom with demonstrations and interactive features to show you how to play the game. It is only slightly different from the original 2 Player Starter Set from Base Set. It predominantly focuses on Water-attack.png and Fighting-attack.png type Pokémon and contains the following cards: -

Quantity Card Name Type Rarity
3x Diglett Fighting-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
3x Machop Fighting-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
2x Machoke Fighting-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
1x Machamp Fighting-attack.png File:Rare rare.gifH
4x Goldeen Water-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
2x Seaking Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
2x Staryu Water-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
2x Seel Fire-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
2x Doduo Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
2x Meowth Colorless-attack.png File:Rare com.gif
1x Dratini Colorless-attack.png File:Rare uncom.gif
2x Energy Removal T File:Rare com.gif
1x Switch T File:Rare com.gif
1x Pokédex T File:Rare uncom.gif
2x Poké Ball T File:Rare com.gif
1x Bill T File:Rare com.gif
1x Gust of Wind T File:Rare com.gif
14x Fighting Energy E --
14x Water Energy E --

Like other decks, the 2 Player CD-Rom Starter Set also includes damage counters, a custom coin, rulebook, and playmat.