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Shin Nagasawa

One of Nagasawa's illustrations

Shin Nagasawa (Japanese: 長澤真) is a freelance illustrator who provides artwork for the Pokémon Trading Card Game and other Pokémon related merchandise. Nagasawa worked as a graphic designer at Square for a number of years after graduating from university in 1994, and was credited as a monster concept artist for several titles during this time. He went freelance in 2000, and has had numerous illustrations and manga series published since, as well as continuing to provide concept art for several games and illustrations for various trading card games. He often uses the pseudonym "JASON" (ジェイソン) or "J-mura" (J村) for self-published works (dōjinshi).

Nagasawa's first illustrations were featured on cards from the Supreme Victors expansion. For a list of cards he has illustrated, go here. In addition to card art, he has also produced the packaging artwork for expansions released outside of Japan, which include Boundaries Crossed, Plasma Storm, Plasma Freeze, and Plasma Blast. Other Pokémon related illustrations include those featured on merchandise sold in Japan. These include: Reshiram & Zekrom 2011 New Year's Greeting card and Pochi bags, Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar Uniqlo T-shirt design, Kyurem VS TornadusThundurusLandorus Pokémon Center stationery, and Gardevoir & Lilligant deck shields.

Nagasawa's illustration style within the TCG varies as does his work for other publications. Some are drawn in a style reminiscent of comic books, in that the Pokémon is drawn with a solid black outline, with areas of extreme shadow and other details also in solid black. In other illustrations, color shading is used to define details and the accompanying background, making outlines less explicit. In nearly all instances Nagasawa focuses on motion and a specific portion of the Pokémon's body with varying degrees of tilt, giving the impression that the Pokémon is moving out of the confines of the image.


Manga, comics, and other published works

Title Date Publisher
Ao I Hada Vol. 1 2000-07 GONZO/Kadokawa Shoten
Ao I Hada Vol. 2 2000-11 GONZO/Kadokawa Shoten
Ao I Hada Vol. 3 2001-01 GONZO/Kadokawa Shoten
Ao I Hada Vol. 4 2001-03 GONZO/Kadokawa Shoten
The Five Star Stories ISSUE guest illustrations 2001-04 Kadokawa Shoten
Ao I Hada Vol. 5 2001-05 GONZO/Kadokawa Shoten
Ao I Hada Vol. 6 2001-07 GONZO/Kadokawa Shoten
The Five Star Stories OUTLINE guest illustrations 2001-12 Kadokawa Shoten
Blank Panther #48 cover illustration 2002-08 Marvel Entertainment
X-Men Unlimited #46 2003-04 Marvel Entertainment
AZUCHI – Sword of Sakyo illustrations 2003-07 Asahi Sonorama
Arcadia Magazine "Pandora Carat Kai" illustration 2003-11 Enterbrain
High Wing・Stroll illustrations 2004-02 Asahi Sonorama
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.1) 2004-10-21 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Opakon (In Ultra Jump December 2004) 2004-11 Shueisha
Ultra Graphics (In Ultra Jump December 2004) 2004-11 Shueisha
Wolverine: Soultaker #1 2005-03 Marvel Entertainment
Wolverine: Soultaker #2 2005-03 Marvel Entertainment
Arcadia Magazine "Pandora Carat Modified" illustration 2005-03 Enterbrain
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.2) 2005-04-09 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Wolverine: Soultaker #3 2005-04 Marvel Entertainment
Wolverine: Soultaker #4 2005-05 Marvel Entertainment
Wolverine: Soultaker #5 2005-06 Marvel Entertainment
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.3) 2005-07-08 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Sprint! The Thousand Mile Express (Above) illustrations 2005-07 Asahi Sonorama
Character Design Bible Vol. 4 illustrations, working progress 2004-07 Graphics, Inc.
Character Design Bible Vol. 5 illustrations, working progress 2004-10 Graphics, Inc.
Sprint! The Thousand Mile Express (Below) illustrations 2005-09 Asahi Sonorama
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.4) 2005-10-30 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Tech Gian illustrations 2006-02 Enterbrain
Kūronzu Sutiguma illustration 2006-03-25 Konami
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.5) 2006-04-10 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Opakon Part 2 (In Ultra Jump May 2006) 2006-04 Shueisha
Ultra Graphics (In Ultra Jump May 2006) 2006-06 Shueisha
Arukan Nendai-ki illustrations 2006-07-05 Zigzag Novels
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.6) 2006-08-04 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
robot Separate Volume Summer Comic Limited Sale illustrations 2006-08 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Tech Gian Angelic Works 2006-08 Enterbrain
Aurora Tone (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.1) 2006-10 Enterbrain
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.7) 2006-11-24 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Opakon Part 3 (In Ultra Jump January 2007) 2006-12 Shueisha
Shinshu illustration 2007-01-25 Shueisha
Gunfight at Okubo-Cho – Collector's Edition illustrations 2007-03 Hayakawa
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.8) 2007-03-17 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Is Okubo-Cho Burning? – Collector's Edition illustrations 2007-06 Hayakawa
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.9) 2007-08-04 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Farewell, Okubo-Cho – Collector's Edition illustrations 2007-09-04 Hayakawa
Sengoku Basara 2 Visual & Sound Book Vol.2 illustration 2007-09 ASCII Media Works
Sprint! The Thousand Mile Express New Edition illustrations 2007-11 Asahi Sonorama
Sengoku Basara 2 Visual & Sound Book Vol.3 illustration 2007-12 ASCII Media Works
Sedouka (Serialized in robot Vol.10) 2008-02-07 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Sedouka 2008-10-31 WANIMAGAZINE CO.
Cover Story (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.2) illustrations 2008-12-15 Enterbrain
iP! June 2009 article illustration 2009-05 Shinyusha
Roll Over Beethoven (In Fellows! Vol.5) 2009-06-15 Enterbrain
I Did Not Hear from the North Country (In Swimsuits Fellows! Vol.5) 2009-08-12 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.7) 2009-10-15 Enterbrain
Moeru Nihontō Taizen 2009-10-16 Core Magazine
Ultra Jump 10th Anniversary Art Book "Ultra Graphics 1999-2009" illustrations 2009-10 Shueisha
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.8) 2009-12-16 Enterbrain
Sengoku Basara Dengeki Visual & Sound Book illustration 2009-12 ASCII Media Works
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.9) 2010-02-15 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.10B) 2010-04-15 Enterbrain
Illustration Improvement Magazine Touch Vol. 2 illustrations 2010-04-26 Shinyusha
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.11B) 2010-06-15 Enterbrain
Megami MAGAZINE Creators August 2010 spread illustration 2010-06-29 Gakken
Oriental Fantasy Pictorial Special Edition: New Fantasy Travelogue illustration 2010-07-07 Toranoana
Blitz Games Vol.11 guest illustrations 2010-07-29 ASCII Media Works
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.12) 2010-08-11 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons Vol.1 2010-09-15 Enterbrain
Girls with Cameras/A Pictorial Book illustration 2010-09 Gakken
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.13) 2010-10-15 Enterbrain
Soundgirl Duo illustrations 2010-11-30 Byakuya Shobo
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.14) 2010-12-15 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.15) 2011-02-14 Enterbrain
Oriental Fantasy Pictorial 3 illustration 2011-03-13 Toranoana
Sengoku Basara 3 Visual & Sound Book illustration 2011-03 ASCII Media Works
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.16C) 2011-04-23 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.17) 2011-06-15 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons Vol.2 2011-07-15 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.18) 2011-08-11 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.19) 2011-10-15 Enterbrain
Zuroku Keitai Shōjo illustrations 2011-10 ANGIE/Gentosha
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.20) 2011-12-15 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.21) 2012-02-15 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.22) 2012-04-14 Enterbrain
Nintendo Dream illustrations 2012-04 Tokuma Shoten
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.23) 2012-06-15 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.24) 2012-08-10 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons Vol.3 2012-09-15 Enterbrain
The Agate Dragons (Serialized in Fellows! Vol.25) 2012-10-15 Enterbrain


Title Date Company Role
House Vermont Curry advertisement 2004-04 House Foods/Tohokushinsha Film/Dentsu Costume design, monster logo design
House Roux Curry advertisement 2006-01 House Foods/Tohokushinsha Film/Dentsu Doll design
Mardock Scramble OVA 2006-12 (Cancelled) GONZO Character design, vehicle design, firearm design
From the New World 2012-07—2012-10 TV Asahi/A-1Pictures Total design concept


Title Platform Release date Role
Bahamut Lagoon SNES 1996-02-09 Monster design
Final Fantasy VII PlayStation 1997-01-31 Monster design
Parasite Eve PlayStation 1998-03-29 Background retouching
Final Fantasy IX PlayStation 2000-07-07 Monster design
Death Gate Pinball Mobile devices 2004-07 Table skin design
Angelic Vale Ephemeral PC 2005-03-10 Tarot card illustration
Etrian Odyssey Nintendo DS 2007-01-18 Monster design
Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard Nintendo DS 2008-02-21 Monster design
Luminous Arc 2 Nintendo DS 2008-05-15 Monster design
Sengoku Efuda Yuugi: Hototogisu Ran PlayStation Portable 2008-11-13 Card illustrations
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Sangoku Heroes PC 2009-04-17 Character illustration
Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City Nintendo DS 2010-04-01 Monster design, soundtrack illustrations
Last Ranker PlayStation Portable 2010-07-15 Monster design
Sengoku Efuda Yuugi: Hototogisu Tairan PlayStation Portable 2010-09-09 Card illustrations
Pastel Chime Continue PlayStation Portable 2010-12-09 Guest illustrations
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Nintendo 3DS 2012-07-05 Monster design, Famitsu DX Pack illustration
X Legend Social Card Game Mobile devices 2012-07 Card illustrations
Mononoke Taisen -Jin- Social Card Game Mobile devices 2012-08 Card illustrations
Lord of Vermilion Re:2 Arcade 2012-08 Card illustrations
Unchained Blades Exiv Playstation Portable/Nintendo 3DS 2012-11-29 Character design
Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Nintendo 3DS 2013-06-27 Monster design

Other illustrations

Title Date Publisher
Ray Field Trading Card Game illustrations 2000—2001 Studio Line
GONZO 2001 Calendar November, December illustrations 2001 GONZO
Stars of Heaven Trading Card Game illustrations 2002 ArcLight
Duel Masters Trading Card Game illustrations 2002— Wizards of the Coast
TMNT Trading Card Game illustrations 2004 Konami
Genso Suikoden Card Stories illustrations 2004-01 Konami
Gainax Official Website homepage illustration 2005-04 Gainax
Dimension-Zero Trading Card Game illustrations 2005-09— Broccoli
SF Japan 2005 Winter illustration 2005-11 Tokuma Shoten
Ranger Strike Trading Card Game illustrations 2006-02— Bandai
Gainax Official Website member page illustration 2006-04 Gainax
Kiba Trading Card Game illustrations 2006-07 Upper Deck Japan
Uzu Majin Trading Card Game illustrations 2007-04— Wizards of the Coast
Gurren Lagann Card Game illustrations 2007-07— Konami
Gurren Lagann The Movie: The Lights in the Sky are Stars advance ticket art book 2 guest illustrations 2009-02 Gainax
Pokémon Trading Card Game illustrations 2009-03— The Pokémon Company
Shinuchi! CD cover illustration 2010-03-17 koebu/avex
Delusional Science ADV: Chaos;Head Noah PSP limited edition booklet illustrations 2010-06-24 5pb.
Gokudō no Hanayome 2010-12 NEXTON-NET/GALACTICA

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