Pokémon Ninja School

Pokémon Ninja School
忍者スクール Ninja School
Pokémon Ninja School.png
Pokémon Ninja School
Region Kanto
Debut From Cradle to Save

The Pokémon Ninja School (Japanese: 忍者スクール Ninja School) is an anime-exclusive location in the Kanto region. It is located between Lavender Town and Fuchsia City. Angela is one of the teachers here. There are many students here, including Evian.

Ash and his friends went to the Pokémon Ninja School in order to train themselves in jujutsu. Brock caught a Bonsly here.

It is similar to the Pokémon Jujitsu Academy in Johto.

Pokémon seen in the Pokémon Ninja School

Brock Bonsly.png
Angela Shiftry.png
Angela Kecleon.png
Pokémon Ninja School Pidgey.png
Pidgey (×3)
Evian Ninjask.png
Pokémon Ninja School Ariados Bellsprout Tangela.png
Pokémon Ninja School Ariados Bellsprout Tangela.png
Pokémon Ninja School Ariados Bellsprout Tangela.png
Jessie Starmie.png

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