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Map equipment

Map equipment, sometimes called navigational items, are an essential part of the Pokémon journey that most Trainers undertake.

So far, there have been four types of map equipment, each specific to a particular region, and each with different features from its counterparts. However, one thing constant among the four is a display for the map of the region.

  • For Kanto, the map equipment is a simple Town Map, stored with the other items in the player's Bag.
  • For Johto, the map equipment is the multifunction Pokégear.
  • For Hoenn, the map equipment is the PokéNav, which also helps Trainers in Contests as well as giving directions. In Generation VI, it is the PokéNav Plus's AreaNav mode.
  • For Sinnoh, the map equipment is the Pokétch, with 25 different functions available to users. There is also an additional Town Map accessible through the item Bag.
  • For Unova, the map equipment is the Town Map.
  • For Kalos, the map equipment is the Town Map.