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Professor Ivy

Professor Philena Ivy
ウチキド博士 Dr. Uchikido
Professor Ivy.png
Professor Ivy
Gender Female
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Plum
Hometown Valencia Island
Region Orange Archipelago
Trainer class Pokémon Professor
Anime debut Poké Ball Peril
English voice actor Kayzie Rogers
Japanese voice actor Keiko Han

Professor Philena Ivy (Japanese: ウチキド博士 Dr. Uchikido) is a Pokémon Professor who resides on Valencia Island with her three assistants.


She is considered very attractive, but her beautiful looks do not negate her achievements as a Pokémon researcher.

She and Professor Oak are good friends. Professor Ivy found the GS Ball and contacted Oak about it, but even her finest equipment couldn't crack it open.

Brock falls in love with her and stays with her during Ash Ketchum's Orange League adventure. Not only did they part on mysterious terms, but the details of Brock's work at her lab have never been fully explained. Whatever happened, speaking Philena's name around Brock causes him to curl up into a ball and simply state, "Don't mention that name!" The events that caused Brock to be traumatized have been the subject of fan speculation for quite some time.

Professor Ivy's field of research is regional differences in Pokémon physiology.

In Pallet Party Panic, she was mentioned by Professor Oak.

In Poké Ball Peril, she and a Raticate get sent to a hospital because they got in the way of Vileplume scattering pollen.

In The Power Of One, she was seen with Brock at the lab. After that she is seen later in a helicopter with Professor Oak.

In A Tent Situation, she reappeared in a flashback.

In The Rivalry Revival, she was almost mentioned by Misty.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 潘恵子 Keiko Han
English Kayzie Rogers
Finnish Jenni Sivonen
German Dorothea Riemer
Norwegian Lena Meieran (EP083)
Katrine Blomstrand (M02)
Polish Anna Dąbkowska (EP083)
Cynthia Kaszyńska (M02)
Brazilian Portuguese Fátima Noya (EP083)
Spanish Latin America Jacqueline Castañeda (EP083)
Carola Vázquez (M02)
Spain Mayte Tajadura (EP083)
Gloria Armesto (M02)


  • In the English dub, Professor Ivy is the only professor in the main anime regions not to be named after a tree, however, she is still named after a plant. Ivy often grows on oak trees, so her name may be a reference to her friendship with Professor Oak.
  • She shares her French name with May.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ウチキド博士 Dr. Uchikido From 内木 Uchiki. Literally means "in the wood".
English, German Professor Ivy From ivy.
French Professeur Flora From flora.
Korean 미지박사 Dr. Miji
Chinese 內木博士 Dr. Nèimù From the name 內木 Uchiki.
Finnish Professori Ivy From English name.

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