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Staraptor and Honchkrow competing for the ring

PokéRinger (Japanese: ポケリンガ PokéRinger) is an anime-exclusive competition featuring Pokémon that can fly or levitate. A hot air balloon is released containing a ring hanging from it. The Pokémon try to retrieve the ring before the others and deliver it to a target on the ground. On doing so, the word "GOAL!" would flash on the screen set up for the competition.

Known competitors

Hoenn PokéRinger

The Hoenn PokéRinger was featured in That's Just Swellow where it was held in Crossgate Town. Ash and James competed with Taillow and Dustox, respectively. Both made it to the finals, and during the match, Taillow evolved into Swellow and won. The prize for the contest was obtaining honorary citizenship of the town.

Trainer Pokémon Place
Ash TaillowSwellow Taillow → Swellow Winner
James Dustox Dustox Runner-up
Shane Swablu Swablu Top 4
May Beautifly Beautifly Group stage
Volt Volbeat Volbeat Group stage

Other Pokémon entered

Crossgate PokéRinger Crobat Skarmory.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Golbat Ninjask.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Spearow Beedrill.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Crobat Skarmory.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Spearow Beedrill.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Hoppip.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Skiploom.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Jumpluff.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Golbat Ninjask.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Wingull.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Pelipper Yanma.png
Crossgate PokéRinger Pelipper Yanma.png

Sinnoh PokéRinger

The Sinnoh PokéRinger was featured in Pursuing a Lofty Goal! where it was held in Squallville. Ash and Paul participated with their Staravia and Honchkrow, respectively. James also entered with Jessie's Yanmega but lost in the very first round. Ash and Paul both made it to the finals, and during the match, Ash's Staravia evolved into Staraptor and won the tournament. The prize for the competition is a certificate granting honorary citizenship of the town and a lot of food.

Trainer Pokémon Place
Ash StaraviaStaraptor Staravia → Staraptor Winner
Paul Honchkrow Honchkrow Runner-up
Steveland Skiploom Skiploom Top 4
"Jamus" Yanmega Yanmega Round 1
Provo Dragonite Dragonite Round 1
Taylor Skarmory Skarmory Round 1

Other Pokémon entered

Squallville PokéRinger Noctowl Fearow.png
Squallville PokéRinger Noctowl Fearow.png
Squallville PokéRinger Swellow.png
Squallville PokéRinger Wingull.png
Squallville PokéRinger Swablu.png


  • Both times Ash competed in the PokéRinger competition, he won with his participating Pokémon evolving into its final stage.
  • Both times James entered, he used Jessie's Bug-type Pokémon of the time.

In other languages

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokérengas
France Flag.png French Pokévolanneau
Germany Flag.png German PokéRing-Wettbewerb
Italy Flag.png Italian PokéRinger
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese PokéAro
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America PokéAro
Spain Flag.png Spain PokéAnilla

Trainers in PokéRinger competitions
Crossgate Town: VoltMayShaneJamesAsh
Squallville: TaylorProvoJamesStevelandPaulAsh

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