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The Pokémon Association (Japanese: ポケモン協会 Pokémon Association) is a governing body that handles legislation regarding Pokémon. The Association is apparently the group that pays the salary of Gym Leaders, selects them, and organizes Pokémon League competitions across the nation. The organization has only appeared in the Pokémon Adventures manga.

They are also apparently responsible for drawing up and often enforcing laws regarding Pokémon, and general competition between Pokémon Trainers. They are the creators of the different types of battling, such as the Triple Battle. Some of the laws created by the Association include the famous rule which states a Trainer can only carry six Pokémon with them at a time. In addition, they provide Great Balls for all Gym Leaders to use.

The Chairman of the Sinnoh Pokémon Association also functions as the statues that are always seen at Gyms.

Some of their members are shown to be quite inept.

Their headquarters are in Goldenrod City.


On hand

Pokémon Association's Pineco
Pineco (×2)
Pineco was first Pokémon sent out during the battle against Red so he can qualify to become a Gym Leader. It was easily defeated by Red's Saur.

The association then sent out another Pineco after the first Forretress was defeated. Similar to the first Pineco, it ended up getting defeated.

None of Pineco's moves are known, and its Ability is Sturdy.

Debut Forretress of Solitude
Pokémon Association's Forretress
Forretress (×2)
Forretress was sent out when the first Pineco was defeated. It was easily beaten by Saur's Vine Whip. The other Forretress was sent out after the second Pineco was defeated. Red switched his Saur to his Snorlax, Snor. Snor took damage when it was sent out due to the effects of Spikes. Snor used a combo to increase its stats and took out Forretress with a Mega Punch.

Forretress's only known move is Spikes.

Debut Forretress of Solitude
Pokémon Association's Azumarill
Azumarill was sent out after both of the Pineco and Forretress were defeated. It started things off with Whirlpool. The attack made Red's legs numb as the water was very cold and it was similar to the time he was frozen. While the arena was flooded, Snor used Rest to recover from the damage it had taken. As the water had disappeared, Azumarill was taken out by Snor's Mega Kick.

Azumarill's only known move is Whirlpool.

Debut Forretress of Solitude
Pokémon Association's Porygon2
Porygon2 was the last Pokémon sent out. It went up against Red's Vee and even though it put up a good fight against Vee, it was defeated by Vee's Psychic.

Porygon2's known moves are Lock-On and Zap Cannon.

Debut Forretress of Solitude


Pokémon Association's Rayquaza
Rayquaza was temporarily under the Pokémon Association's possession in Goldenrod City. As it, unlike Kyogre and Groudon, lacked an Orb which could be used to control it, the Association attempted to study the Sky High Pokémon in order to create an artificial Orb to control it, but failed. Rayquaza soon escaped, and Norman, the Petalburg City Gym Leader candidate, was ordered to go after it. Despite Norman's best efforts, Rayquaza managed to get away, and wasn't found again until the crisis with the two other legendary Pokémon had gotten underway five years later.

None of Rayquaza's moves are known, and its Ability is Air Lock.

Debut Rayquaza Redemption I

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