10th Movie Commemoration Set (TCG)

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The 10th Movie Commemoration Set is a special card collection for the Pokémon Trading Card Game and was released in conjunction with the Japanese screening of Dialga vs. Palkia vs. Darkrai.

Release Dates

  • 14th January 2007 – World Hobby Fair prerelease
  • 14th July 2007 – Theatrical release
  • 3rd August 2007 – Commercial release


  • To commemorate the 10th Pokémon movie release in Japan, a special card album was released containing 11 cards with central Pokémon from the previous nine movies. Space for a twelfth was included for a card available to the first 4,200,000 patrons of the 10th movie.
  • Those attending the 2007 World Hobby Fair had the opportunity to purchase the set in advance, before its theatrical and commercial release.
  • All of the 11 cards included in the set have a location or description in their name, although they are not strictly "Owner’s Pokémon", as they lack a location graphic. The cards are also holographic, have no number, level or rarity symbol and have a unique set symbol.
  • Despite there being a space for it (suggesting it was intended to be like its counterparts), the Darkrai promotional card available at cinemas has neither a location in it’s name or the unique set symbol. It is instead part of the DP-P Promotional card collection, and therefore not listed here.

Card List

The symbol for the 10th Movie Commemoration Set is a length of film with “10th” on it.
Card Name Type Rarity
Counterattack Mewtwo   (H)
Explosive Birth Lugia   (H)
Crystal Tower Entei   (H)
Traversed Time Celebi   (H)
Water Guardian Latias   (H)
Water Guardian Latios   (H)
Seven Nights Jirachi   (H)
Space Fissure Deoxys   (H)
Tree of Origin Mew   (H)
Wave Guiding Hero Lucario   (H)
Sea Prince Manaphy   (H)