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Orange Archipelago
Coral-Eye Badge.png Sea Ruby Badge.png Spike Shell Badge.png Jade Star Badge.png WinnerTrophy.png
Cities and Towns
Inhabited Islands
AscorbiaButwalGoldenHamlinKinnowKumquatMandarin N.
Mandarin S.MikanMoroMurcottNavelPummeloShamoutiSunburst
TangeloTarrocoTrovitaUnnamed island (EP092)Unnamed island (EP110)
Unnamed island (PK04)
Uninhabited Islands
CleopatraFairchildFire, Ice, and LightningGrapefruit
PinkanRindUnnamed island (EP089)Unnamed island (EP098)Valencia
Mikan GymNavel GymTrovita GymKumquat GymPummelo Stadium
Pokémon ParkPokémon ShowboatGhost ship
Access to