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Last modified on 23 March 2008, at 07:14


Alex's Trading Page!

Hi! I'm Alex, a 20 years old brazilian man.

My FC is 0130 0753 4231

GMT -3 here.

So let's trade some Pokemons!

What I Want

029.png 030.png 031.png 038.png 048.png 049.png 056.png 057.png 059.png 085.png 089.png 106.png 107.png 139.png 141.png

161.png 162.png 186.png 187.png 188.png 189.png 191.png 192.png 199.png 233.png 237.png

276.png 277.png 288.png 289.png 293.png 294.png 295.png 305.png 321.png 324.png 334.png 341.png 342.png 343.png 344.png 346.png 348.png

Legendaries + Eggmovers LoL

What I Have

I have a LOT of monsters in my boxes that I don't want more. Starters, FOssils, anything. Tell me what you want.

Contact Alex Kidd