For the Gym Leader whose name is "Melissa" in Japanese, see Fantina.


Melissa (Japanese: ヨシキ Yoshiki, a male in the Japanese version) is a character of the day from the Pokémon anime.

She appeared in The Fourth Round Rumble, where she battled Gary Oak in the fourth round of the Indigo Plateau Conference. She was shown to be a very powerful Trainer, defeating Gary's Nidoking and sending the Pallet Town native home.


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Melissa's Golem
Melissa used her Golem as her final Pokémon in her battle against Gary. Gary told his Nidoking to use Horn Attack, but the Megaton Pokémon stopped the attack by grabbing Nidoking's horn. Golem then used Seismic Toss on Nidoking, defeating it and winning the match for Melissa.

Golem's only known move is Seismic Toss.

Debut The Fourth Round Rumble
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart

She also has at least two other Pokémon, as she faced Gary in a 3-on-3 battle.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Shin'ichirō Miki
English Tara Jayne
Finnish Jenni Sivonen
Norwegian Katrine Blomstrand
Polish Anna Dąbkowska

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