Suddenly Suicune III/VS. Suicune (Part III)
VS. Suikun (Part III)
Chapter Gold, Silver & Crystal
Collected in Vol. 11
Round number 132
Location Tin Tower
Previous Round Suddenly Suicune II
Next Round Absolutely Azumarill

Suddenly Suicune III/VS. Suicune (Part III) (Japanese: VSスイクンIII VS. Suikun (Part III)) is the 132nd round of the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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This round begins with Eusine noticing that Suicune's transmission is gone and discovering that the Crystal Wall has been completed by Suicune. Among the rubble, that was created by Hitmonee's Mega Punch in the battle with Suicune, he discovers his broken doll. He is then confronted by Natee who seems to be in distress who leads him to a broken Crystal. He questions Crystal over the location of Suicune but she is too distraught to answer. Eugene begins to carry Crystal up the stairs of the Tin Tower until he runs into the Crystal Wall on the seventh floor. He bypasses the crystal wall using the Clear Bell* and begins upward again while calling for Suicune. Eugine then discovers the Ho-Oh shrine that Morty was talking about. He also notices tracks made by Suicune and realizes that it has already escaped. Crystal then wakes up out of her daze and asks about where she is. Eugine tells her that she is on the highest floor of the Tin Tower and inside the Crystal Wall. Crystal also learns that Suicune has escaped. Eugine begins to tell Crystal about the collapse of the Tin Tower that happened a month before and that within a month's time it was rebuilt. He asks her if she knew why the Tower had been rebuilt before the city. He reveals that Tin Tower was destroyed by Team Rocket in order to lure Ho-Oh out, as the Tin Tower is its shrine and that Morty was hoping, through the reconstruction of the Tower, Ho-Oh would not become angry and return. Ho-Oh's shrine then begins to glow. Eugine sees that Ho-Oh is still on its way and Crystal realizes that Suicune was attempting to meet Ho-Oh at the Tin Tower. Eusine then thanks Crystal for the two weeks they spent together and leaves on his Jumpluff to find Suicune. Crystal starts to cry because she realizes that Suicune was trying to meet Ho-Oh alone, that it tried to stop her from interfering via the Crystal Wall, and that she had hindered Suicune's mission. What Crystal and Eugine both fail to realize is that since the Crystal Wall is still active, it also means Suicune is still close by. Suicune senses Crystal's emotions and they both have a second of connection. She then picks herself up and attempts to catch a Psyduck which raises her spirits.

Elsewhere, the Masked Man questions Sham* and Carl* about the status of their plot to capture Suicune. They explain that their Clear Bell has been stolen and that the capture of Suicune has been unsuccessful. The Masked Man, believing that Suicune will appear in front of the Gym Leaders, orders Sham and Carl to keep an eye on them.

Meanwhile, Crystal continues to fail in the capture of Psyduck.

Major events

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There is a small spacing error on Page 38 of the Chuang Yi translation. It states "Ho-Ohis angry" when it should be "Ho-Oh is angry."

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