Mold Breaker (Ability)

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Mold Breaker かたやぶり
Flavor text
Generation IV
Moves can be used regardless of abilities.
Generation V
Moves can be used regardless of Abilities.
Generation VI
Moves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities.

Mold Breaker (Japanese: かたやぶり Mold-Breaking) is an Ability introduced in Generation IV. Seventeen Pokémon can have this Ability.


In battle

Mold Breaker ignores the effects of Abilities that could potentially affect the damage or effects of a move that its user executes. For example, a Pokémon with Mold Breaker can hit opponents that possess Levitate by using Earthquake. Mold Breaker applies regardless of target Pokémon, but only to moves executed by its user (so if two Pokémon in a Double Battle both know Earthquake, only the Pokémon with Mold Breaker can hit a Pokémon with Levitate).

Unlike Gastro Acid, which completely negates a target's Ability, the opponents' Abilities otherwise remain in effect:

  • Abilities that prevent status conditions (such as Immunity and Oblivious) will not protect the Pokémon from receiving the status condition; however, many of these Abilities also have effects to cure the Pokémon of the status condition if afflicted, which are not negated by Mold Breaker.
  • Abilities that draw attacks to the user, such as Lightning Rod and Storm Drain, will still divert attacks regardless of Mold Breaker, but will not nullify the damage or boost the Pokémon's stats.

Mold Breaker can ignore the Abilities of Pokémon other than the target; for example, if a Pokémon with Mold Breaker uses Thunder Wave on a Grass-type Pokémon whose ally has Flower Veil, the target will still be paralyzed.

In Generation IV, when a Pokémon with Mold Breaker is brought out, the message "<name> has Mold Breaker!" is displayed. In Generation V onward, when a Pokémon with Mold Breaker is brought out, the message "<name> breaks the mold!" is displayed.

Generation V onward

If a Pokémon with Mold Breaker forces a Pokémon to switch in with a move like Roar or Dragon Tail, immunities to entry hazards due to Abilities will be negated (except Magic Guard). If forced to switch in this way:

In Generation VI, a Pokémon with Overcoat will be affected by powder and spore moves as well.

Abilities affected

Mold Breaker ignores the following Abilities, even in situations where the Ability could increase the power of a move (such as using Low Kick on a Pokémon with Heavy Metal or using a Fire-type move on a Pokémon with Dry Skin):

Generation Ability
Generation IV onwards Battle Armor, Clear Body, Damp, Dry Skin, Filter, Flash Fire, Flower Gift, Heatproof, Hyper Cutter, Immunity, Inner Focus, Insomnia, Keen Eye, Leaf Guard, Levitate, Lightning Rod, Limber, Magma Armor, Marvel Scale, Motor Drive, Oblivious, Own Tempo, Sand Veil, Shell Armor, Shield Dust, Simple, Snow Cloak, Solid Rock, Soundproof, Sticky Hold, Storm Drain, Sturdy, Suction Cups, Tangled Feet, Thick Fat, Unaware, Vital Spirit, Volt Absorb, Water Absorb, Water Veil, White Smoke, Wonder Guard
Generation V onwards Big Pecks, Contrary, Friend Guard, Heavy Metal, Light Metal, Magic Bounce, Multiscale, Sap Sipper, Telepathy, Wonder Skin
Generation VI Aroma Veil, Bulletproof, Flower Veil, Fur Coat, Overcoat, Sweet Veil

Mold Breaker does not ignore the effects of Aura Break.

Outside of battle

Mold Breaker has no effect outside of battle.

Pokémon with Mold Breaker

# Pokémon Types First Ability Second Ability Hidden Ability
Pinsir Pinsir Bug Bug Hyper Cutter Mold Breaker Moxie
Gyarados Gyarados
Mega Gyarados
Water Dark Mold Breaker None None
Ampharos Ampharos
Mega Ampharos
Electric Dragon Mold Breaker None None
Cranidos Cranidos Rock Rock Mold Breaker None Sheer Force
Rampardos Rampardos Rock Rock Mold Breaker None Sheer Force
Drilbur Drilbur Ground Ground Sand Rush Sand Force Mold Breaker
Excadrill Excadrill Ground Steel Sand Rush Sand Force Mold Breaker
Throh Throh Fighting Fighting Guts Inner Focus Mold Breaker
Sawk Sawk Fighting Fighting Sturdy Inner Focus Mold Breaker
Basculin Basculin
Red-Striped Form
Water Water Reckless Adaptability Mold Breaker
Basculin Basculin
Blue-Striped Form
Water Water Rock Head Adaptability Mold Breaker
Axew Axew Dragon Dragon Rivalry Mold Breaker Unnerve
Fraxure Fraxure Dragon Dragon Rivalry Mold Breaker Unnerve
Haxorus Haxorus Dragon Dragon Rivalry Mold Breaker Unnerve
Druddigon Druddigon Dragon Dragon Rough Skin Sheer Force Mold Breaker
Pancham Pancham Fighting Fighting Iron Fist Mold Breaker Scrappy
Pangoro Pangoro Fighting Dark Iron Fist Mold Breaker Scrappy
Hawlucha Hawlucha Fighting Flying Unburden Limber Mold Breaker
Please note that this is only 100% accurate to Generation VI games.
  • For Generation III games, ignore Abilities introduced in Generation IV and Hidden Abilities.
  • For Generation IV games, ignore Hidden Abilities.
  • For Generation V games, ignore Abilities introduced in Generation VI.

In the anime

None.png Roark Cranidos Mold Breaker.png Roark Rampardos Mold Breaker.png None.png
Cranidos Rampardos
The user cancels out the opponent's Ability when it activates.
Pokémon Method
User First Used In Notes
408 Cranidos When the opponent's Ability activates, Cranidos cancels it out.
Roark's Cranidos Shapes of Things to Come! Debut
409 Rampardos When the opponent's Ability activates, Rampardos cancels it out.
Roark's Rampardos O'er the Rampardos we Watched! None

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga


In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 革新 Géxīn
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Schimmelbreker
France Flag.png French Brise Moule
Germany Flag.png German Überbrückung
Italy Flag.png Italian Rompiforma
South Korea Flag.png Korean 틀깨기 Teulkkaegi
Poland Flag.png Polish Niszczyciel
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Quebra Molde
Spain Flag.png Spanish Rompemoldes

Variations of the Ability Mold Breaker
Mold BreakerTurboblazeTeravolt

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