Palace Maven Spenser

ウコン Ukon
Emerald Palace Maven Spenser.png
Art from Emerald
Gender Male
Eye color Unknown
Hair color White
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn*/Kanto*
Trainer class Palace Maven
(Frontier Brain)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Emerald
Brain of Battle Palace
Symbol Spirit Symbol
Anime debut Cutting the Ties that Bind
English voice actor Eric Schussler
Japanese voice actor Nachi Nozawa

Palace Maven Spenser (Japanese: パレスガーディアン ウコン Palace Guardian Ukon) is the Frontier Brain and master of the Battle Frontier's Battle Palace. He is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Palace Maven (Japanese: パレスガーディアン Palace Guardian).

In the games

Spenser's physical being and heartbeat are as one with his Pokémon, his brethren. He has full trust in his Pokémon. He makes loud threats to set his opponent off guard. When defeated, he awards the Spirit Symbol.


Silver Symbol challenge

Gold Symbol challenge


Spenser also has these Pokémon, but they don't participate in battle. Sprites of them are seen as Spenser gets ready for his battle with the player.

Spr 3e 356.png
Spr 3e 298.png


Initial battle

  • Before battle
"My physical being is with Pokémon always! My heart beats as one with Pokémon always! Young one of a Trainer! Do you believe in your Pokémon? Can you believe them through and through? If your bonds of trust are frail, you will never beat my brethren! The bond you share with your Pokémon! Prove it to me here!"
  • Being defeated
"Ah... Now this is something else..."
  • If the player is defeated
"Your Pokémon are wimpy because you're a wimpy Trainer!"
  • After being defeated
"Gwahahah! Hah, you never fell for my bluster! Sorry for trying that stunt! Here! Bring me the thing!"
His assistant: "My, my, if only you could maintain that facade of distinguished authority... Here! Let's see your Frontier Pass!"
"Your Pokémon's eyes are truly clear and unclouded. I will eagerly await the next opportunity to see you."


  • Before battle
"Gwahahah! You've battled your way up again? You must have developed a truly formidable bond with your Pokémon. So be it! This time, I won't bluster or hold back. This time, there's no fooling around. Ready now? Prepare to lose! ... ... ...Kaaah!"
  • Being defeated
"Gwah! Hahahaha!"
  • If the player is defeated
"Gwahahaha! My brethren, we have nothing to fear!"
  • After being defeated
"Well, that was some display! Even fully unleashed, my brethren could not overpower you. You team spirit is truly admirable! Here! Bring me that thing, will you?"
His assistant: "My, my, if only you could maintain a certain level of decorum... Gaaah, here! Hurry with that Frontier Pass, you!"
"Gwahahah! Come see me time and again! My brethren and I will be waiting!"


Spr E Spenser.png Spenser OD.png
Sprite from
Overworld sprite from

In the anime

Spenser in the anime

Spenser made his debut appearance in Cutting the Ties that Bind. He is a kind old man who specializes in herbal medicines, healing Ash's Sceptile when it apparently lost its fighting skills. While he usually rides on his Venusaur, he has a lot of stamina which is shown in battle. Spenser uses the whole of the island he lives on as a battlefield and so battles have an emphasis on nature and include a lot of running around.

In Ka Boom with a View!, Spenser used a Venusaur, Shiftry and Claydol in his battle against Ash, who used his Swellow, Heracross, and Sceptile. After having a heated battle, Spenser eventually lost due to Sceptile learning and using SolarBeam. Spenser made an appearance in a flashback in King and Queen for a Day and another flashback in A Pyramiding Rage along with Noland, Greta, Tucker, Lucy, and Anabel.


This listing is of Spenser's known Pokémon in the anime:

Spenser's Venusaur
Main article: Spenser's Venusaur

Spenser's Venusaur was the second Pokémon chosen by Spenser to go against Ash. It managed to defeat Ash's Heracross, but finally lost to Swellow.

Debut Cutting the Ties that Bind
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Craig Blair
Spenser's Chansey
Spenser's Chansey was used to heal the wounds of Ash's Sceptile.

Chansey's only known move is Heal Bell.

Debut Cutting the Ties that Bind
Spenser's Shiftry
Shiftry first appeared in Ka Boom with a View!, where it was the first Pokémon to be sent against Ash, while he chose Sceptile. Before using any move, Shiftry dodged the Bullet Seed from Sceptile and was told to move to the jungle. It had immense speed, but Sceptile was just as fast, as it followed close behind. After the two Grass types reached a small waterfall, both continued their duel. Shiftry managed to push Sceptile into the pool of water, then used Rock Smash to send rocks down into the pool. However, Sceptile escaped up through the waterfall and landed a hit on Shiftry, knocking it out, and winning Ash the first victory.

It reappeared in a flashback in King and Queen for a Day.

Shiftry's known moves are Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Double Team, and Rock Smash.

Debut Ka Boom with a View!
Spenser's Claydol
Claydol appeared in the episode Ka Boom with a View!, where it was the third Pokémon to be sent out against Ash. Claydol had to face Ash's Swellow and Sceptile before being defeated by Sceptile's newly learned SolarBeam. Claydol is the powerhouse of Spenser's team.

Claydol appeared in flashbacks in King and Queen for a Day and A Pyramiding Rage!.

Claydol's known moves are Teleport, Rapid Spin, Sandstorm, Hyper Beam, and Psybeam.

Debut Ka Boom with a View!
Voice actors
Japanese Kōichi Sakaguchi
English Kōichi Sakaguchi

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 野沢那智 Nachi Nozawa
English Eric Schussler
Brazilian Portuguese Renato Márcio
Spanish Latin America Jorge Ornelas
Spain Roberto Cuenca Martínez

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Spenser in the Pokémon Adventures manga

Spenser fought alongside Lucy during the press show-off of the Battle Frontier during its grand opening, using a Crobat with Poison Fang. Having touched the Blue Orb before, Spenser is able to recognize people who have once held the Blue Orb, such as Sapphire. However, it is this very ability that led Ruby and Sapphire to think that he was Guile Hideout.


Spenser's Crobat
Crobat is Spenser's main Pokémon. It was used to battle a Swalot and Electrode in the opening of the Battle Frontier. Despite the type-disadvantage, Crobat, with the assistance of Lucy's Seviper, was able to defeat them. During Spenser's match with Emerald, it was one of the three Pokémon Spenser chose to battle him, only for it to get called off due to Guile Hideout's capture of Jirachi. Crobat went up against Emerald's Sudowoodo in Spenser's flashback. It was later seen battling against Guile Hideout after he sent out the rental Pokémon.

Crobat's known moves are Poison Fang and Air Cutter.

Debut Swanky Showdown with Swalot
Spenser's Lapras
Spenser's Lapras was first seen in the conquest in the Artisan Cave where it was used as transport. It was later used in the Frontier battle against Emerald where Spenser chose it as one of three Pokémon for the match, only for it to get called off due to Guile Hideout's capture of Jirachi. Lapras battled Emerald's Sceptile in Spenser's flashback. It was also used to hold on the rental Pokémon taken from Guile Hideout.

Lapras's known moves are Ice Beam and Surf.

Debut Sneaky Like Shedinja
Spenser's Slaking
Spenser sent out Slaking as one of the three Pokémon he chose to battle Emerald. However, the battle was called off due to Guile Hideout's capture of Jirachi. Afterwards, it appeared in a flashback where it battled with Emerald's Dusclops.

None of Slaking's moves are known.

Debut Standing in the Way with Starmie

In the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga

Spenser makes an appearance in The Predestined Battle! where he is defeated by Enta. Spenser then gets his picture taken with Enta for their job well done.


Spenser's Lapras
Lapras is Spenser's only known Pokémon. It went up against Enta's Vulpix and lost despite the type advantage.

None of Lapras's moves are known.

Debut The Predestined Battle!


  • Spenser's staff has patterns similar to Kyogre's while his arms have patterns that look similar to Unown A.
  • None of the Pokémon used by him in the anime are shown under his possession in the games, and vice-versa.
  • Spenser is the only Hoenn Frontier Brain (excluding Noland) who never uses the RestChesto Berry healing combo on any of his Pokémon.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ウコン Ukon From 鬱金 ukon, turmeric
English Spenser From spirit
French Esteban From esprit, spirit
German Serenus From seele (soul) and serenus (Latin for serene)
Italian Spartaco From spirito, spirit. Also the Italian name of Spartacus
Spanish Aniceto From ánimo, spirit
Korean 우근 Ugeun Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 宇康 Yǔkāng Transliteration of his Japanese name. Can be taken as peaceful universe

Palace Maven

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese パレスガーディアン Palace Guardian
Mandarin Chinese 宮殿守護者 / 宫殿守护者 Gōngdiàn Shǒuhùzhě
Finland Flag.png Finnish Palatsintietäjä
France Flag.png European French Capt. Palace
Germany Flag.png German Palastregent
Italy Flag.png Italian Sire Palazzo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 팰리스가디언 Palace Guardian
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Amo Palacio

EmeraldBFLogo.png Hoenn Battle Frontier EmeraldBFLogo.png
Ablity Symbol Battle Tower Ability Symbol
Salon Maiden
Spirits Symbol Battle Palace Spirits Symbol
Palace Maven
Knowledge Symbol Battle Factory Knowledge Symbol
Factory Head
Brave Symbol Battle Pyramid Brave Symbol
Pyramid King
Tactics Symbol Battle Dome Tactics Symbol
Dome Ace
Guts Symbol Battle Arena Guts Symbol
Arena Tycoon
Luck Symbol Battle Pike Luck Symbol
Pike Queen

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