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Hello, all! I am Crystal Talian, but just Crystal or Crys is fine. I'm currently attending college for a degree in Veterinary Technology (Vet Nursing for you Europeans), and hope to continue education into a Zoology degree. Additionally, I've been a fan of Pokémon since the original Red and Blue games and anime series. If that doesn't give it away, my area of special interest is Pokémon Biologies and Origins. However, you'll see me helping out wherever I am needed. I'm not really an expert, but I think I do all right and have a decent knowledge base. My early edits consisted mostly of checking grammar and the like, until I was promoted to Junior Admin in July 2012 to help with the release of B2W2. From there, my edits consisted of fact-checking and helping to integrate the new information. Almost a year later, I was promoted again to Administrator. From that point, I focused more on projects; mainly the Biology revamp project and making sure that went smoothly. When X and Y were released, I switched focus once again to fact-checking and collecting information from the games to add to the site. And here I am now, a Senior Admin as of February 2014. I'm still learning some of the ropes as far as coding goes, but I'm definitely getting there.

As it is right now, school keeps me super-busy so I don't have time to edit as I used to do. However, I am typically still on every evening and some early mornings (EST time!). I still keep a pretty close eye on Pokémon biologies and origins, so that's most likely were you'll see me. I tend to pop around other areas of the site, too, though! Additionally if you ever have any questions or issues, feel free to leave a message on my talkpage. I love helping out where I can, and I will get back to you or direct you to someone better suited to help with 24 hours.

Off the subject of Bulbapedia (I do, shockingly, have other interests as well) for other info about me! I love animals; hence the Vet Tech degree, but I love cats in particular. My household currently has four cats and two dogs, plus a tank full of fish. I enjoy video games, mostly RPG/adventure type stuff. My gaming library includes the original Digimon World games (yeah, I like that series, too), Spyro the Dragon, a couple Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic the Hedgehog (post-genesis), Trauma Center, Okami, and a few others. Of course, I play the Pokémon games as well. I primarily do Nuzlocke challenges nowadays, however. So far, I've only done vanilla Nuzlockes, but I'd like to try some variations as well! (By the way, vanilla just means basic.)

I don't watch a lot of television anymore, but I do keep up with a couple of shows. Namely Bones and My Little Pony. . . . Well, that's an odd combination. Huh. Moving on. In the past, I've also watched House and Pushing Daisies before they were concluded and cancelled respectively. Other shows I enjoy include mid-to-late 90s and early 2000s cartoons, magical girl anime, Mythbusters, and Twilight Zone. I don't really watch many movies either, but I have seen some. My favorite is probably Labyrinth. Other favorites include Return to Oz, Ferngully, most Don Bluth films, 90s Disney films and Frozen, several adaptions of Broadway plays, Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, Back the Future, and several others. I'm a pretty big reader as well, enjoying mostly animal and fantasy novels and series. Some of my favorite books include White Fang and its companion Call of the Wild, Watership Down, the Bunnicula and Goosebumps series from when I was young, the Warriors, Inheritance Cycle, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter series from nowadays. I read my fair share of manga, as well. I love tons of other books as well, but a comprehensive list would take forever!

Personality wise . . . well, I can be pretty blunt and sarcastic. I try not to be, but it pops out occasionally. So try not to take it too personally if I come off a little rude sometimes. I like to be neat and professional, and that's probably why I started out doing little touch up edits. I'm typically not the terribly girly or enthusiastic type, but I can fan girl pretty hard over certain topics, like my favorite anime characters/video games or cute animals. I tend to be too loud or too soft-spoken; there is no in-between for me. I've learned a lot of patience over the years, and . . . Well, talking about personalities sort of hard. So I guess you'll just have to get to know me the normal way, through experience!

But I guess that's enough about me for the time being. Mostly favorites. Ah well. Happy editing, everyone!

Personal To-Do List

Biology Project Revamp: Checking and Updating (Detailed instructions for this project can be found here: Biology Project) Progress: Checklist can be found here. Feel free to update appropriately.

Nuzlocke Teams

Might as well share! Notes: I usually use a nicknaming theme for my Nuzlockes. I don't self-insert. Team levels, moves, and items reflect what they were when I hit the E4 (supposedly).

Vanilla Nuzlockes

Ah, Kanto. The naming theme I used for this run was "Virtues and Abstract Concepts". I like those old-fashioned names, and they actually matched up pretty well with the personalities for the most part. I managed to get a lot of my favorite Pokemon in this team. Charizard's pretty fast and hard hitting, and was pretty much my go-to in the early game. Butterfree . . . Well, this was my first time seriously using Butterfree and I almost switched him out so many times. But he stuck around through so many battles and made a semi-decent Psychic substitute. Nearly lost him in the E4, though. Scary stuff. Gen III Persian is a monster! I love it. Shadow Ball's physical and it makes Persian an awesome Psychic/Ghostbuster - pretty much solo'd Sabrina's gym. Made a pretty decent Electric substitute as well. Victreebel . . . it's all right. Hit fairly hard with Acid, but just doesn't have the Sp. Attack for Grass moves. Sandslash is pretty awesome! I admit, I ran him with a troll-y set. For a while he rocked Defense Curl, Sand-Attack, and Dig. It was awesome. Finally, Vaporeon. It's such a tank. He very quickly became my catch-all in the late game, able to take just about any attack and smack right back. I hade four deaths this run: Pride the Spearow, Vitality the Mankey, Zeal the Rattata, and Patience the Pidgeotto.

For the record, trying to level grind in Hoenn sucks. I like Hoenn, I just don't like its layout or level curve. Anyway, this theme was "Roman Deities". I'm not terribly familiar with Hoenn's Pokemon, so this run was a lot of new stuff for me. Blaziken is awesome, hits hard and fast and can handle both the physical and special moves. Swellow is all right. I admit, Min's the only one who was never sent out in the E4, but she was my go-to for Trainer battles when I didn't know what else to use. Swalot. Wow, Swalot. It has excellent defenses, but can't hit hard. Dia got me out of so many binds just by going out and walling. This was my first time using one, and I was pretty pleased. Flygon . . . is epic. I loved having a Dragon that wiped the floor with pretty much everything. Trapinch are hard to get there (especially in a Nuzlocke), but its so worth it. I got Manectric pretty late, but I've used one before and I new I loved them. Pretty standard Electric-type, fast and hard hitting. Crawdaunt was a new experience. It was pretty good, could take a hit and counter back pretty hard. Totally aced Winona's Altaria and most of Drake's team for me. I had two losses this run: Honos the Mightyena and Ceres the Crawdaunt (against the Champ).

Sinnoh. I'm not a terribly big fan of Sinnoh. I'm not sure why, but I'm just not. Like the Pokemon, just not the region. So, our theme this time around was "Egypt". These are some of my favorite names. I love this team, I got pretty much everything I wanted to catch. My starter, noticeably absent, was Chimchar. His name was Aten, and I lost him against a Riolu. It survived with one HP and Countered . . . there was nothing I could do. Cleopatra the Luxray pretty much took over the teamleader position. Very fast and hard-hitting. I love Luxray, and Cleo was a great battler. Mafdet was a lucky catch and exactly what I was hoping for. Floatzel was a little harder to use than I expected, built for physical attacking and very, very fragile. She did very well, though. Kebechet was a crazy capture. She's actually responsible for my only other death this run - Tyet the Chingling. I didn't have any special attackers was afraid I'd knock her out if I tried to attack her. I tried the (low-level) Tyet, but that didn't work. Bebe actually nearly killed herself with struggle and I got her on the last possible chance. Mismagius is a great battler, though. Khum took over the Fire-type position after I lost Aten. Quick, powerful, and fairly sturdy, he made a good catch-all. Imhotep is from the egg you get from Riley, of course. Very fragile, but a great special attacker with a wide moveset. Very pleased. Bast was a really late game addition. I love Glameow and I just had to put her on the team. I actually bred her from a Purugly I caught, but there were no special moves or anything so not a big deal. I didn't get to use her a lot since she was pretty late to the scene. She did pretty well when she did get on the field, though.

Johto's another one of those regions with a crappy level curve. Lolled into a false since of security, I didn't level as much as I usually do in the E4 - more on that later. I love this team. The female Eevee and the first enounter male Snubbull were crazy lucky (the observant will see I lost those two - ironic). My nickname theme was "mythical creatures", and these are some of my favorite nicknames. Typhlosion's awesome, enough said. Noctowl makes a surprisingly good special tank. I really liked using Roc, even though I'd been expecting to box him. Jackalope the Nidoking is modest nature, so I half expected to box him, too. However, Nidoking has a surprisingly diverse special movepool and he made a great special sweeper! This was my first time using Umbreon, and I loved it. It doesn't hit the hardest, but it sure can take them. I lost Bakeneko against Karen. Her Gengar survived Dark Pulse with a single HP and Destiny Bonded me on the second turn. My next catch, Barghest the Snubbull, also fell to Karen. I forgot how poor his special defense was and he fell to her Houndoom's Dark Pulse. I loved using him, real powerhouse. And finally, there was Selkie. Dewgong was a smidge underwhelming, but still pretty great. I couldn't have beaten Clair and Lance without him. This was a pretty fun run through.