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Moose (right) holding the bouquet of Gracideas

Moose (Japanese: ムース Moose) is one of the characters from the movie Giratina and the Sky Warrior. He is the husband of Layla.

Moose was accompanying his wife to deliver a bouquet of Gracideas to his wife's great-grandmother for her hundredth birthday. On a train they met up with Ash, Brock, Dawn, Shaymin, Ogin, Shun, Taka and Kako. He told them that he used to hike a lot and witnessed Shaymin's flower bearing once before. Shortly after, he watched Shaymin transform into its Sky Forme. Following this, the train was attacked by Zero's Magnemite, Magneton and Magnezone, but Ash, Dawn and Shaymin were able to drive them off. He later said his goodbyes to Ash, his friends and Shaymin as they set off on a ferry to the flower garden of Gracidea, but met up with them again some time later, when Ash and his friends visited Layla's great-grandmother's birthday party.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese レッド吉田 Red Yoshida
English Tom Wayland
Czech Vojtěch Hájek
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Mikołaj Klimek
Brazilian Portuguese Gabriel Noya
European Spanish Juan Antonio García Sainz de la Maza

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