Quilava Quandary/VS. Quilava
VS. Magmarashi
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 9
Round number 108
Location Route 34/Ecruteak City
Previous Round Gligar Glide
Next Round Ampharos Amore

Quilava Quandary or VS. Quilava (Japanese: VSマグマラシ VS. Magmarashi) is the 108th round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The old woman puts the bars in, trapping Gold, who finds angry Pokémon inside the room. Gold notices that all the Pokémon are elite fighters. A second into the battle, he is being chased by a Tauros. Dodging more attacks, he has Exbo use SmokeScreen, and Togebo, his newly nicknamed Togepi, use Metronome. Metronome becomes Leer. The Leer hits an Ekans. Exbo then uses Ember on a Donphan, who deflects it.

Following the instructions of the old lady, Gold tells Polibo to use Water Gun. The attack hits Donphan and sends it flying.

In Ecruteak City, Jasmine walks toward the Pokémon Day Care. However, an earthquake hits and the ground underneath Jasmine's feet breaks, and she falls.

Meanwhile, in the Day Care, a Primeape uses Cross Chop on Sudobo. Sudobo counters with Mimic. Noticing that Sudobo is taking more damage than Primeape, he has Sunbo use Sunny Day. Then Exbo uses its powered-up Ember. Then Exbo evolves into a Quilava.

The old man hears a message on the radio: Ecruteak City has been hit by a major earthquake. The Day-Care Couple starts to worry for Jasmine. But then the old woman realizes that someone can help...

In Ecruteak City, standing on boulders, Gold recalls the old woman telling him that he's mastered the training and giving him a King's Rock. They also asked him to look for Jasmine.

Meanwhile Silver is Flying via his Murkrow over the ruins of Ecruteak City.

Major events

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