Serena (anime)

If you were looking for the character from Hoenn, see Serena (AG092).
セレナ Serena
Current artwork from XY series
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Honey
Hometown Vaniville Town
Region Kalos
Relatives Grace (mother)
Trainer class Performer
Game counterpart Serena
Anime debut Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!
English voice actor Haven Paschall
Japanese voice actor Mayuki Makiguchi

Serena (Japanese: セレナ Serena) is a Pokémon Performer and a traveling companion of Ash, who debuted in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!. Her first Pokémon was a Fennekin that she received from Professor Sycamore.


Young Serena

As a young child, Serena was sent to Kanto, against her will, to attend a Pokémon Summer Camp, which was hosted by Professor Oak. One day, while at the camp, she got lost in a nearby forest and was startled by a Poliwag, falling over and hurting her knee. Then, she met Ash Ketchum, who was looking for the same Poliwag and spotted Serena. Noticing her knee injury, he pulled out a handkerchief and wrapped it around her wounded knee, saying that it is a good-luck charm and that the pain would go away. However, when Serena's knee continued to hurt, Ash told her "Don't give up till its over" and helped her up before escorting her out of the forest. Afterwards, she returned to Kalos, bringing along the handkerchief and the memory of her meeting with Ash.

Serena made her first onscreen appearance in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, where she was forcibly woken up by her mother's Fletchling. In Lumiose City Pursuit!, she attempted to practice Rhyhorn racing after being encouraged by her mother, a famous Rhyhorn racer herself. However, Serena's attempts at controlling her mother's Rhyhorn ended with her being sent crashing into the ground.

Later that evening, Serena complained about her earlier practice leaving several scratches on her face. She sat down to watch a news report on an incident that was occurring in Lumiose City. On the screen, she saw Ash trying to calm down a rampaging Garchomp at Prism Tower and recognized Ash as a boy she had known in her childhood. The next day, while feeding Rhyhorn, Serena thought aloud that something interesting was going to happen and that it involved Ash.

She began her Pokémon journey in A Battle of Aerial Mobility! when she set off to Professor Sycamore's lab in Lumiose City. Immediately upon arriving, Serena questioned the Professor about the boy on television and he confirmed that it was indeed Ash Ketchum. However, to Serena's disappointment, Ash had already left Lumiose City for the Santalune City Gym the previous day. Serena was then offered to choose her starter Pokémon.

In A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!, Serena chose Fennekin, received a Pokédex, and started her journey. Later that day, she continued to travel with Fennekin, but didn't want to camp out for the night after seeing some wild Venipede. She was attacked by a wild Vespiquen that she mistook for a person, only for Fennekin to scare Vespiquen away. Afterward, Serena met a Nurse Joy, who told her where to find the nearest Pokémon Center.

In A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!, she finally reached Santalune City and found Ash during his Gym battle with Viola. She introduced herself to him, Clemont, and Bonnie, after returning his backpack when it was left behind at the Gym. At the end of the episode, she asks Ash if he remembers her, at which point the episode abruptly ends.

In Battling on Thin Ice!, she revealed that the two of them met at the Pokémon Summer Camp when they were younger. Although Ash remembered the camp, he didn't specifically remember meeting Serena, much to her disappointment. Serena quickly regained her composure and reminded him that he once told her to never give up. Hearing these words helped Ash continue his training in order to win the rematch against Viola. During the rematch, Ash was visibly becoming overwhelmed by Viola's battling strategy, but Serena yelled at him to never give up. The inspiration that he had once given Serena was now being given to him, and these words encouraged him to continue the battle. At the end of the episode, after winning the Bug Badge, Ash asked Serena what her plans for the future were.

Serena officially began traveling with Ash and his friends in Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!. This was when Serena revealed why she began her journey in the first place. After seeing Ash on TV, she decided that she would begin a Pokémon journey in order to return the handkerchief he used to mend her knee injury. After she returned the handkerchief, Ash remembered their encounter and called her the "girl with the straw hat."

Later on, Serena helped teach Ash how to ride and race on a Rhyhorn when he expressed an interest in Rhyhorn racing. While doing so, Serena's opinion on Rhyhorn and Rhyhorn riding quickly changed when the Rhyhorn were very friendly towards her. Later, while she was helping Ash learn to ride, she called out similar words Serena's mother had yelled to her during her Rhyhorn riding lessons at home. At that moment, Serena realized that she had misjudged the sport of Rhyhorn racing and that perhaps she did not hate it as much as she thought. Serena expressed in the same episode that she did not dislike Rhyhorn racing but that she wanted to find a goal that she likes even more.

The next day, Ash was captured by Team Rocket and Serena had to help rescue him. This was when Serena had her first Pokémon battle, commanding Fennekin to use Ember on the criminals. At the end of the episode, she gave Ash a pouch of cookies, saying it was her way of thanking him for all he had done for her.

In Clemont's Got a Secret!, Serena learned from Clemont's father, Meyer, that Clemont is the Lumiose City Gym Leader. Although initially angry with Clemont for keeping this secret from her along with Ash, she helped take back the Gym from the malfunctioning Clembot. She battled Clemont's Magneton with her Fennekin, but it managed to avoid Fennekin's attack, forcing Pikachu and Froakie to step in and defeat it. Later, she watched Clemont battle and defeat Clembot for the control of the Lumiose Gym.

Serena and Miette

In A Pokévision of Things to Come!, Serena decided to make a Pokévision video. After watching some sample Pokévision videos in the Pokémon Center, Serena decided to make one of her own with her Fennekin. She rented a camera and began filming with Fennekin. The two of them dressed up in multiple outfits and the video featured them posing and baking together. However, during the filming of the video, Fennekin was captured by Team Rocket. Serena was able to rescue Fennekin, and in the process she remembered all that they had been through together. Her feelings of friendship were conveyed to her Pokémon, and Fennekin was able to learn Flamethrower in the battle against Team Rocket. After this event, Serena was able to finish her filming and was proud of her final product.

In A Battle by Any Other Name!, Serena participated in the Poké Puff Contest, but she did not emerge victorious. Before the event, she met another competitor named Miette. The two of them compared their Poké Puffs to see whose were superior, which led to a spark of rivalry between them. After comparing the two Poké Puffs, the group realized that Serena's Poké Puffs were more suited for human's tastes than Pokémon's. This was part of the reason that Serena was not able to win the Poké Puff competition.

Serena had her first official Pokémon battle in Summer of Discovery! against Shauna. Shauna and her friends, Tierno and Trevor, had seen the Pokévision video that Serena filmed in Lumiose City and recognized her from it. Serena accepted Shauna's challenge, and alongside Fennekin she faced off against Shauna and her Bulbasaur. Despite having a type advantage, Serena was unable to win. Serena talked with Shauna throughout the episode, and learned that Shauna was aiming to be someone who could put on performances with Pokémon. Her conversations with Shauna were a catalyst in helping her realize that she was the only one of her friends that didn't have a set goal. At the end of the episode, Serena sat alone brushing Fennekin's tail and wondering what her dream was.

In Day Three Blockbusters!, Shauna informed Serena about Pokémon Showcases and told her that she was planning on becoming a Pokémon Performer, and this inspired Serena to become one as well. In Dreaming a Performer's Dream!, Serena witnessed her first official Pokémon Showcase. She saw a performance by Aria, the current Kalos Queen, and witnessed a wild Pancham causing a ruckus on stage. Later, outside, the Pancham stole Ash and Clemont's belongings. Serena managed to track Pancham down and witnessed how he put on a performance with no one around. This made her realize Pancham loved performing and wanted to show this to everyone. With this in mind she announced to her friends she wanted to catch it. Battling with Fennekin, she managed to weaken and successfully catch it. After that, Serena gave Pancham a pair of her favorite sunglasses.

In A Race for Home!, she met up with her mother, but at first didn't dare to tell her about her intention to be a Performer. Later, Serena finally told her mother about her dream and challenged her to a Rhyhorn race in order to prove her determination under the condition that if she lost she would go back home and train to become a Rhyhorn racer. However, her mother suggested that they race on Skiddo, knowing that Skiddo could sense the rider's feelings. Serena managed to beat her mother in the race when the Skiddo she was riding sensed her determination, and thus her mother gave her permission to become a Pokémon Performer.

In Under the Pledging Tree!, after helping her friends thwart Team Rocket's plot to crash the Pledging Tree festival and returning the stolen presents to their rightful owners, Serena gave a ribbon to Fennekin and new sunglasses to Pancham in honor of the event. The group then found a present not addressed to a Pokémon, but to Serena herself. The present was a new dress for the upcoming Coumarine Showcase from her mother, care of Nurse Joy. At the end of the episode, Ash gave Serena the blue ribbon he had won in a giveaway from the Coumarine Monorail staff.

Serena's Showcase debut

In A Showcase Debut!, she made her debut as a Pokémon Performer in the Coumarine City Rookie Class Pokémon Showcase, along with Shauna and Jessie. However, during the Theme Performance, Fennekin tripped over a bow that Serena had decorated her with. This eliminated her from the competition, and she watched as Shauna went on to win the Showcase. Although Serena first acted like she took the loss well, in private she was very upset. Early in the next morning, she walked out to a pier with Fennekin and Pancham, finally releasing her bottled up feelings and began to cry. Having comfort and reassurance from her two partners, she drew scissors from her bag and cut her hair to her shoulders after a reflection on her journey so far. Later, she donned a new outfit, featuring the ribbon she received from Ash, signifying her resolve.

After this, Serena continued to practice for her next Pokémon Showcase. However, in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile!, one of these training sessions went wrong and Serena ended up yelling at Fennekin and Pancham after they were fighting and Fennekin accidentally hit her with Flamethrower. Realizing what she had done and feeling useless as a Performer, Serena ran off in shame. She was later approached by a young woman calling herself Ariana and the two spent the rest of the day shopping together. During this time, Ariana, after hearing what Serena had been through, encouraged her to make up with her Pokémon and to remember the close bond they had, which Serena did later that evening. The two girls later had a Double Battle, during which Fennekin evolved into Braixen, but the match was called off after Ariana was forced to leave when she got a call. The next day, Serena discovered that "Ariana" was in fact Aria all along (having previously felt she looked familiar) and secretly thanked her for all her help.

In A Fashionable Battle!, Serena and her friends arrived in Laverre City and went to visit the Laverre Gym, only to find it closed as the Gym Leader was preparing for a fashion show. Knowing that the Gym Leader in question is a fashion designer, Serena dragged the gang to a shop exhibiting her designs. There, Serena and Bonnie were invited to visit Valerie, who asked them to model some of her designs in the upcoming fashion show. The two girls accepted and were later seen walking the runway modeling furisodes designed by Valerie.

In Performing with Fiery Charm!, Serena participated in her second Pokémon Showcase, competing against Miette and a disguised Jessie. She passed through the first round, the Poké Puff Baking competition, with flying colors. However, prior to her Freestyle Performance, Jessie bumped into her, ripping her dress. Due to the never-give-up attitude she learned from Ash, as well as her own quick thinking and skill at tailoring, Serena was able to modify the dress just before she was called up. During the second round, she delivered a performance that left the audience very impressed. As a result, she was the most voted Performer, winning the competition and receiving her first Princess Key despite the anxiety she still felt from her debut performance.

After arriving in Anistar City in A Performance Pop Quiz!, Serena participated in her third Pokémon Showcase. In the Theme Performance, she was able to beat Nini and Lily in the Pokémon Quiz segment, earning her a spot in the second round. However, before she could go on stage, her Eevee had gone missing after being scared by the performance Jessie had delivered and she left to find her, almost missing her performance in the process. After reuniting with her and receiving her support, Serena gave her performance using choreography based on Eevee's dancing, which gave her enough votes to win the Showcase and obtain her second Princess Key.

In A Dancing Debut!, Serena participated in her fourth Pokémon Showcase. During the Theme Performance, she and her Pancham were able to bake a Poké Puff while entertaining the audience in the process. Thanks to their performance, Serena received enough votes to advance to the second round. In the Free Performance, Serena used her Braixen and Eevee. Everything was going smoothly until Eevee got distracted by the crowd and fell to the ground. Eevee was discouraged until Serena motivated her to keep on dancing. Serena and her Pokémon finished their performance without any more problems, but Eevee's mishap caused Serena to lose the Showcase. Later, Serena was seen comforting Eevee and assuring her they will do better next time.

In Party Dancecapades!, Serena and Eevee attended a dance party hosted by Monsieur Pierre with Clemont and Bunnelby as their partners. She was upset, because she couldn't go dancing with Ash. But when she battled alongside Ash against Miette and James, her Eevee began to evolve into Sylveon.

In Master Class Choices!, Serena entered the Fleur Rookie Class Showcase in hopes of winning her third and final Princess Key. In the Theme Performance, in which Performers had to lure as many Rhyhorn as possible to their part of the field before time ran out, Serena easily defeated Cal and Kazari and advanced to the Freestyle Performance. There, she performed along with Braixen, Pancham, and Sylveon. Their performance was well received by the audience and she was the most voted Performer of the round. As a result, she was declared the winner of the event, receiving the Fleur City Princess Key and qualifying for the Master Class tournament.

Serena and Aria

Serena entered the Glorio Master Class Showcase in XY112, where she met up with all of her rivals. In the first round, she was grouped with Miette and Cyn Lee. Her performance received the highest number of votes and she quickly made her way to the semifinals of the competition, where she found herself up against Shauna and Jessilee. In the following episode, she tried a risky move and ended up bruising her wrist. She was about to fall but Sylveon helped Serena using her feelers, saving the performance. She was the most voted Performer of the round and as such was allowed to move on to the finals, where she faced the reigning Kalos Queen Aria. Despite her best efforts, Serena couldn't defeat Aria, who retained her title. After that, Serena was approached by Palermo to become her protégé so she could become a better performer to have a chance at being the next Kalos Queen. Serena however, declined the offer telling her that her journey with her friends has helped her develop and until she finishes she can't go with her. Palermo tells Serena to call her after she finishes her journey and gives Serena her card before leaving off.

In XY115, Serena decided to pose as Ash who had gotten a cold from training with Greninja and Pikachu, to face off against an eccentric guitarist named Jimmy with Ash's Pikachu against his Pikachu, Tongari. Her disguise pulls through and they ended up battling well against each other before almost getting exposed by Clemont and Bonnie. As she continued the battle, Pikachu and Tongari were captured by Team Rocket, by which then Jessie managed to see through her disguise to her dismay. Upon Ash's recovery, she discarded her disguise and commanded her Pokémon to simultaneously attack Team Rocket, who were eventually sent blasting off by Pikachu and Tongari in the end. She apologized to Jimmy for deceiving him and invited him to join her and the others for lunch.

In XY121, Serena is shown to be growing more concerned about Ash, causing her to run off on her own to go find him; Serena then finds Ash who is still depressed. Serena then begins to talk with Ash reminding him of advice he gave her when they were little, during their journey together and her Showcases that helped her; but Ash who is still upset yells at her causing Serena to become upset and angry with him for not being himself, she then throws a few snowballs at Ash before leaving, however Serena is shown not to be angry with Ash long as it begins to snow she grows concerned about Ash again and leads the others to go find him, and while Serena and the others are trying to find Ash he is shown to be thinking to himself about not just what happened during the battle but also about what Serena was trying to tell him; later in the episode when Ash apologizes to Serena for yelling at her he also tells Serena that thanks to what she told him earlier he was able to "figure things out."


Serena in the Master Class tournament

Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship was best demonstrated when Grace made her practice Rhyhorn riding, an activity Serena had hated doing. However, their relationship is also very loving as shown in later episodes.

Serena was uncertain what paths or career to pursue in life and expressed little ambition towards becoming a full-time Pokémon Trainer in the early stages of her journey. However, in Summer of Discovery!, she began to think that not having an established goal was a problem for her future as a Trainer. During her time in the Pokémon Summer Camp, she began seriously considering what she wanted to do with herself and her Pokémon after seeing how passionate the Trainers around her were. It was in Dreaming a Performer's Dream! that she decided that her goal was to be a Pokémon Performer and she has been diligently training both herself and her Pokémon ever since. After losing her first Pokémon Showcase, Serena strengthened her resolve to do even better, and to symbolize this she cut her hair short.

Serena has been shown to have a phobia of the supernatural. When the group entered an abandoned house where a wild Espurr was staying in Seeking Shelter From the Storm!, she would assume the worst or that a supernatural being was in play whenever the group was spooked by anything. Likewise, in Forging Forest Friendships!, when Ash had been kidnapped by a Trevenant, she became worried that Ash would be eaten after Clemont told her the rumors surrounding the forest. This is seen again in Scary Hospitality!. In such occasions, she often speaks without thinking, continually making assumptions about the scary houses that made Ash or Clemont cringe, and she would promptly cover her mouth when she realized what she had said. She has also been shown to be afraid of crossing unstable bridges across high ravines.

Serena seems to have a sisterly bond with Bonnie, as she is shown caring for her similar to the way Clemont does, such as protecting her in dangerous situations, comforting her, and cheering her up when she is sad. She also allows her to help her with various tasks, such as baking and grooming. Serena also gets along pretty well with Clemont, and they are normally seen taking care of the table together during meal times, with Clemont making the main dishes while Serena provides dessert. However, when it comes to his inventions, Serena has shown both a bit of marvel as well as caution, due to the usual end result being an explosion.

Serena has shown a deep affection for Ash, having remembered how he found her when she was lost and alone in a forest when she was young, and how he kindly guided her out. After several years, she still recognized him after seeing him on television. After picking her starter Pokémon and starting her journey, her first order of business was to meet up with him to return the handkerchief he once used to bandage her leg at the Pokémon Summer Camp all those years ago. Ash proved to be a source of inspiration for her with his never-give-up attitude and love for Pokémon.

Serena and her Pokémon

Serena has a love for fashion and clothing. An early example of this is in A Battle of Aerial Mobility!, when she spent time carefully selecting an outfit and was troubled over which of two hats looked best. Serena then asked her mother, who selected a beret. However, she promptly tossed the beret aside and picked up the other hat, saying that whatever her mother did not choose was certain to be the cuter one. She has also expressed excitement about visiting the clothing boutiques in Lumiose City. In A Pokévision of Things to Come!, she was eager to dress up in many different outfits while making her Pokévision video. Despite her love for fashion and performances, she rarely displays vanity or over confidence. She usually acts somewhat subdued and humble in both of these areas, though she is not above commenting that she thinks something she has done is "cute," usually when dressing up her Pokémon for a Showcase.

Serena has displayed some skill in tailoring, slightly altering her Rhyhorn racing gear in Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!, as well as being able to modify the furisode she wore in her second Showcase on-the-fly in Performing with Fiery Charm!, when it was accidentally torn before her Free Performance. Serena also likes baking and is quite skilled at it. An example of this was demonstrated in Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!, when she stayed up late at night to bake cookies for Ash and the gang, which they seemed to enjoy. Also, in Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!, she had baked some macarons for the group, but they were stolen by a Chespin. In A Battle by Any Other Name!, she also participated in a Poké Puff baking competition. In Origins of Mega Evolution!, Serena showed that she knows how to dance when she attempted to help Ash with his training. This skill would later come in handy as she decided to become a Performer, having to choreograph the moves of both her Pokémon and herself when training for Showcases.

Serena can be sensitive and become sad when something goes wrong. She although can be quite tough at some points as well and will try her hardest not to give up, reminding herself of what Ash has taught her. Serena possesses a unique charm when it comes to Rhyhorn, possibly due to her upbringing, as nearly all of those that she encounters gravitate towards her without the girl in question doing anything.


On hand

Serena Braixen.png
Fennekin → Braixen
Serena Pancham.png
Serena Sylveon.png
Eevee → Sylveon


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Orsay City Rhyhorn

Baa de Mer Ranch's Rhyhorn
Rhyhorn (×2)
In Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, Serena borrowed a Rhyhorn from the Rhyhorn racing track of Orsay City. She did so with Clemont and Bonnie to escape with Diancie, who was being chased by thieves. She and Rhyhorn quickly outsped the racers on the track, before going off-track and riding inside a forest. After being in safety, Serena thanked Rhyhorn for its help and it went back to the racing track.

In A Race for Home!, Serena used another Rhyhorn, this time to chase after Team Rocket.

Baa de Mer Ranch's Rhyhorn's only known move is Tackle*.

Debut Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
Serena Grace Skiddo.png
In A Race for Home!, Serena raced her mother Grace on a Skiddo. Grace pushed Serena to do so and after some arguing Serena agreed to it. After falling off once she later won the race.

None of Skiddo's moves are known.

Debut A Race for Home!
Voice actors
English Kayzie Rogers
Serena Bonnie Goomy.png
Main article: Ash's Goomy

In One for the Goomy!, Serena, along with Bonnie, temporarily used Ash's Goomy in a battle against Team Rocket. But it ran off after remembering the terrible experience it had with Bug-type Pokémon.

None of Goomy's moves were used.

Debut One for the Goomy!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinatsu Akasaki
English Tom Wayland
Ash's Frogadier
Main article: Ash's Frogadier

After a group of Pangoro caused Ash, his friends, their Pokémon, and Team Rocket to scatter, Serena, Frogadier, and Chespin found themselves separated from everyone else. Frogadier guarded Serena and Chespin, scouting ahead for danger, and using its Frubbles to buy time for them to escape one of the Pangoro searching for them. Serena and company were eventually found by Ash, Pancham, Fletchinder, Hawlucha, and Luxray, and Frogadier returned to its Trainer.

Debut So You're Having a Bad Day!
Voice actors
Japanese Yūji Ueda
English Billy Bob Thompson
Clemont's Chespin
Main article: Clemont's Chespin

After a group of Pangoro caused Ash, his friends, their Pokémon, and Team Rocket to scatter, Serena, Chespin, and Frogadier found themselves separated from everyone else. After seeing Serena praise Frogadier for acting as a bodyguard, Chespin became jealous and sprinted ahead to scout for danger as well. However, it ended up grabbing the attention of one of the Pangoro. After reuniting with Ash's group, Fletchinder eventually found Clemont, Pikachu, Braixen, and Bunnelby, and Chespin was returned to its trainer.

Debut So You're Having a Bad Day!
Voice actors
Japanese Hitomi Nabatame
English Suzy Myers
A rented Mamoswine
Serena temporarily rode on a Mamoswine, along with Ash, to cross the snowy mountains and through the Frost Cavern.

None of Mamoswine's moves are known.

Debut Over the Mountain of Snow!
Voice actors
Japanese Kensuke Satō
English Marc Thompson
Ash's Pikachu
Main article: Ash's Pikachu

Serena temporarily used Ash's Pikachu to battle Jimmy and his Pikachu, instead of Ash, who was ill.

Debut XY115
Voice actors
Japanese Ikue Ohtani
English Ikue Ohtani


Serena's Princess Keys

Princess Keys obtained

This listing is of the Princess Keys Serena has obtained:

Master Class ranking

Serena has achieved the following ranking in the Master Class tournament:

Other achievements

Serena has competed in the following Rookie Class tournaments:


Pokémon competitions

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 牧口真幸 Mayuki Makiguchi
English Haven Paschall
Chinese Cantonese 凌晞 Ling Hei
Mandarin 詹雅菁 Zhān Yǎjīng
Danish Clara Rugaard-Larsen
Josephine S. Ellefsen
Dutch Tara Hetharia
Finnish Alina Tomnikov
German Gabrielle Pietermann
Greek Αφροδίτη Αντωνάκη Afrothiti Antonaki
Hindi सयूरी हरलकर Sayuri Haralkar (Hungama dub)
Italian Deborah Morese
Korean 김현지 Kim Hyun-Ji
Polish Dominika Sell
Portuguese Brazil Michelle Giudice (S17-S18)
Bruna Laynes (S19)
Portugal Sissi Martins
Russian Мария Иващенко Mariya Ivashenko
Spanish Latin America Verania Ortiz
Spain Isacha Mengíbar
Thai ธันยนันท์ พิพัฒน์ไชยศิริ Thanyanan Piphatchaisiri


Serena XY.png Serena XY 5.png Serena XY 4.png
Original appearance
in the XY Series
Alternative artwork of her original
appearance in the XY Series

Other artwork

Serena XY 6.png Serena XY 2.png Serena XY 3.png Serena New Outfit XY2.png Serena New Outfit XY.png
Serena in her original outfit with Fennekin Serena in her new outfit with Fennekin Serena in her new outfit with Pancham

In the manga

In the movie adaptations

Serena appeared in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction and Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.


  • It took Serena seven episodes to officially join Ash's group, the longest time out of all of Ash's traveling companions to join his group after being introduced.
  • Serena is the first female traveling partner to not get herself or her bike shocked by Pikachu at the start of the series.
    • Misty, May, and Dawn all had their bikes electrocuted, while Iris and Bonnie were directly shocked by Pikachu.
  • Serena is the first character to have been invited into the group by Ash.
  • Serena is the first of Ash's friends to have known him prior to the beginning of the series.
  • Serena is the first of Ash's companions who, as a new Trainer, did not set out to obtain her first Pokémon at the introduction of the series. It took until A Battle of Aerial Mobility! before she set out to Professor Sycamore's lab.
  • Out of all of Ash's traveling companions who can own Pokémon, Serena took the longest in obtaining her first Pokémon, only obtaining Fennekin after four episodes since her debut. She also holds the record for the most number of episodes to catch a Pokémon, taking 43 episodes to catch her second Pokémon (surpassing Iris, who took 24 episodes, since her debut).
  • Serena also took the longest time out of all of Ash's traveling companions to reveal her goal in life, only choosing to become a Pokémon Performer and aim for Kalos Queen 47 episodes after her debut.
  • Serena is the only main character to indefinitely change her outfit in the middle of a series, and the only one to permanently change her hairstyle at all.
  • Serena's new appearance was first teased in preliminary images of a Tretta puck featuring her and her Pancham, which featured her in a silhouette.
  • Serena's current outfit resembles clothing and a hairstyle from the Trainer customization feature found in Pokémon X and Y. The clothing Serena currently wears resembles the Red Fedora, Brown Riding Boots, and Black Knee Socks, and her hairstyle resembles the short hair with bangs.
  • Serena's second Bag is designed after a Heal Ball.
  • Not counting temporary Pokémon, Serena is the first main character to catch a Pokémon that another main character besides Ash has also caught.


Language Name Origin
Japanese セレナ Serena From serene
English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish
Serena Same as Japanese name
Korean 세레나 Serena Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 莎莉娜 Shālìnà Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 賽莉娜 Choileihnàh Mandarin-based transliteration of Serena
Thai เซเรน่า Serena Same as her Japanese name
Russian Серена Serena Transcription of English name

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