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Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom / Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram Music Collections

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Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom /
Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram
Music Collection
Victini and the Black Hero Zekrom Music Collection.png
Victini and the White Hero Reshiram Music Collection.png
CD cover art
Release date July 27, 2011
By Pikachu Records
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Number of tracks 66

Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom Music Collection and Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram Music Collection are the Japanese soundtracks for the double-feature film collectively known as Theatrical Version - Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!: The First Movie. The films have separate soundtracks that were released together in two discs. They were released in Japan on July 27, 2011.


CD 1

The first CD serves as the soundtrack for Black Hero.

  1. Reshiram, The Pokémon called Legendary (伝説と呼ばれしポケモン、レシラム Densetsu to yobareshi Pokémon, Reshiram)
  2. Title Theme 2011 (Zekrom Ver.) (タイトルテーマ2011 (ゼクロムVer) Taitorutēma 2011 (Zekrom Ver))
  3. Arrival (到着 Tōchaku)
  4. Opening! Harvest Festival Memorial Battle (開幕! 収穫祭記念バトル Kaimaku! Shūkakusai Kinen Battle)
  5. Best Wishes! (Movie Edit) (ベストウイッシュ! (Movie Edit) Best Wishes! (Movie Edit))
  6. Tepig, Ember! (ポカブ ひのこだ! Pokabu Hinoko da!)
  7. Could that have been Victini (もしかして ビクティニ Moshikashite Victini)
  8. Lure it with Macarons (マカロンに連れられて Macaron ni tsurerarete)
  9. Alongside Victini (ビクティニといっしょ Victini to issho)
  10. The Barrier (結界 Kekkai)
  11. Ash and Victini (サトシとビクティニ Satoshi to Victini)
  12. The Legend of the Kingdom of the Vale (大地の郷の伝説 Daichi no Dato no Densetsu)
  13. Giant Dragon Stones (大いなる竜の石 Ooinaru Ryū-no Ishi)
  14. The King's Decision (王様の決意 Ō-sama no Ketsui)
  15. The King and Victini (王様とビクティニ Ō-sama to Victini)
  16. The Kingdom of the Vale (大地の郷 Daichi no Sato)
  17. The Journey to Persuade (説得の旅 Settoku no tabi)
  18. Reshiram of Truth (真実のレシラム Shinjitsu no Reshiram)
  19. The Protective Pillars Activate (護りの柱始動 Mamori no hashira shidō)
  20. The Sword of the Castle Rises (剣の城浮上! Tsurugi no Shiro fujō!)
  21. Ideals and Truth (理想と真実 Risō to Shinjitsu)
  22. Find Zekrom (ゼクロムを求めて Zekrom wo motomete)
  23. Ash's Trials (サトシの試練 Satoshi no Shiren)
  24. Ash's Ideals (サトシの理想 Satoshi no Risō)
  25. Golurk VS Reshiram (ゴルーグ VS レシラム Goloog VS Reshiram)
  26. Zekrom VS Reshiram (ゼクロム VS レシラム Zekrom VS Reshiram)
  27. Rescue Victini (ビクティニ救出 Victini kyūshutsu)
  28. The Wrath of the Earth (大地の怒り Daichi no Ikari)
  29. The Dragon Force Reverses (竜脈逆流 Ryūmyaku gyakuryū)
  30. The Sword Castle is Out of Control! (剣の城 制御不能! Tsurugi no Shiro seigyofunō!)
  31. V-Create (Vジェネレート V-Generate)
  32. Calm the Dragon Force (竜脈を鎮めよ Ryūmyaku shizume yo)
  33. Where the Waves Hit the Sea (波打ち際 Namiuchigiwa)
  34. Victini's Wish (ビクティニの願い Victini no negai)
  35. The Sky (宙‐そら‐ Sora)

CD 2

The second CD serves as the soundtrack for White Hero.

  1. Zekrom of Ideals (理想のゼクロム Risou no Zekuromu)
  2. Zekrom, The Pokémon called Deity (神と呼ばれしポケモン、ゼクロム Kami to yobareshi Pokémon, Zekrom)
  3. Title Theme 2011 (Reshiram Version) (タイトルテーマ2011 (レシラムVer) Taitorutēma 2011 (Reshiramu ver))
  4. To Eindoak Town (アイントオークへ Eindoak e)
  5. Ash Flew (サトシ飛んだ! Satoshi tonda)
  6. The Castle of the Sword of the Vale (大地の剣の城 Daichi no Tsurugi no Shiro)
  7. The Castle's Repairman, Damon (城の修復人、ドレッド Shiro no Shūfukujin, Dread)
  8. Eindoak Town's Harvest Festival (アイントオークの収穫祭 Eindoak no Shūkakusai)
  9. Legend of the Victory Pokémon (勝利ポケモンの伝説 Shōri Pokémon no Densetsu)
  10. Opening! Harvest Festival Memorial Battle (Reshiram Version) (開幕! 収穫祭記念バトル (レシラムVer) Kaimaku! Shūkakusai Kinen Battle (Reshiramu ver))
  11. Tepig, Ember! (Reshiram Version) (ポカブ ひのこだ! (レシラムVer) Pokabu Hinoko da! (Reshiramu ver))
  12. Could that have been Victini (Reshiram Version) (もしかして ビクティニ (レシラムVer) Moshikashite Victini (Reshiramu ver))
  13. Victini Appears (ビクティニ現る Victini arawaru)
  14. The Legend of the Kingdom of the Vale (Reshiram Version) (大地の郷の伝説 (レシラムVer) Daichi no Dato no Densetsu1 (Reshiramu ver))
  15. The King and Victini (Reshiram Version) (王様とビクティニ (レシラムVer) Ō-sama to Victini1 (Reshiramu ver))
  16. People of the Vale (大地の民 Daichi no Tami)
  17. Companions in the Orchard (果樹園の仲間たち Kajūen no Nakama-tachi)
  18. The Journey to Persuade (Reshiram version) (説得の旅 (レシラムVer) Settoku no tabi (Reshiram ver))
  19. The Kingdom of the Vale (Reshiram version) (大地の郷 (レシラムVer) Daichi no Sato (Reshiram ver))
  20. Millenium Dream (千年の夢 Sennen no Yume)
  21. Ash's Promise (サトシの約束 Satoshi no Yakusoku)
  22. The Protective Pillars Activate (Reshiram version) (護りの柱始動 (レシラムVer) Mamori no hashira shidō (Reshiram ver))
  23. The Sword of the Castle Rises (Reshiram version) (剣の城浮上! (レシラムVer) Tsurugi no Shiro fujō! (Reshiram ver))
  24. Truth and Ideals (真実と理想 Shinjitsu to Risō)
  25. Ash's Trials (Reshiram version) (サトシの試練 (レシラムVer) Satoshi no Shiren (Reshiram ver))
  26. Ash's Truth (サトシの真実 Satoshi no Shinjitsu)
  27. The Sword Castle is Out of Control! (Reshiram version) (剣の城 制御不能! (レシラムVer) Tsurugi no Shiro seigyofunō! (Reshiram ver))
  28. Calm the Dragon Force (Reshiram version) (竜脈を鎮めよ (レシラムVer) Ryūmyaku shizume yo (Reshiram ver))
  29. The Sea and the Macaron (海とマカロン Umi to Macaron)
  30. Beyond the Rainbow (虹の彼方へ Niji no kanata e)
  31. The Voice (響 ‐こえ‐ Koe)

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