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A Pokémon academy is a school where students and Trainers can learn more about Pokémon. Most beginning Trainers visit at least one of them, and common Trainers who study extensively at these locations are Lasses, Schoolkids, and Scientists.

In the games

Pokémon academies are commonly found, quite conveniently, in a town or city very near to the player's hometown. They are often referred to as Trainer schools.

The Pokémon academy in Viridian City is visited by many beginning Trainers, and so is dedicated to teaching the basics of Pokémon to said inexperienced Trainers. Many Trainers that pass through Viridian tend to be beginning ones, which makes Viridian an ideal location for such an academy. In Generation II and Generation IV, the academy has been replaced by the Trainer House. The academy in Violet City, Earl's Pokémon School, is a place where students and beginning Trainers can learn more about Pokémon. It is run by Earl Dervish, who can first be seen outside the Violet City Gym but will show the player the way to the school while twirling at every turn. Another of Earl's Academy are seen in Pokémon Stadium 2, in this case in White City.

One of the bigger academies is situated in Hoenn's Rustboro City, named Pokémon Trainer's School, of which Roxanne is a student. The Prestige Precept Center in Phenac City, Orre, can also be considered a Trainers' school, as this purpose is more fitting than an official Pokémon League Gym (due to a lack of an actual league in Orre).

The Generation IV academy, the Trainers' School, is situated in Jubilife City of Sinnoh. This academy is notable for having two School Kids that can be battled inside. In Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, the Ranger School is where the player starts the game. It is located in the Almia region, and connected to Vientown. Some characters from Pokémon Ranger graduated from there. Students of the school are given Capture Stylers that have limited capabilities, and there are some Pokémon roaming the grounds, and some in the main building.

In the Generation V games Pokémon Black, White, Black 2 and White 2, a Trainers' School is located in Striaton City. In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, a second Trainers' School is located in Aspertia City, with the backyard serving as the Aspertia Gym.

In the Generation VI games Pokémon X and Y, a Trainers' School is found in Santalune City.


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In the anime

In the anime, several Trainers' schools and Pokémon academies have appeared. A different Kanto-based Pokémon school, Pokémon Tech, appeared in The School of Hard Knocks, while Earl's Pokémon Academy in Violet and the Pokémon Trainer's School in Rustboro also made anime appearances, in A Bout with Sprout and Gonna Rule the School!, respectively. Another Hoenn-based Trainers' school appeared in The Evolutionary War, located on Island A of the A-B-C Islands, in a Pokémon Center.

Another Trainers' School appeared in Classroom Training!, located in Snowpoint City in Sinnoh. The Gym Leader, Candice, is one of the teachers there due to the amount of spare time she has. The main reason for the school is for children to learn the basics of handling Pokémon until the age of 10. However, the school also runs a special, practical course for older people who have obtained Pokémon in the past but for some reason had interrupted their journey. It was also revealed that both Zoey and Candice had attended this school when they were younger.

Aspertia Trainers' School and Gym

The Aspertia Trainers' School appeared in There's a New Gym Leader in Town! which functions both as a Gym and school. Cheren is not only Gym Leader of Aspertia Gym, but also a teacher of the school. The school is dedicated exclusively to the education of aspiring Pokémon Trainers with their number one priority being to prepare children to become fully fledged trainers. Having the Gym on site allows the school to further nurture the children after they have grown up. The school is shown to have many classrooms and corridors in between, as well as a library, where students can learn about Pokémon from regions outside of Unova using the numerous books and computers. The school also has a swimming pool, a kitchen with dining tables and a room where announcements can be broadcast all around the grounds. Outdoor field projects are held to study wild Pokémon so that students can become familiar with and eventually catch their own Pokémon. The school also raises and keeps Pokémon in a Pokémon House, which allow students to interact with various Pokémon.

In the manga

Earl's Pokémon academy in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Earl Dervish owns the Pokémon Academy in Violet City. It first appeared in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter, when Professor Oak went to meet Crystal and give her a Pokédex. Crystal was a helper at the academy, which was in very poor shape and low on money. It is later revealed during the Emerald chapter that Emerald arrived at the academy on that same day, after the Trick Master sent him there. Emerald admired Crystal and decided to stay, not knowing that Oak hired Crystal to complete the Pokédex for him, and the next day she left the academy.

Emerald then spent a large part of his childhood in Earl's academy, and Earl even told Professor Oak about him. Not long after Crystal left, she started using the money she received for her work to completely renovate the academy, earning Emerald's respect.

Aspertia Trainers' School in Pokémon Adventures

The Aspertia Trainers' School first appeared in the Black 2 & White 2 chapter. It is a school recognized by the Pokémon Association and has over 151 students from across the Unova region, including Lack-Two, Whi-Two, Hugh, Leo, Yuki, Yuuko, and Mayu. The school is much larger than in the games and even contains a dormitory for the students to stay in. Leo dorms with Hugh, who has a room despite being from Aspertia City himself, while Lack-Two has a room all to himself. Cheren becomes a teacher at the school during the beginning of the eleventh chapter.

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga

In Demanding Tests at the Pokémon School!, Red goes to a Pokémon Academy in Violet City where he battles a Sentret which evolved into Furret.

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