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I am IWannaBeTheVeryBest, AKA Aviator Zero. I'm on the Bulbagarden forums from time to time. Mostly I edit pages here to correct them.


I have the following anime episodes, movies, and specials. If you need a screenshot of any scene in them, just ask.

1280×688 Blu-ray


  • M13 (first 10 minutes and credits are in 848×480)
  • M14 (both versions)

I also have:

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Pokémon X

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Pokémon/Moves Type Changes

Based on what I feel suits them better. For reference, Fairy will take Psychic's place as the "magic/mystical" type.

Gen I

Bulbasaur/Oddish: Grass. Don't look/act like Poison types, learn just 1-3 Poison moves, bulb/leaves are nontoxic.
Mega Blastoise: Water/Steel. Suits tank design.
Psyduck/Golduck: Water/Psychic. 'Nuff said.
Geodude/Graveler/Golem: Rock. No reported subterranean activity of any kind. They live on mountains. That's it.
Seel: Water/Ice. Really no reason Dewgong is and Seel isn't. Both are based on arctic seals.
Cloyster: Water. Absolutely no reason for it be Ice.
Gengar: Ghost/Dark. Body is no longer made of poison gas. A shadow with nefarious intentions.
Mega Gengar: Ghost/Psychic. Third eye sees into other dimensions.
Rhyhorn: Rock. Ground activity is Rhydon-exclusive.
Rhydon: Rock/Ground. Being Ground/Rock is just wrong.
Starmie: Water/Fairy. No psychic/mental powers to speak of. Cosmic/mystical attributes suit Fairy.
Jynx: Fairy/Ice: No psychic powers. Behaves much like the Fairy type.
Gyarados: Water/Dragon. 'Nuff said.
Porygon/2/Z: Electric. What do you think data is..?

Gen II

Azurill/Marill/Azumarill: Water. Azurill can swim and learns mostly Water moves. None have Fairy attributes.
Hoppip: Grass. Cannot control itself in midair.
Wynaut/Wobbuffet: Normal. Learns mostly Normal moves. No Psychic attributes.
Girafarig: Psychic/Dark. Learns many Dark moves, dangerous-looking tail, more dichotomous than Normal/Psychic.
Dunsparce: Normal/Ground: Diverse moveset but Ground attributes.
Gligar/Gliscor: Poison/Flying: Poisonous. Fly. Don't dig. Based on scorpions, bats, and vampires. Poison/Flying.
Stantler: Normal/Psychic. Illusions, hypnosis, but still Normal attributes.
Smoochum: Fairy. Lives in cities instead of icy mountains. Not based on Yuki-onna like Jynx.
Suicune: Water/Flying. Breaks the trio order, but too many wind connections to ignore.
Pupitar: Rock. No Ground properties. Suits the transition to…
Tyranitar: Rock/Dragon: It's Godzilla. Made of rock.
Mega Tyranitar: Dark/Dragon. Evil appearance. Could be a corrupted form that quote, "seethes with energy and emanates power."
Lugia: Water/Flying. I mean come on.
Celebi: Fairy/Grass. Literally.


Shroomish: Grass/Poison: Even says "My poison powders turned more toxic!" in Mystery Dungeon.
Mega/Sableye: Dark. No basis for Ghost besides a legend about the Pokémon itself.
Trapinch: Ground/Bug. Bug origin, several Bug moves, etc.
Lunatone: Rock/Fairy. Moon powers are associated with Fairy. Mystic connection.
Solrock: Rock/Fire. Heat. Sun. Light.
Milotic: Water/Dragon. Origin, moves, appearance.
Castform: Flying. Air/wind abilities. Floats. Is a cloud.
Mega Banette: Ghost/Dark. "Baleful power" is unleashed.
Chingling/Chimecho: Normal. No Psychic powers whatsoever. More proof that Sound type needs to exist.
Glalie: Rock/Ice. Body made of rock.
Luvdisc: Water/Fairy. Fairy is pretty much the emotion type.
Beldum: Steel. Barely thinks for itself. Computer-like mind comes with evolution.
Latias: Dragon/Fairy. Half-Psychic Latios can create illusions, Latias is emotionally sensitive. Both types suit their origins.
Jirachi: Fairy. Grants wishes "if you sing to it in a voice of purity." Is in tune with human desires. Steel typing is absurd.

Gen IV