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If you were looking for the CD single, see Song of Origin / Nice Buddy (single).
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M08 EDJ.png
Hajimari no Uta
Song of Origin
Movie 8 ED
Lyrics PUFFY
Composer Andy Sturmer, Bleu
Arrangement Andy Sturmer
Sony Music
Title はじまりのうた/ナイスバディ
Song of Origin / Nice Buddy
Catalog no. KSCL-841
This song also appears on the soundtrack to the eighth movie, Pikachu Records catalog number ZMCP-2303.

Song of Origin (Japanese: はじまりのうた Hajimari no Uta) is the ending theme to the eighth Pokémon movie, Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero: Lucario. It was paired with Nice Buddy on its single. The song is performed by Japanese pop duo PUFFY AMI YUMI and is available as Beginnings on their Splurge album, making it one of the few Japanese Pokémon songs readily accessible in the US market.


Japanese Romaji English
新しい幕開け Atarashii maku ake A new certain rises
遠回りしたけだ Tōmawari shita kedo We've come a roundabout way
やっと巡り会えたんだ Yatto meguri aetan da But we've finally met
燻ってた気持ちに Kusubutteta kimochi ni On my sputtering feelings
魔法をかけたくれた Mahou o kakete kureta You cast a magic spell
重い扉を開けよう Omoi tobira o akeyō Let's open that heavy door
いざ いこう Iza ikō Let's go right now!
冒険の始まり Bōken no hajimari The beginning of a new adventure!!
ほら 飛び出そう Hora tobidasō Come on, let's jump out there!
あの空の向こう側へ Ano sora no mukōgawa e To the other side of the sky
描き出す未来図 Egakidasu mirai zu The map of the future I imagine
君とならいつだって Kimi to nara itsu datte If I'm always with you
きっと思いのままだ Kitto omoi no mama da That would be the situation we hoped for
困難に立ち向かう Konnan ni tachimukau Facing hardships...
負けない強いボールを Makenai tsuyoi bōru o This ball of unrelenting strength...
持って歩いていこう Motte aruite ikō Let's carry it and keep walking
そうさ ここから Sōsa koko kara That's right! From here on...
全てが始まってよ Subete ga hajimatta yo Everything begins!
こんな大地を Konna daichi o Our belief is strong enough
揺るがすほど信じて Yurugasu hodo shinjite To make this land shake!
どんな小さな Donna chīsana No matter how small...
夢だって無くさない Yume datte nakusanai We won't lose any dreams!
そんあ世界を Sonna sekai o Out there in this world...
仲間たちが待ってる Nakama tachi ga matteru There are friends waiting for us!
時にはちょっと涙ぽろっと Toki ni wa chotto namida porotto Sometimes a few tears drop out
出ちゃう夜には Dechau yoru ni wa On nights like that
一人でじっと悩まずホント Hitori de jitto nayamazu honto I don't just sit still and worry
駆けつけるから Kaketsukeru kara I just run!
水 草 電気 Mizu kusa denki Water, Grass, Electric
虫 鳥 ガス Mushi tori gasu Bug, Bird, Gas
岩 氷 炎 Iwa kōri honō Rock, Ice, Fire
地面 飛行 エスパー Jimen hikō esupā Ground, Flying, Psychic
ノーマル 格闘 みんな Nōmaru kakutō minna Normal, Fighting, all of them...
友達だから Tomodachi dakara Are my friends, that's why!
そうさ ここから Sōsa koko kara That's right! From here on...
全てが始まったよ Subete ga hajimatta yo Everything begins!
こんな大地を Konna daichi o Our belief is strong enough
揺るがすほど信じて Yurugasu hodo shinjite To make this land shake!
みんなホントは Minna honto wa Really, everybody...
寂しいのさ一人じゃ Samishii no sa hitori ja Is lonely when they're by themselves
こんな調子で Konna chōshi de I've made it this far...
仲間が出来てくんだから Nakama ga dekitekun da kara Thanks to my friends!
どんどん どんどん Dondon (Dondon) Rapidly! (Rapidly!)
勇気 勇気 Yūki (Yūki) Courage! (Courage!)
わいて わいて Waite (Waite) Increasing... (Increasing...)
わいて わいて Waite (Waite) Increasing... (Increasing...)
だんだん だんだん Dandan (Dandan) Gradually! (Gradually!)
勇者 勇者 Yūsha (Yūsha) Heroes! (Heroes!)
みんな みんな Minna (Minna) All of us! (All of us!)
みんな Minna All of us!


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