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Mighty Beanz Pokémon: Advanced are a set of Mighty Beanz which were produced by Moose in 2005. They are regular Mighty Beanz, but feature Pokémon and anime characters on them. They came in packs of two and five and were recommended for people ages five and up.[1]

List of beans[2]

The 2-pack
The 5-pack
  1. Pikachu
  2. Pichu
  3. Raichu
  4. Igglybuff
  5. Jigglypuff
  6. Wigglytuff
  7. Azurill
  8. Marill
  9. Azumarill
  10. Geodude
  11. Graveler
  12. Golem
  13. Mudkip
  14. Marshtomp
  15. Swampert
  16. Torchic
  17. Combusken
  18. Blaziken
  19. Treecko
  20. Grovyle
  21. Sceptile
  22. Shuppet
  23. Banette
  24. Psyduck
  25. Golduck
  26. Wynaut
  27. Wobbuffet
  28. Duskull
  29. Dusclops
  30. Poochyena
  31. Mightyena
  32. Ash
  33. Brock
  34. Jessie
  35. James
  36. Cacnea
  37. Groudon
  38. Kyogre
  39. Donphan
  40. Phanpy
  41. Ninjask
  42. Sableye
  43. Baltoy
  44. Beautifly
  45. Corphish
  46. Crawdaunt
  47. Electrike
  48. Makuhita
  49. Hariyama
  50. Claydol
  51. Nosepass
  52. Absol
  53. Seviper
  54. Zigzagoon
  55. Shiftry
  56. Nuzleaf
  57. Latios
  58. Latias


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