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Chosen (a.k.a Chosen of Mana, Hot/Cold Coffee) joined the Bulbagarden forums on September 30, 2005 and joined Bulbapedia on January 23, 2007. He has been one of the Archive's Administrators since October 9, 2010, and became a Bulbapedia Junior Administrator on January 18, 2016.


Generation VI

X Alpha Sapphire
ded045353c.png Coffee XY Sycamore Icon.png
Greninja Yosuke
Charizard Kanji
Gardevoir Nicolette
Toxicroak Dart
Gogoat Motorgoat
Tyrantrum Jawbreaker
ORAS May Icon.png Elize ORAS Battle Girl Icon.png
Sceptile Trent Lopunny Bun-Li
Exploud Fortissimo Exploud Crux
Aggron Mars
Sharpedo Accel Hidden Ability - Speed Boost
Altaria Soubrette
Dusclops Dirge Bag Eviolite Sprite.png

Generation V

Black Japan Flag.png White White 2 Re: Black Black 2
Hilda OD.png Touko
Emboar エンブオー
Leavanny ハハコモリ
Krookodile ワルビアル
Swanna スワンナ
Vanilluxe バイバニラ
Hilbert OD.png Dan
Samurott Yojimbo
Lilligant Flora
Scrafty Jean
Reuniclus Magellan
Galvantula Byte
Braviary MajorGlory
Nate OD.png Coffee
Serperior Boa
Fearow Valkyrie Hidden Ability - Sniper
Octillery Sweetness
Flygon Oasis
Magnezone Hadron
Cinccino Duster Hidden Ability - Skill Link
Hilda OD.png Ruth
Torterra Demeter
Ninetales Boktai Hidden Ability - Drought
Primeape Furiosa
Slowbro ...uh Hidden Ability - Regenerator
Staraptor Kotori
Stoutland Momoji
Rosa OD.png Clair
Arcanine D.D.
Nidoqueen Candice Hidden Ability - Sheer Force
Lucario Regal Hidden Ability - Justified
Whimsicott Lyn
Jellicent Pringles
Mandibuzz Morgan

Generation I (VC)

RedRGBwalkdown.png Ash
MS Pikachu Y.png Eureka
MS Plant I.png Roots
MS Rhydon I.png Gywn
MS Bird I.png Rashid
MS Quadruped I.png Legion
MS Aquatic I.png Lazuli

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