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Tyranitar Half Deck (TCG)

Tyranitar Half Deck
Packaging for the Half deck
Expansion Pokémon VS
Release date August 2001 (English)
July 7, 2001 (Japanese)
Types used Various
Coin VS Aqua Celebi Coin.png

The Tyranitar Half Deck (Japanese: リーダーズポケモン 劇場限定版 Leaders Pokémon Theater Limited Edition) complements the Pokémon VS expansion of cards. The half deck consists of Owner's Pokémon that were featured in the main expansion.

In August 2001, this 30 card deck was released during the 2001 Tropical Mega Battle to each player in his or her native language. Rocket's Tyranitar was replaced by the P Promotional print of Tropical Wind. The cards were produced by MEDIAFACTORY, the company that produces the cards in Japanese, instead of by Wizards of the Coast, technically causing them to be unofficially released in English. In addition, they retained Japanese placings and font styles. During the three rounds at the Tropical Mega Battle, it was revealed that one of the cards has a misprint on it, as compared to the other countries' versions. The first round had to be replayed.

Like other half decks, the Tyranitar Half Deck also includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters and custom coin. The coin features Celebi.

Tropical Mega Battle Release

Japanese Release

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