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Terrakion, a Secret card in both English and Japanese

A secret card is a card whose collection number is greater than the listed number of cards in the set, for example, numbered 101/100. Secret cards are generally rarer than the other cards in the set, and typically are holofoil cards as well.

The first of the secret cards which appeared was Dark Raichu in the Team Rocket expansion. It was not included even in the Japanese version of the set, as it was made by Wizards itself.

Prior to the Black & White era, Secret cards were almost exclusively found in English versions of the sets, as nearly all cards released as "secret" in English have been included in the normal set numbering in Japanese or were featured as promo cards, with the exception of the Japanese sets Wind from the Sea, Split Earth and Mysterious Mountains. Interestingly, all Japanese Full Art cards are Secret cards, while in the English sets, they are included in the normal set numbering.

Many secret cards are also Box Toppers.

List of secret cards

English cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Dark Raichu Rare Holo Team Rocket 83/82
Shining Gyarados Rare Holo Neo Revelation 65/64
Shining Magikarp Rare Holo Neo Revelation 66/64
Shining Celebi Shining Holo Neo Destiny 106/105
Shining Charizard Shining Holo Neo Destiny 107/105
Shining Kabutops Shining Holo Neo Destiny 108/105
Shining Mewtwo Shining Holo Neo Destiny 109/105
Shining Noctowl Shining Holo Neo Destiny 110/105
Shining Raichu Shining Holo Neo Destiny 111/105
Shining Steelix Shining Holo Neo Destiny 112/105
Shining Tyranitar Shining Holo Neo Destiny 113/105
Kingdra Rare Holo Aquapolis 148/147
Lugia Rare Holo Aquapolis 149/147
Nidoking Rare Holo Aquapolis 150/147
Celebi Rare Holo Skyridge 145/144
Charizard Rare Holo Skyridge 146/144
Crobat Rare Holo Skyridge 147/144
Golem Rare Holo Skyridge 148/144
Ho-Oh Rare Holo Skyridge 149/144
Kabutops Rare Holo Skyridge 150/144
Charmander Rare Holo EX Dragon 98/97
Charmeleon Rare Holo EX Dragon 99/97
Charizard Rare Holo EX Dragon 100/97
Absol Rare Holo EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 96/95
Jirachi Rare Holo EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua 97/95
Groudon Rare Holo EX Hidden Legends 102/101
Charmander Rare Holo EX FireRed & LeafGreen 113/112
Articuno ex Rare Holo ex EX FireRed & LeafGreen 114/112
Moltres ex Rare Holo ex EX FireRed & LeafGreen 115/112
Zapdos ex Rare Holo ex EX FireRed & LeafGreen 116/112
Charmeleon Rare Holo EX Team Rocket Returns 110/109
Here Comes Team Rocket! Rare Holo EX Team Rocket Returns 111/109
Rocket’s Raikou ex Rare Holo ex EX Deoxys 108/107
Farfetch’d Rare Holo EX Emerald 107/106
Rocket’s Persian ex Rare Holo ex EX Unseen Forces 116/115
Celebi ex Rare Holo ex EX Unseen Forces 117/115
Azumarill Rare Holo EX Delta Species 114/113
Pikachu δ Rare Holo EX Legend Maker 93/92
Mew Rare Holo EX Holon Phantoms 111/110
Time-Space Distortion Rare Holo Mysterious Treasures 124/123
Charmander Rare Holo Stormfront 101/100
Charmeleon Rare Holo Stormfront 102/100
Charizard Rare Holo Stormfront 103/100
Electabuzz SuperRare Holo Platinum 128/127
Hitmonchan SuperRare Holo Platinum 129/127
Scyther SuperRare Holo Platinum 130/127
Pikachu Rare Holo Rising Rivals 112/111
Flying Pikachu Rare Holo Rising Rivals 113/111
Surfing Pikachu Rare Holo Rising Rivals 114/111
Articuno Rare Holo Supreme Victors 148/147
Moltres Rare Holo Supreme Victors 149/147
Zapdos Rare Holo Supreme Victors 150/147
Pikachu Rare Secret Black & White 115/114
Meowth Rare Secret Noble Victories 102/101
Emboar Rare Secret Next Destinies 100/99
Chandelure Rare Secret Next Destinies 101/99
Zoroark Rare Secret Next Destinies 102/99
Hydreigon Rare Secret Next Destinies 103/99
Gardevoir Rare Secret Dark Explorers 109/108
Archeops Rare Secret Dark Explorers 110/108
Pokémon Catcher Rare Secret Dark Explorers 111/108
Serperior Rare Secret Dragons Exalted 125/124
Reuniclus Rare Secret Dragons Exalted 126/124
Krookodile Rare Secret Dragons Exalted 127/124
Rayquaza Rare Secret Dragons Exalted 128/124
Kyurem - Dragon Vault 21/20
Golurk Rare Secret Boundaries Crossed 150/149
Terrakion Rare Secret Boundaries Crossed 151/149
Altaria Rare Secret Boundaries Crossed 152/149
Rocky Helmet Rare Secret Boundaries Crossed 153/149
Charizard Rare Secret Plasma Storm 136/135
Blastoise Rare Secret Plasma Storm 137/135
Random Receiver Rare Secret Plasma Storm 138/135
Empoleon Rare Secret Plasma Freeze 117/116
Sigilyph Rare Secret Plasma Freeze 118/116
Garbodor Rare Secret Plasma Freeze 119/116
Garchomp Rare Secret Plasma Freeze 120/116
Max Potion Rare Secret Plasma Freeze 121/116
Ultra Ball Rare Secret Plasma Freeze 122/116
Exeggcute Rare Secret Plasma Blast 102/101
Virizion Rare Secret Plasma Blast 103/101
Dusknoir Rare Secret Plasma Blast 104/101
Rare Candy Rare Secret Plasma Blast 105/101
Reshiram Rare Secret Legendary Treasures 114/113
Zekrom Rare Secret Legendary Treasures 115/113
M Charizard-EX Rare Secret Flashfire 107/106
M Charizard-EX Rare Secret Flashfire 108/106
M Kangaskhan-EX Rare Secret Flashfire 109/106
M Heracross-EX Rare Secret Furious Fists 112/111
M Lucario-EX Rare Secret Furious Fists 113/111
M Manectric-EX Rare Secret Phantom Forces 120/119
M Gengar-EX Rare Secret Phantom Forces 121/119
Dialga-EX Rare Secret Phantom Forces 122/119
Dive Ball Rare Secret Primal Clash 161/160
Enhanced Hammer Rare Secret Primal Clash 162/160
Switch Rare Secret Primal Clash 163/160
Weakness Policy Rare Secret Primal Clash 164/160
Energy Switch Rare Secret Roaring Skies 109/108
VS Seeker Rare Secret Roaring Skies 110/108
Energy Retrieval Rare Secret Ancient Origins 99/98
Trainers' Mail Rare Secret Ancient Origins 100/98
Mewtwo-EX Rare Secret BREAKthrough 163/162
Mewtwo-EX Rare Secret BREAKthrough 164/162
Gyarados-EX Rare Secret BREAKpoint 123/122
Alakazam-EX Rare Secret Fates Collide 125/124
Volcanion-EX Rare Secret Steam Siege 115/114
Gardevoir-EX Rare Secret Steam Siege 116/114
Exeggutor Rare Secret Evolutions 109/108
Flying Pikachu Rare Secret Evolutions 110/108
Surfing Pikachu Rare Secret Evolutions 111/108
Imakuni?'s Doduo Rare Secret Evolutions 112/108
Here Comes Team Rocket! Rare Secret Evolutions 113/108
Lurantis-GX Rare Secret Sun & Moon 150/149
Lapras-GX Rare Secret Sun & Moon 151/149
Espeon-GX Rare Secret Sun & Moon 152/149
Lunala-GX Rare Secret Sun & Moon 153/149
Umbreon-GX Rare Secret Sun & Moon 154/149
Solgaleo-GX Rare Secret Sun & Moon 155/149
Tauros-GX Rare Secret Sun & Moon 156/149
Gumshoos-GX Rare Secret Sun & Moon 157/149
Nest Ball Rare Secret Sun & Moon 158/149
Rotom Dex Rare Secret Sun & Moon 159/149
Switch Rare Secret Sun & Moon 160/149
Ultra Ball Rare Secret Sun & Moon 161/149
Psychic Energy Rare Secret Sun & Moon 162/149
Metal Energy Rare Secret Sun & Moon 163/149

Japanese cards

Card Rarity Expansion Card no.
Nidoking SuperRare Holo Wind from the Sea 088/087
Kingdra SuperRare Holo Wind from the Sea 089/087
Lugia SuperRare Holo Wind from the Sea 090/087
Golem SuperRare Holo Split Earth 089/088
Kabutops SuperRare Holo Split Earth 090/088
Ho-Oh SuperRare Holo Split Earth 091/088
Charizard SuperRare Holo Mysterious Mountains 089/088
Crobat SuperRare Holo Mysterious Mountains 090/088
Celebi SuperRare Holo Mysterious Mountains 091/088
Tornadus SR Black Collection 054/053
Reshiram SR Black Collection 055/053
Thundurus SR White Collection 054/053
Zekrom SR White Collection 055/053
Pikachu UR Black & White Collection 056/053
Virizion SR Red Collection 067/066
Terrakion SR Red Collection 068/066
Cobalion SR Red Collection 069/066
Victini SR Red Collection 070/066
N SR Red Collection 071/066
Meowth UR Red Collection 072/066
Shaymin-EX SR Psycho Drive 053/052
Kyogre-EX SR Psycho Drive 054/052
Mewtwo-EX SR Psycho Drive 055/052
Zoroark UR Psycho Drive 056/052
Hydreigon UR Psycho Drive 057/052
Kyurem-EX SR Hail Blizzard 053/052
Groudon-EX SR Hail Blizzard 054/052
Regigigas-EX SR Hail Blizzard 055/052
Emboar UR Hail Blizzard 056/052)
Chandelure UR Hail Blizzard 057/052
Entei-EX SR Dark Rush 070/069
Raikou-EX SR Dark Rush 071/069
Darkrai-EX SR Dark Rush 072/069
Tornadus-EX SR Dark Rush 073/069
Gardevoir UR Dark Rush 074/069
Archeops UR Dark Rush 075/069
Pokémon Catcher UR Dark Rush 076/069
Mew-EX SR Dragon Blast 051/050
Terrakion-EX SR Dragon Blast 052/050
Giratina-EX SR Dragon Blast 053/050
Reuniclus UR Dragon Blast 054/050
Rayquaza UR Dragon Blast 055/050
Ho-Oh-EX SR Dragon Blade 051/050
Registeel-EX SR Dragon Blade 052/050
Rayquaza-EX SR Dragon Blade 053/050
Serperior UR Dragon Blade 054/050
Krookodile UR Dragon Blade 055/050
Cresselia-EX SR Freeze Bolt 060/059
Landorus-EX SR Freeze Bolt 061/059
Black Kyurem-EX SR Freeze Bolt 062/059
Cheren SR Freeze Bolt 063/059
Golurk UR Freeze Bolt 064/059
Rocky Helmet UR Freeze Bolt 065/059
Celebi-EX SR Cold Flare 060/059
Keldeo-EX SR Cold Flare 061/059
White Kyurem-EX SR Cold Flare 062/059
Bianca SR Cold Flare 063/059
Terrakion UR Cold Flare 064/059
Altaria UR Cold Flare 065/059
Victini-EX SR Plasma Gale 071/070
Articuno-EX SR Plasma Gale 072/070
Cobalion-EX SR Plasma Gale 073/070
Lugia-EX SR Plasma Gale 074/070
Colress SR Plasma Gale 075/070
Skyla SR Plasma Gale 076/070
Charizard UR Plasma Gale 077/070
Blastoise UR Plasma Gale 078/070
Random Receiver UR Plasma Gale 079/070
Heatran-EX SR Spiral Force 052/051
Deoxys-EX SR Spiral Force 053/051
Latios-EX SR Spiral Force 054/051
Ghetsis SR Spiral Force 055/051
Empoleon UR Spiral Force 056/051
Sigilyph UR Spiral Force 057/051
Ultra Ball UR Spiral Force 058/051
Thundurus-EX SR Thunder Knuckle 052/051
Latias-EX SR Thunder Knuckle 053/051
Tornadus-EX SR Thunder Knuckle 054/051
Professor Juniper SR Thunder Knuckle 055/051
Garbodor UR Thunder Knuckle 056/051
Garchomp UR Thunder Knuckle 057/051
Max Potion UR Thunder Knuckle 058/051
Shaymin-EX SR Shiny Collection 021/020
Reshiram SR Shiny Collection 022/020
Emolga SR Shiny Collection 023/020
Mew-EX SR Shiny Collection 024/020
Meloetta-EX SR Shiny Collection 025/020
Virizion-EX SR Megalo Cannon 077/076
Genesect-EX SR Megalo Cannon 078/076
Jirachi-EX SR Megalo Cannon 079/076
Dialga-EX SR Megalo Cannon 080/076
Palkia-EX SR Megalo Cannon 081/076
Iris SR Megalo Cannon 082/076
Exeggcute UR Megalo Cannon 083/076
Virizion UR Megalo Cannon 084/076
Dusknoir UR Megalo Cannon 085/076
Rare Candy UR Megalo Cannon 086/076
Reshiram - EX Battle Boost 094/093
Zekrom - EX Battle Boost 095/093
Imakuni? - EX Battle Boost 096/093
Pokémon Enterprise - EX Battle Boost 097/093
Pokémon Enterprise - EX Battle Boost 098/093
Pokémon Enterprise - EX Battle Boost 099/093
Venusaur-EX SR Collection X 061/060
Skarmory-EX SR Collection X 062/060
Xerneas-EX SR Collection X 063/060
Blastoise-EX SR Collection Y 061/060
Emolga-EX SR Collection Y 062/060
Yveltal-EX SR Collection Y 063/060
Charizard-EX SR Wild Blaze 081/080
Magnezone-EX SR Wild Blaze 082/080
Toxicroak-EX SR Wild Blaze 083/080
Kangaskhan-EX SR Wild Blaze 084/080
Lysandre SR Wild Blaze 085/080
Pokémon Center Lady SR Wild Blaze 086/080
Pokémon Fan Club SR Wild Blaze 087/080
M Charizard-EX UR Wild Blaze 088/080
M Charizard-EX UR Wild Blaze 089/080
M Kangaskhan-EX UR Wild Blaze 090/080
Heracross-EX SR Rising Fist 097/096
Seismitoad-EX SR Rising Fist 098/096
Lucario-EX SR Rising Fist 099/096
Dragonite-EX SR Rising Fist 100/096
Fossil Researcher SR Rising Fist 101/096
Korrina SR Rising Fist 102/096
Battle Reporter SR Rising Fist 103/096
M Heracross-EX UR Rising Fist 104/096
M Lucario-EX UR Rising Fist 105/096
Manectric-EX SR Phantom Gate 089/088
Gengar-EX SR Phantom Gate 090/088
Malamar-EX SR Phantom Gate 091/088
Florges-EX SR Phantom Gate 092/088
AZ SR Phantom Gate 093/088
Xerosic SR Phantom Gate 094/088
Lysandre's Trump Card SR Phantom Gate 095/088
M Manectric-EX UR Phantom Gate 096/088
M Gengar-EX UR Phantom Gate 097/088
Dialga-EX - Hyper Metal Chain Deck 019/018
Trevenant-EX SR Gaia Volcano 071/070
Camerupt-EX SR Gaia Volcano 072/070
Groudon-EX SR Gaia Volcano 073/070
Primal Groudon-EX SR Gaia Volcano 074/070
Aggron-EX SR Gaia Volcano 075/070
M Aggron-EX SR Gaia Volcano 076/070
Teammates SR Gaia Volcano 077/070
Maxie's Secret Weapon SR Gaia Volcano 078/070
Switch UR Gaia Volcano 079/070
Weakness Policy UR Gaia Volcano 080/070
Wailord-EX SR Tidal Storm 071/070
Kyogre-EX SR Tidal Storm 072/070
Primal Kyogre-EX SR Tidal Storm 073/070
Sharpedo-EX SR Tidal Storm 074/070
Gardevoir-EX SR Tidal Storm 075/070
M Gardevoir-EX SR Tidal Storm 076/070
Archie's Trump Card SR Tidal Storm 077/070
Professor Birch's Observations SR Tidal Storm 078/080
Enhanced Hammer UR Tidal Storm 079/070
Dive Ball UR Tidal Storm 080/070
Thundurus-EX SR Emerald Break 079/078
Gallade-EX SR Emerald Break 080/078
M Gallade-EX SR Emerald Break 081/078
Latios-EX SR Emerald Break 082/078
M Latios-EX SR Emerald Break 083/078
Hydreigon-EX SR Emerald Break 084/078
Rayquaza-EX SR Emerald Break 085/078
M Rayquaza-EX SR Emerald Break 086/078
Shaymin-EX SR Emerald Break 087/078
Winona SR Emerald Break 088/078
Wally SR Emerald Break 089/078
Energy Switch UR Emerald Break 090/078
VS Seeker UR Emerald Break 091/078
Sceptile-EX SR Bandit Ring 082/081
M Sceptile-EX SR Bandit Ring 083/081
Kyurem-EX SR Bandit Ring 084/081
Ampharos-EX SR Bandit Ring 085/081
M Ampharos-EX SR Bandit Ring 086/081
Hoopa-EX SR Bandit Ring 087/081
Machamp-EX SR Bandit Ring 088/081
Tyranitar-EX SR Bandit Ring 089/081
M Tyranitar-EX SR Bandit Ring 090/081
Giratina-EX SR Bandit Ring 091/081
Lugia-EX SR Bandit Ring 092/081
Primal Kyogre-EX UR Bandit Ring 093/081
Primal Groudon-EX UR Bandit Ring 094/081
M Rayquaza-EX UR Bandit Ring 095/081
Energy Retrieval UR Bandit Ring 096/081
Trainers' Mail UR Bandit Ring 097/081
Glalie-EX SR Blue Shock 060/059
M Glalie-EX SR Blue Shock 061/059
Mewtwo-EX SR Blue Shock 062/059
M Mewtwo-EX SR Blue Shock 063/059
Brigette SR Blue Shock 064/059
Mewtwo-EX UR Blue Shock 065/059
Houndoom-EX SR Red Flash 060/059
M Houndoom-EX SR Red Flash 061/059
Mewtwo-EX SR Red Flash 062/059
M Mewtwo-EX SR Red Flash 063/059
Giovanni's Scheme SR Red Flash 064/059
Mewtwo-EX UR Red Flash 065/059
Gyarados-EX SR Rage of the Broken Heavens 081/080
M Gyarados-EX SR Rage of the Broken Heavens 082/080
Manaphy-EX SR Rage of the Broken Heavens 083/080
Espeon-EX SR Rage of the Broken Heavens 084/080
Darkrai-EX SR Rage of the Broken Heavens 085/080
Scizor-EX SR Rage of the Broken Heavens 086/080
M Scizor-EX SR Rage of the Broken Heavens 087/080
Ho-Oh-EX SR Rage of the Broken Heavens 088/080
Gyarados-EX UR Rage of the Broken Heavens 089/080
Blastoise-EX - BREAK Starter Pack 073/072
M Blastoise-EX - BREAK Starter Pack 074/072
Shellder - BREAK Starter Pack 075/072
Cloyster - BREAK Starter Pack 076/072
Krabby - BREAK Starter Pack 077/072
Glaceon-EX SR Awakening Psychic King 079/078
Alakazam-EX SR Awakening Psychic King 080/078
M Alakazam-EX SR Awakening Psychic King 081/078
Umbreon-EX SR Awakening Psychic King 082/078
Genesect-EX SR Awakening Psychic King 083/078
M Altaria-EX SR Awakening Psychic King 084/078
Kingdra-EX SR Awakening Psychic King 085/078
Altaria-EX SR Awakening Psychic King 086/078
Team Rocket's Handiwork SR Awakening Psychic King 087/078
Alakazam-EX UR Awakening Psychic King 088/078
Volcanion-EX SR Fever-Burst Fighter 055/054
Steelix-EX SR Fever-Burst Fighter 056/054
M Steelix-EX SR Fever-Burst Fighter 057/054
Pokémon Ranger SR Fever-Burst Fighter 058/054
Volcanion-EX UR Fever-Burst Fighter 059/054
Magearna-EX SR Cruel Traitor 055/054
Gardevoir-EX SR Cruel Traitor 056/054
M Gardevoir-EX SR Cruel Traitor 057/054
Pokémon Ranger SR Cruel Traitor 058/054
Gardevoir-EX UR Cruel Traitor 059/054
Yveltal-EX - Mythical & Legendary Dream Shine Collection 037/036
Xerneas-EX - Mythical & Legendary Dream Shine Collection 038/036
Venusaur-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 088/087
M Venusaur-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 089/087
Charizard-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 090/087
M Charizard-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 091/087
Blastoise-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 092/087
M Blastoise-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 093/087
Pikachu-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 094/087
Mewtwo-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 095/087
Pidgeot-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 096/087
M Pidgeot-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 097/087
Dragonite-EX SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 098/087
Misty's Determination SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 099/087
Brock's Grit SR Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 100/087
Exeggutor U Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 101/087
Imakuni?'s Doduo U Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 102/087
Here Comes Team Rocket! U Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary 103/087
Lapras-GX SR Collection Sun 061/060
Espeon-GX SR Collection Sun 062/060
Solgaleo-GX SR Collection Sun 063/060
Gumshoos-GX SR Collection Sun 064/060
Ilima SR Collection Sun 065/060
Professor Kukui SR Collection Sun 066/060
Lapras-GX HR Collection Sun 067/060
Espeon-GX HR Collection Sun 068/060
Solgaleo-GX HR Collection Sun 069/060
Gumshoos-GX HR Collection Sun 070/060
Ultra Ball UR Collection Sun 071/060
Rotom Dex UR Collection Sun 072/060
Metal Energy UR Collection Sun 073/060
Lurantis-GX SR Collection Moon 061/060
Lunala-GX SR Collection Moon 062/060
Umbreon-GX SR Collection Moon 063/060
Tauros-GX SR Collection Moon 064/060
Team Skull Grunt SR Collection Moon 065/060
Lillie SR Collection Moon 066/060
Lurantis-GX HR Collection Moon 067/060
Lunala-GX HR Collection Moon 068/060
Umbreon-GX HR Collection Moon 069/060
Tauros-GX HR Collection Moon 070/060
Nest Ball UR Collection Moon 071/060
Switch UR Collection Moon 072/060
Psychic Energy UR Collection Moon 073/060
Decidueye-GX SR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 052/051
Incineroar-GX SR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 053/051
Primarina-GX SR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 054/051
Vikavolt-GX SR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 055/051
Toxapex-GX SR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 056/051
Sylveon-GX SR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 057/051
Drampa-GX SR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 058/051
Decidueye-GX HR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 056/051
Incineroar-GX HR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 060/051
Primarina-GX HR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 061/051
Vikavolt-GX HR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 062/051
Toxapex-GX HR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 063/051
Sylveon-GX HR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 064/051
Drampa-GX HR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 065/051
Rare Candy UR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 066/051
Double Colorless Energy UR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 067/051
Grass Energy UR Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon 068/051
Turtonator-GX SR Islands Await You 051/050
Alolan Ninetales SR Islands Await You 052/050
Tapu Koko-GX SR Islands Await You 053/050
Kommo-o-GX SR Islands Await You 054/050
Hala SR Islands Await You 055/050
Turtonator-GX HR Islands Await You 056/050
Alolan Ninetales HR Islands Await You 057/050
Tapu Koko-GX HR Islands Await You 058/050
Kommo-o-GX HR Islands Await You 059/050
Field Blower UR Islands Await You 060/050
Max Potion UR Islands Await You 061/050
Lightning Energy UR Islands Await You 062/050
Wishiwashi-GX SR Alolan Moonlight 051/050
Tapu Lele-GX SR Alolan Moonlight 052/050
Lycanroc-GX SR Alolan Moonlight 053/050
Metagross-GX SR Alolan Moonlight 054/050
Mallow SR Alolan Moonlight 055/050
Wishiwashi-GX HR Alolan Moonlight 056/050
Tapu Lele-GX HR Alolan Moonlight 057/050
Lycanroc-GX HR Alolan Moonlight 058/050
Metagross-GX HR Alolan Moonlight 059/050
Aqua Patch UR Alolan Moonlight 060/050
Enhanced Hammer UR Alolan Moonlight 061/050
Fighting Energy UR Alolan Moonlight 062/050

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