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To Lose is to Win?
To Lose is to Win?
Collected in Vol. 6
Chapter number 54
Location Kanai Village
Manga series Pokémon RéBURST
Previous Chapter The Strongman Tournament
Next Chapter The Closed Path

To Lose is to Win? (Japanese: 負けるが勝ち? To Lose is to Win?) is the fifty-fourth chapter of the Pokémon RéBURST manga.

Major events

  • Ryouga and Danke heads off to the final round.
  • The Pokémon contained in the Burst Heart in the tournament is revealed to be Throh, and Danke tries to use it.
  • Danke wins the tournament, while Ryouga receives the Burst Heart as second prize.
  • Sabin steals the Compass of Light along with the three Burst Hearts in it.


Pokémon debuts





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