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I'm by and large a lurker. I roam about sites like deviantART, FurAffinity, ... even TV Tropes.

On this wiki

Project logo ring big.png This user is not a member of any project and prefers to work on anything floating around.

I tend to surf this wiki primarily for reference, such as researching Pokémon movesets and game locations. (Wouldn't have caught a Riolu in HeartGold without it!)

I generally focus on little things, like proper spelling/grammar/wording (a particular peeve), and some interest in the upkeep of Trivia sections. Yeah, I like to mention something if I feel it's really interesting, but I'm also aware that Trivia sections can't be allowed to dominate a page.

On the other hand, sometimes what starts as a minor fix, paraphrase or rewording snowballs into a complete rewrite of the passage in question -- I'm not afraid to go there, either.

In the games

Project logo ring big.png This user has a difficult time nicknaming Pokémon.

I have a mild interest in the game series, starting in Generation I with Pokémon Red Version. I still play the series from time to time, although I have virtually no experience in online/competitive multiplayer battles. I personally tend to favor the Fire and Flying types with an emphasis on offense, but try to keep a balanced team just the same. Tough work. My typical team roster tends to resemble this:

Starter Pokémon

For some reason, I've been able to successfully pick whichever starter has the highest Speed of its trio, even at first glance. Henceforth, in the main series:

Version Pokemon Trivia
Red (and FireRed) CharmanderCharmander
Gold (and HeartGold) CyndaquilCyndaquil
Emerald TreeckoTreecko Her first Daycare offspring was also female.
Platinum ChimcharChimchar
White SnivySnivy
White 2 OshawottOshawott
Y FennekinFennekin

In side series games

Game Pokémon Partner Team name
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team CharmanderRizaar TreeckoArvel Team Espera
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky RioluArlio ShinxRae Team Ravea
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity AxewSlake OshawottLutra the Verdants

Shiny encounters

For obvious reasons, this is limited to randomly generated (e.g. wild) Shiny Pokémon.

Game Pokémon Level Date Location Notes
FR 032Nidoran Lv.24 Mar.29, 2014 Kanto Safari Zone
HG 265Wurmple Lv.5 Mar.2, 2011 Route 22 While Headbutting trees.

Evolved into 269 Dustox

HG 098Krabby Lv.24 Apr.21, 2011 Route 19 While using Rock Smash.
Y 316Gulpin Lv.9 Oct.16, 2013 Route 5 During a Horde encounter.
Y 298Azurill Lv.7 Oct.28, 2013 Route 22  
Y 252Treecko Egg Dec.28, 2013 Route 7 Masuda method
Y 012Butterfree Lv.30 Mar.4, 2014 Kiloude City Friend Safari  


What are some of my favorite Pokémon overall? This list is by no means comprehensive, but for a few groups....

Group Favorite(s) Notes
Eeveelutions Jolteon Espeon Umbreon Jolteon is my favorite of the original Eeveelutions, and Espeon/Umbreon are both quite neatly designed and useful.
Fossil Pokémon Tyrunt Cutest little baby T-rex ever.
Mega Evolutions CharizardY Absol Lucario I do not like Mega Charizard X. I love Mega Absol's design the most, though it took me a while to warm up to Mega Lucario's design.
Fire-type Pyroar Yes, this is specifically the female Pyroar.
Water-type Lanturn I think the Versus Books GSC strategy guide said it the best: There's nothing quite like a Pokémon that can simultaneously Surf you across water and fry every last Tentacool you come across.
Electric-type Manectric ShinxLuxioLuxray Emolga One of my favorite types overall, useful for dealing with too many Water types.
Fighting-type RioluLucario Mienfoo Hawlucha I never really liked any Fighting-types prior to Generation IV.
Flying-type Noctowl RuffletBraviary FletchlingFletchinderTalonflame This is considering "bird" Pokémon only.
Bug-type Scyther Shuckle Shedinja I don't really like Scizor. Shuckle and Shedinja are oddballs, but really entertaining to use; I actually took Shedinja with me through the Hoenn Elite Four and this ghost of a shell was instrumental to my catching the Hoenn weather trio.
Dragon-type Noivern I respect the other Dragon lines (save Kingdra), but Noivern's design is the one I love most.
Dark-type AbsolZoruaZoroark Swords Dance Absol won me the Champion match in Emerald by outright sweeping three of Wallace's six Pokemon. Zorua and Zoroark's Illusion ability proves as entertaining as it can be useful.

As for favorite Legendary Pokémon, I really have only one favorite, period:


Maybe it's his aesthetic design. Maybe it's how his cry sounds like a lightning bolt and thunderclap. Maybe it's his particular mix of the battle theme music (in HeartGold version specifically). Maybe it's because I used a Master Ball to catch him in Generation II. (or did I?) But at any rate, Johto's three legendary beasts are my favorite group of legendary Pokémon, and I place Raikou squarely at the top of that group.



As of Generation V, I have completed one game but not another in every Pokemon generation. This includes:

  • Generation I: Red (through capturing Mewtwo), but not Yellow
  • Generation II: Gold (up to, but not including, the battle with Red) but not Crystal (was at Blackthorn City)
  • Generation III: Emerald (not including Frontier battles), but not FireRed (at Elite 4)
  • Generation IV: HeartGold (including that battle with Red), but not Platinum (at Victory Road)
  • Generation V: White 1, but not White 2 (at Elite 4)

In other media

I do not follow the anime. I've seen about three episodes in total, and the first movie. Not part of its target audience, not impressed by the main anime series.

Nor do I follow the manga -- the only volume I've ever seen is Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Ginji's Rescue Team, and even that was only because it was published in issues of Nintendo Power magazine.

I do, however, occasionally draw fanart of specific Pokémon, and for my 2010 Nanowrimo, wrote a 52,000 word novel based on a Pokémon-centric setting.

Did you know...?

  • Fire/Electric (comprising one Pokemon, Heat Forme Rotom) is the only type combination simultaneously resistant to Fire, Ice, and Electric. On the other side, the common Bug/Flying is the only type combination simultaneously vulnerable to these three.
  • Ice/Ground (e.g. the Swinub family) is the only type combination simultaneously vulnerable to all three starter elements (Fire, Water, Grass);Dragon is the only type with simultaneous resistance to all three.

External links

I can regularly be found at:

As stated on my deviantART page, I do not have accounts on social networks (like Facebook or Twitter).