I loved this ending theme when I watched it when I was in Korea for holidays.

Walking together along a road (Korean:함께 걸어가는 길 Hamkke Georoganeun Gil) is the first ending theme of the Best Wishes series. It uses the same animation from the corresponding Japanese ending theme, Fanfare of the Heart.


TV Version

Korean English
빠람 빠람 이 길을 걸어
저 하늘이 맞닿은 그 곳까지
빠람 빠람 가보지 않은 그 곳엔
또 다른 무엇이 우릴 기다리고 있을까
힘들 때는 크게 노랠 불러봐
두려움도 설레임에 묻히지
우리 함께한 길 위엔 행복만이
예쁜 꽃으로 피어 함께 걷는 걸
빠람 빠람 이 길을 걸어
우리의 꿈이 있는 곳까지
빠람 빠람 따뜻한 모닥불처럼
서로를 감싸며 모두 함께 걸어가는 길
Pparam pparam, we walk along this road
Up to the place which meets with the sky
Pparam pparam, what different things would await us
In the place we have never been?
Sing aloud when it becomes difficult
Then your fear will become buried in excitement
There is only happiness on our road
Pretty flowers bloom and walk together with us
Pparam pparam, we walk along this road
To the place where our dreams lie
Pparam pparam, like a warm campfire
We embrace one another as we walk along the road together








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