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Electro Magneton
VS レアコイル
VS Rarecoil
Chapter Yellow
Collected in Vol. 4
Round number 51
Location Abandoned Power Plant
Previous Round Lapras Lazily
Next Round Growing Out of Gengar

Electro Magneton (Japanese: VS レアコイル VS Rarecoil) is the 51st round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Continuing into Blue's memories, he arrives at the Power Plant with Evan, on advice from his grandfather. They find most of the Power Plant empty, but realize that it is still in use. They start walking through it, when they are attacked by Magnemite and Magneton. Blue sends out his Machamp, but its attack doesn't work. Blue then has Machamp use Focus Energy and uses a finger to defeat the Magneton. Blue then reveals that, when using Focus Energy, you can defeat an opponent by finding its weak spot.

As they continue through the Power Plant, Blue questions Evan on why his Haunter would be drawn to the Power Plant in the first place. All of a sudden, they come across gas, and a weird voice coming from it. Blue brings out his Pokédex to check it, and the voice mentions that he must be a trainer from Pallet Town. It is revealed that she has been waiting for Oak for a long time. They are then attacked by the voice's Gengar. Blue sends out his Golduck and uses Hydro Pump as a wall. The voice commands the Gengar to use Hypnosis, and Blue is caught and starts floating toward the fog. His Pokédex falls out of his pocket on the way. Blue then sees a memory of when he left Pallet Town as a child to train with his master. It is revealed that Gengar is using Dream Eater on Blue. The chapter ends with Blue still asleep and Evan trying to figure out what to do.

Major events

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  • The English title for this round is based on the word "electromagnetic".

In other languages

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