10th Movie Commemoration Set (TCG)

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The 10th Movie Commemoration Set is a special card collection for the Pokémon Trading Card Game and was released in conjunction with the Japanese screening of The Rise of Darkrai.

Release Dates

  • 14th January 2007 – World Hobby Fair prerelease
  • 14th July 2007 – Theatrical release
  • 3rd August 2007 – Commercial release


  • To commemorate the 10th Pokémon movie release in Japan, a special card album was released containing 11 cards with central Pokémon from the previous nine movies. Space for a twelfth was included for a card available to the first 4,200,000 patrons of the 10th movie.
  • Those attending the 2007 World Hobby Fair had the opportunity to purchase the set in advance, before its theatrical and commercial release.
  • All of the 11 cards included in the set have a location or description in their name, although they are not strictly "Owner’s Pokémon", as they lack a location graphic. The cards are also holographic, have no number, level or rarity symbol and have a unique set symbol.
  • Despite there being a space for it (suggesting it was intended to be like its counterparts), the Darkrai promotional card available at cinemas has neither a location in it’s name or the unique set symbol. It is instead part of the "DP-P" Promotional cards collection.

Card List

The symbol for the 10th Movie Commemoration Set is a length of film with “10th” on it.

Card List

No. Card Name Type
-- Striking Back Mewtwo  
-- Explosive Birth Lugia  
-- Crystal Tower's Entei  
-- Timeless Celebi  
-- Alto Mare's Latias  
-- Alto Mare's Latios  
-- Seven Nights Jirachi  
-- Visitor Deoxys  
-- Tree of Beginning's Mew  
-- Wave-Guiding Hero Lucario  
-- Prince of the Sea Manaphy  
46/DP-P Darkrai  

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