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Pikachu's Beach

Gameplay screenshot of Pikachu's Beach

Pikachu's Beach (Japanese: ピカチュウのサマービーチ Pikachu's Summer Beach) is a minigame exclusive to Pokémon Yellow. If the player brings a Surfing Pikachu to the Surfin' Dude (Japanese: なみのりオヤジ Surfing Old Man) at Summer Beach House (Japanese: うみのいえ Sea House) on Route 19, Pikachu's Beach can be played. The Summer Beach House does not exist outside of Yellow.

The only legitimate ways to obtain a Surfing Pikachu in Yellow are through Pokémon Stadium or an event.

If the game is played on a Super Game Boy, Super Game Boy 2 or Game Boy Color, Pikachu's cheeks appear blue due to the limited color palette of these consoles.


The goal of the minigame is to score as many points as possible. The player controls Pikachu using the Game Boy's Control Pad. As Pikachu is launched over a wave, the left and right buttons can be pressed to cause Pikachu to flip. Bonus "rad" points may be granted for landing safely.

The scoring system, measured in "Radness", is as follows:

  • One flip = 50 points
  • Two flips in the same direction = 150 points
  • Two flips in different directions = 180 points
  • Three flips in the same direction = 350 points
  • Three flips not all in the same direction = 500 points

The HP (not to be confused with the HP stat of Pokémon) counter in the lower right corner acts as a timer and is constantly decreasing from 6,000 HP. On the opposite side of this counter is a progress bar that shows how far Pikachu is from the shore. The game will finish once Pikachu reaches the shore. "Radness" along with remaining HP is then summed up to determine the final score.

The game scroll rate will increase the more flips Pikachu manages to pull off successfully, which consequently increases the rate at which Pikachu reaches the shore. The scroll rate drops if Pikachu fails a flip and falls underwater. When the game is over, Pikachu is scored based on the remaining HP and "Radness". The high score is saved and can be recalled anytime by checking the machine at Summer Beach House on Route 19. The Game Boy Printer can be used to print out the high score as well.


The unused 750 points bonus

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