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The Power of One
English movie ending themes
Flying Without Wings
M02 EDE 02.png
Dub M02 ED 02
Artist "Weird Al" Yankovic
Lyrics "Weird Al" Yankovic

Polkamon is a song by "Weird Al" Yankovic. It is the 10th track on the soundtrack of the second movie, The Power of One.


Krabby, Snubbull, Venonat,
Mankey, Chansey, and Zubat,
Slowking, Ditto, Butterfree,
Lugia, and Caterpie,
Oddish, Poliwag, Goldeen,
Elekid, and Nidoqueen,
Victreebel, and Magneton -
Everybody Polkamon!

Aerodactyl, Seel, Machoke,
Marill, Moltres and Slowpoke,
Articuno, Ditto, Muk,
Flareon, and ol' Psyduck,
Cloyster, Kingler, Shellder, Gloom,
Snorlax, and of course Vileplume,
Zapdos, and Charmeleon -
Everybody Polkamon!

It's time to Polka,
For Ponyta and Pidgey too.
Come on, put on your lederhosen,
And try not to step on little Pikachu.
You better grab yourself a partner,
Like Tentacruel or Bulbasaur. (Bulbasaur!)
Hold on a minute, there's still at least a hundred and twenty-seven more,

Including Ledyba and Omastar,
Jynx, Bellossom, and Magmar,
Geodude, and Arcanine,
Jigglypuff, and Mr. Mime.
Don't forget about Sandslash,
Exeggcute, and Rapidash,
Lickitung, and Porygon -
Everybody Polkamon!

Everybody Polkamon!

Everybody Polkamon!


  • Ditto is listed twice, probably a reference to its name and characteristics.
    • Both times it is on the third line, as the second one named.
  • The song states that there are "at least 127 more" Pokémon. This is because the number 27 is a running gag within Weird Al's songs.[1] However, there are only 103 more Pokémon left if only Generation I is counted, and if all Generation II Pokémon are included then there are 196 remaining Pokémon.
  • When Pokémon 2000 is aired in syndication, this is the only ending theme.


The Power of One
English movie ending themes
Flying Without Wings
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