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サニータウン Sunny Town
Region Kanto
Debut The Bridge Bike Gang

Sunnytown (Japanese: サニータウン Sunny Town) is an anime-only location at the end of the Cycling Road in Kanto. It appeared in The Bridge Bike Gang. Sunnytown has its own resident bicycle bridge gang. The town has many skyscrapers and tall buildings, despite being a town, and has a bridge nearby.

Ash and his friends try to cross the bridge as a shortcut to Sunnytown but are stopped because Bicycles are needed to travel across the bridge as the footpath is not yet completed. Later, Nurse Joy asks the group to deliver medicine to Sunnytown to save a sick Shellder and borrow bikes from her to cross the bridge. They run into the bicycle gang, who initially challenge Ash and his friends to a battle, but once they realize they are helping a sick Pokémon, help Ash and his friends cross the bridge to save Shellder and deliver the medicine to the Nurse Joy in Sunnytown.

Pokémon seen in Sunnytown

Sunnytown Shellder.png

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