List of glitches in Generation IV

BoEANSprite.png This glitch is in need of research.
Reason: How do battle-specific glitches work in Link Battles considering different language versions where the glitches are fixed and different games altogether (e.g.: Acid rain glitch in a Link Battle with DP)?
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This is a list of glitches that occur in the Generation IV Pokémon games.

Diamond and Pearl

Barry Underground glitch

If the player goes underground while Barry is not present at the Fight Area on the spot where he would appear, then comes up on the weekend, the player will be on top of Barry.

By Wooggle
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Broken escalator oversight

This is one of two glitches in the games to be officially acknowledged by Nintendo,[1] with the other being the surf glitch. In early copies of the Japanese versions, after entering the Union Room on the second floor of the Pokémon League building, which shares the layout with the second floor of any regular Pokémon Center, the player will end up in a wall and not be able to return.

In the case the player has not saved the game while trapped, it is possible to work around the bug:[2]

  1. Reboot the game to load the previous save file.
  2. Go to the Super Contest Hall in Hearthome City.
  3. Speak to the leftmost attendant (there is no need to actually participate in a Super Contest).
  4. Save the game and restart.

Just like the surf glitch, in case the player saves the game after exploiting this bug, the effect can be corrected with a patch released by Nintendo, which allows the player to resume the game in front of their house in Twinleaf Town.

Dress-up Hiker glitch

When talking to the Hiker at Jubilife TV who allows Pokémon to be dressed up, if a button on the D-pad is pressed so that the player is facing away from the Hiker just before the screen to select which Pokémon will be dressed up opens, the player will not walk on the set path; this can lead to walking through walls or the Hiker, or canceling the action altogether.

By Wooggle
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Egg determination glitch

This glitch requires a Pokémon and an Egg in the same spot of adjacent boxes on the Pokémon Storage System. By having the cursor on the Pokémon in one box, pressing the L or R buttons to switch boxes as the display is rolling over to the next piece of data will allow the player to see the held item (always none), Nature, Ability, or type of the Pokémon inside an Egg.

By Wooggle
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GTS cloning

This cloning method is reminiscent of the methods from the first two generations and involves the GTS.

If the Pokémon is deposited in the GTS and the connection is interrupted at the right time, the Pokémon in question would be in the player's party or Pokémon Storage System box and in the GTS, requiring the player only to withdraw the Pokémon from the GTS to obtain the clone.

Mimic glitch

Main article: Mimic glitch

No Guard glitch

A Pokémon with No Guard can successfully hit an opponent's Pokémon that has used either Protect or Detect, but only if the attacker uses a move with less than 100% accuracy; the lower the initial accuracy of the move, the higher the chance of the move breaking through Protect or Detect. Thus, when used against Protect or Detect, moves like Swift and Aerial Ace will always be blocked. One-hit knockout moves are exempted from this behavior as they will always miss.

Poké Mart text glitch

This occurs whenever the player uses Sweet Scent or Honey in a Poké Mart. Talking to the clerk and selecting the "BUY" menu will yield blank text for the names or descriptions for any of the items in stock. Accessing the "SELL" menu will correct the glitch.

By Mickydu38
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Pursuit Choice glitch

In the Japanese versions, when a Pokémon holding a choice item uses Pursuit and the target Pokémon switches out, the Pokémon holding the item is allowed to change its move on the next turn.

Silent Route 214 glitch

If the player goes onto Spring Path off Route 214, the music changes. When viewing the details of a TM or HM in the Bag, if the Bag is closed and the player returns to Route 214, there will be no music. Sound effects such as collision sounds still occur and encountering a wild Pokémon will still play Battle! (Wild Pokémon) as expected. The same glitch can also be activated by changing the music using the bicycle.

Surf glitch

Main article: Surf glitch

Tower Tycoon event skipping

If the player achieves a 20 battle streak in the Battle Tower and battles Tower Tycoon Palmer by choosing the option "REST" and then the option "NO" instead of choosing the option "KEEP GOING", a normal Trainer will appear instead; with the same roster of the Tower Tycoon. This corrupted Trainer data also yields the unused dialogue "Now come! Show me, the Tower Tycoon, what you're really made of!" Defeating the Trainer will grant the player 1 BP instead of the normal 20 BP.

Transform held item glitch

In Japanese versions, if a Pokémon holding an item uses Transform and has its item stolen, as long as it does not faint before the end of the battle, both the transforming Pokémon and the thief will retain the item after the battle.

U-turn Choice glitch

If U-turn is used to change to a Pokémon holding a choice item that also knows the move U-turn, that Pokémon will be forced to use U-turn despite not having used a move.

By Wooggle
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Ace Trainer Deanna oversight

In the Japanese versions, it is possible to become engaged in non-stop consecutive battles with Ace Trainer Deanna on Route 225 until the player blacks out.

By pokemonplatinumbug
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Arena Trap glitch

If the player is in a wild Double Battle (which, at the time, was only possible when travelling with one of the Stat Trainers) and one of the wild Pokémon has or gains Arena Trap and then faints, the Ability still takes effect, preventing fleeing from the remaining Pokémon, displaying the message "The wild Bad Egg prevents escape with Arena Trap!"

Black Belt speech error

BoEANSprite.png This glitch is in need of research.
Reason: Is this exclusive to the English versions?
You can discuss this on the talk page.

Due to consecutive spaces, Black Belt Eddie in Sinnoh's Victory Road will say "Done in" with every letter on an alternating line.

By 2009TNT
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GTS level display oversight

In early releases of the American version, when seeking Pokémon on the GTS, the game will not display the level range of the wanted Pokémon. This can result in confusion as offers are blocked so even if a player has the right Pokémon to offer but it is not at the right level, it will not able to be selected.

This glitch is not present the original Japanese versions or in other localized releases, indicating that it was a minor error made in the development of the American version. Nintendo offered a patch for the problem by sending in an affected game.

Member Card name error

If the player receives the Member Card from the man in the Poké Mart that delivers event Pokémon or event items, the name will be displayed as "Member's Card" as opposed to "Member Card".

Route 227 Underground glitch

Going underground on Route 227 between Route 226 and the horizontal row with the first patch of tall grass, then coming back up will cause the player to be partly in the ground. Leaving this area causes the player to return to normal.

By Unknown2Anonymous
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Unusable Explorer Kit glitch

The Explorer Kit is not usable when the player stands two tiles to the right of the Bug Catcher at the western entrance of Eterna City. Instead the message "Rowan's words echoed... <Player>! There's a time and place for everything! But not now." will appear.

Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Cheryl overworld glitch

At the entrance of the Eterna Forest, sometimes a non-player character will walk on top of Cheryl.

By randomyoshi
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Disappearing PC Pokémon glitch

BoEANSprite.png This glitch is in need of research.
Reason: Need info on what causes it.
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Sometimes, Pokémon placed in the PC may disappear completely.[3][4]

HM05 Defog error

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Reason: image.
HM05 (Defog) appears as a Water-type HM rather than a Flying-type one.

Marley Glitch

A glitch can occasionally cause Marley to permanently appear in all battles, The player cannot Fly, Rock Climb, Surf or Waterfall in the overworld and Wild Pokémon battles are encountered in double battles.

Pal Park manipulation

Main article: Pal Park#Manipulation

This allows the player to migrate any number of Pokémon via Pal Park by overcoming the "six Pokémon per 24 hours" restriction.

Underground item duplication glitch

This glitch occurs in the Underground and makes it possible to "clone" a Goods item between two players. There is a chance of losing the item if both players do not follow directions properly.

To clone a goods item, one player must always give the item, and the other must always receive. This cloning glitch can be repeated indefinitely. To clone, one player must give the other an item. The player who gave the item turns the game off without saving, but the receiver should save the game. If the cloning was successful, both players should have the item. However, there is a chance that the cloning will not work and the item will be lost.

Another variation on this glitch can be used to "clone" traps. By having one player place a trap(s) and having the other player pick up the traps and saving, if the first player resets his game without saving both players will have the trap(s).

HeartGold and SoulSilver

Ace Trainer Kate oversight

There is a slight glitch with Ace Trainer Kate on Route 34. She will only battle the player if he or she walks straight down the path. If the player walks to either side of her, she will apologize as she would after the player has defeated her. If the player walks down the path towards her after talking to her on the side she will somehow see them while facing the wrong way and then battle. If the player talks to her at the side, then goes directly above her, talks to her again from above and goes up, she will see the player while they are moving up, walk up, and end up on the same tile as the player's walking Pokémon.

Additional Boulder error

In the Japanese versions, a boulder in the Slowpoke Well can be pushed over a ledge into the water. The boulder will act as if it was on dry land. It was removed in the localizations.

By Zowayixx
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Buena's Password glitch

BoEANSprite.png This glitch is in need of research.
Reason: This glitch is not fully confirmed, may effect other events that change daily and needs further testing.
You can discuss this on the talk page.

If the player saves the game as soon as they have stepped through a doorway or stairway and their first Pokémon has not appeared, then Buena will not give a new password the following day or any thereafter unless the player re-saves in a new location that allows the primary Pokémon to leave its Poké Ball.

Floating walking Pokémon glitch

The player must have a Pokémon following them around and it must be poisoned. If the Pokémon walks off a ledge at the same time as it survives the poisoning, then the Pokémon will end up levitating in the air as if it is still jumping off of a ledge. The Pokémon will continue to levitate in the air until the player chooses to jump off another ledge, go into a building, get on the bicycle, or use either Surf or Fly. If the player switches walking Pokémon, the Pokémon will still be seen floating until the player exits the party menu.

By tayover18
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GB Sounds muting glitch

If the player turns on the GB Sounds while surfing on Route 20, then turns the GB Sounds off while still surfing in the water of either Cinnabar Island or Route 20, the music will be muted until it is changed.

This glitch will not work if the player encounters a wild Pokémon while the GB Sounds is active.

By TeamFail95
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Haircut brothers glitch

If the player tries to get another haircut on the same day from the Haircut brothers by changing the clock of the handheld, exiting the Goldenrod Tunnel, and entering it again will cause the other brother to be present but he will treat the player as if their Pokémon have already been given a haircut. Once the day properly changes, the other brother will be present but not give the player's Pokémon a haircut, acting like the player has already gotten one.

Indigo Plateau guard glitch

If the player attempts to enter the GS Cup in the Indigo Plateau Wireless Club and checks the list of special Pokémon, the guard blocking the entrance to Will's room will not move until the player reenters the building.

Invisible grass oversight

Three tiles on Route 44 and four tiles in the Swamp area of the Safari Zone appear to be empty but when the player or the walking Pokémon is standing on the tiles, tall grass will appear underfoot. This grass appears between the top of the grass and the water on Route 44, and between the rightmost lake and the grass in the Safari Zone. Wild Pokémon may be encountered in this grass and Safari Zone objects may not be placed on it.

Pokéwalker data cloning

BoEANSprite.png This glitch is in need of research.
Reason: If the cloned Pokémon is traded out to another game, or leveled up in the Pokéwalker, does the game accept?
You can discuss this on the talk page.

When a Pokémon is successfully transferred to the Pokéwalker but the game is turned off before saving, the Pokémon would appear in both the Pokéwalker and the Pokémon Storage System box it was in prior to the transfer. However, attempting to bring the Pokémon in the Pokéwalker back into the game would cause it to be released into the wild, even if the original Pokémon data had already been deleted or moved, such as being traded or released. This is because the data of the Pokémon that was transferred was not saved onto the game, thus the game will not recognize the Pokémon that is on the Pokéwalker, therefore it releases it. The game only recognizes Pokémon caught from the Pokéwalker and the Pokémon's data that is stored in the game after the transfer. This is to prevent external or third-party devices from transferring Pokémon data onto the game.

Walking Pokémon position glitch

If the menu is opened while the walking Pokémon jumps off a ledge and the player checks the status screen of any Pokémon in the party, the Pokémon will get a little bit higher up, so viewing the stats of a Pokémon continuously will result in the Pokémon going off-screen.

Waterfall glitch

If, before going down on a Waterfall, left or right is pressed on the D pad just before down is also pressed, the player will descend the Waterfall facing left or right instead of down.

Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver

Acid rain glitch

Main article: Acid rain

Graphics corruption

Standing in certain places of areas such as the Great Marsh, Ribbon Syndicate, or the Fight Area in Pokémon Platinum, or Route 31 in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver may cause the foliage or walls to bend and merge into other graphics near them.

Wi-Fi Plaza glitch

If the player goes to the Wi-Fi Plaza, runs in the direction of another player, and reaches him or her about a second before he or she warps out, the two players will merge into each other until the second one warps out.

In all core series games

Corrupted save file cloning

Occasionally, when the save file gets corrupted, the Pokémon data is kept. When this happens, the game can still be saved, but the save file will be unable to be loaded. With the assistance of another handheld and another game, the Pokémon can be traded from the game with the corrupted save file. After the trade is completed, if the game is rebooted, the Pokémon traded from the corrupted save file will be in both games but the other traded Pokémon will be lost.

Facade glitch

Every time Facade's animation is shown, the user's sprite moves up by one pixel. Continuous use can result in creating a gap between the bottom of the sprite and the bottom of the screen.

By Wooggle
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Fire Fang glitch

Fire Fang is able to hit through Wonder Guard, even if the target does not have a weakness to Fire-type moves. This does not apply to Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, or any other Fire-type moves. Presumably the glitch went unnoticed as the only Pokémon that naturally has Wonder Guard, Shedinja, is weak to Fire-type moves anyway.

GTS morphing glitch

An example of the morphing glitch. This is not a Torterra, but a Mew morphed into one and nicknamed "TORTERRA"

There have been somewhat numerous reports of a glitch that happened in the GTS that causes a player's offered Pokémon to become "morphed". The Pokémon's sprite will change into that of a different Pokémon and the gender might be swapped as well. The game will also say it is the same species it used to be (e.g.: a morphed Heatran would still be recognized as such) and it will be holding a Seal Bag, an unused item. There is no confirmed way to reproduce this glitch; however in many of the reports, people have claimed that the glitch happened right after the GTS came up with no searches for any of the Pokémon but did not send out a Communication Error. After it stops blocking all access to other Pokémon, it is believed that is when the glitch is most likely to happen. Trying to withdraw the glitch Pokémon may result in a Communication Error but when the game lets a player withdraw the Pokémon, it returns to normal.

A similar glitch occurred where the Pokémon in the GTS is morphed into the wanted Pokémon (as shown in the photo). Instead of its name being the same as before, its name is now that of the wanted Pokémon, but still the same species as the Pokémon originally offered. There's also the possibility of the morphed Pokémon holding a Seal Bag. Most of the time, trying to trade for it will either cause a Communication Error or say that the Pokémon has been traded. In addition, sometimes these glitched Pokémon will be the only that appear when searching for Pokémon of a certain level.

GTS trade evolution oversight

There is a glitch in the GTS that allows Pokémon to evolve by being traded, but without actually trading them.

Players must first place a Pokémon that evolves by trading it (with the correct held item, like Metal Coat for Scyther or Electirizer for Electabuzz) onto the GTS. To prevent the deposited Pokémon from being traded away, players should request an impossible trade, such as a level 9 and under Mewtwo. The player must then search for a Pokémon on the GTS and trade for it. After this has been done, returning to the Pokémon that was placed on the GTS by the player and taking it back will cause it to evolve.

The risk of not being able to reacquire a Pokémon while trying to evolve it through trade evolution over the GTS is very great and this could have been a planned countermeasure. The requirement (a trade) must still be met in order for the Pokémon to evolve, but this system would prevent a player from potentially losing the Pokémon they wanted to evolve.

GTS vanishing glitch

There have also been instances of a "vanishing" glitch on the GTS. After uploading a Pokémon to the server and checking its summary without changing the Pokémon, the "SUMMARY" button is sometimes replaced with "DEPOSIT", suggesting that the Pokémon has been traded. Selecting "DEPOSIT" will cause a Communication Error, and the player will return to the front desk. Logging on to the server again will cause the Pokémon to reappear, with no noticeable changes.

Kadabra Everstone glitch

If a Kadabra is traded while holding an Everstone, it will still evolve into Alakazam.

Pal Park name encoding glitch

BoEANSprite.png This glitch is in need of research.
Reason: Need to see if this still works in HG/SS, and to find out if every language version is affected by this glitch; which kana each character becomes (or if it is truly random)
You can discuss this on the talk page.

In Western versions of the games, if a Pokémon has a non-English or non-Japanese character (for example, á, é, í, ó, ú, etc.) in either its nickname or original Trainer name and it is sent through Pal Park, those characters will be converted into random kana.

In most circumstances, this is not a problem, since in Western versions of the games prior to Generation IV such as the Spanish version, when naming the player or nicknaming a Pokémon, the character set is restricted to English characters. However, there are a few in-game trades where non-English characters appear in either the original Trainer name or nickname, and a few preset Trainer names also contain non-English characters. For example, in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, there is a Trainer in Cinnabar Island who offers a Seel for a Ponyta, and in Spanish versions, the Seel given to the player is nicknamed SEELÍN. When this Pokémon is transferred through Pal Park, the Í is converted into kana コ, changing the nickname to SEELコN.

Pomeg glitch

Main article: Pomeg glitch

Rage glitch

Main article: Rage glitch

Trade cloning

If a player is trading Pokémon and one of the handhelds is turned off at a certain time, the Pokémon that was traded to the game that was not turned off will appear in both player's parties. However, this glitch is very difficult to perform and quite commonly corrupts the save file.


Main article: Tweaking

Battle Revolution

Arceus glitch

BoEANSprite.png This glitch is in need of research.
Reason: Substitute breaking
You can discuss this on the talk page.

If the player uses Baton Pass to pass a Substitute on to an Arceus holding a Plate, it will appear invisible after coming out. If the same Arceus then uses an attack which does not deal damage, the game will freeze after the animation has finished.

By paintkiller93
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Collisional errors

Occasionally, when a Pokémon uses a certain move on another Pokémon, part of its modeling will go straight through the other Pokémon. For example, when an Electivire uses Cross Chop on a Metang, part of its head will go through Metang.

Life Orb glitch

BoEANSprite.png This glitch is in need of research.
Reason: Other move animations, if any. Are there such animations which apply to moves which deal self-inflicted damage?
You can discuss this on the talk page.

The animation for Heat Wave activates after the Life Orb recoil rather than before it. This means that if a Pokémon used Heat Wave with at most 10% of its HP left, it would faint and the Heat Wave animation would seemingly come out of nowhere.

By ShionHibikiIsHugable
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Mystery Gift exploit

Although only one Mystery Gift is intended to be received by the player through its 300 seconds of transmission, there is nothing to stop a player with another handheld and a different game cartridge from receiving the same gift. For example, when purchasing a Salac Berry for 19,200 Poké Coupons and receiving it on one game cartridge, another player with a different handheld and game can quickly receive a copy of the same Salac Berry for free, provided that the 300-second period haven't expired.


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