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(Japanese: カズ Kaz) is a character of the day featured in Showdown at Dark City. He was not given an English name in the dub.

Kaz's goal is to get his Gym recognized as the only official Gym in Dark City in order to make money. He therefore has a bitter rivalry with the other would-be Leader, Yas. To this end, the two Leaders and their pupils have been battling constantly, much to the detriment of the residents of Dark City.

His dreams of wealth through leading an official Gym are dashed by a disguised Nurse Joy, who, acting as an official representative of the Pokémon League, declares both him and his rival unfit to be Gym Leaders.


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Kaz's Electabuzz
Electabuzz was only Pokémon seen used by Kaz, going up against Yas's Scyther. Like others of its species, Kaz's Electabuzz is enraged by the color red and thus was induced to attack its Trainer when it was soaked in ketchup.

Electabuzz's known moves are Thunderbolt and Thunder Punch.

Debut Showdown at Dark City
Voice actors
English Adam Blaustein

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 梁田清之 Kiyoyuki Yanada
English Maddie Blaustein
Finnish Arto Nieminen
Norwegian Tommy Karlsen
Polish Artur Krajewski
European Spanish Fernando Elegido

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