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Old Sea Map

The Old Sea Map (Japanese: ふるびたかいず Old Sea Chart) is an event Key Item needed to access Faraway Island and subsequently catch Mew in Pokémon Emerald.

When the Old Sea Map is taken to the S.S. Tidal port in Lilycove City and the player interacts with the woman standing in front of the boat, the Faraway Island event will activate. Initially, the woman claims it's impossible to take the player to the area denoted on the chart, but Mr. Briney scolds her for turning the player away and volunteers to take the player to Faraway Island, even though it is a long way out of Hoenn.

After the boat ride, the player enters Faraway Island, a small island with a thick patch of forest. Deep within this forest, the player will notice Mew, who flees playfully. After a short game of hide and seek, the player is able to pin Mew in a corner and engage it in battle.

The Old Sea Map was only released officially in Japan and was distributed in 2005 during the Pokémon Festa event. Like the GS Ball, this event item never reached international players without the use of cheating.

Flavor text

Games Description
E A faded sea chart that shows the way to a certain island.

In the manga

Old Sea Map in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

The Old Sea Map was discovered in the Trainer Tower by Ultima in Bested by Banette. She had been looking for it in order to help her old friend, Mr. Briney, find a way to the Faraway Island. When Ultima called Briney about her find, however, she was shocked to learn that the old sailor had managed to find the island without the map.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 古航海圖 / 古航海图 Gǔ Hánghǎitú
陈旧航海图 Chénjiù Hánghǎitú *
France Flag.png French Vieille Carte
Germany Flag.png German Alte Karte
Italy Flag.png Italian Mappa Stinta
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mapa Viejo
Vietnam Flag.png Vietnamese Tấm hải đồ cũ

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