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Justice Trainer Shin Appears!
Justice Trainer Shin Appears!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 1
Location Town/Forest/Rockface
Manga series Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder
Previous Chapter None
Next Chapter The King's Identity...!!

Justice Trainer Shin Appears! (Japanese: 正義のトレーナー、シン見参! Justice Trainer Shin Appears!) is the first chapter of the Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder manga.

Major events

  • Shin meets a cloaked traveler, who has his Purrloin purloined by Team Plasma.
  • In a battle with Togari, Shin retrieves their Purrloin while his Tepig evolves.
  • The cloaked traveler reveals his name to be N, and reveals his identity by handing his cloak to a Swadloon.


Pokémon debuts





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