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Kinso (Japanese: キンゾー Kinzō) is a character of the day in Pokémon Chronicles. He is an artisan who lives in Rifure Village and makes Gym Badges.

Kinso appeared in The Blue Badge of Courage. When Misty, Tracey, and Sakura came to his cabin to get new Cascade Badges, they found him with an injured ankle. After administering first aid, they had to get some exercise, make the Badges and participate in a Pokémon battle to earn the Gym Badges. After Misty's Psyduck messed everything up due to its inability to swim, Kinso refused to give them the Gym Badges. Upon noticing two boys with a Zigzagoon and Poochyena stealing the Badges he worked on, including the Badges Misty, Tracey, and Sakura made, they helped Kinso get the Badges back. In the end, after witnessing Misty's Psyduck defeat the thieves' Pokémon, Kinso decided to give Misty the Badges.


Kinso's Feraligatr
Feraligatr was seen briefly when Kinso challenged Misty to a Pokémon battle. With the intent on using Corsola, Psyduck came out instead, but due to it being scared of Feraligatr, it fell down a hill into the water, making Kinso realize no respectable Gym Leader would have a Water-type Pokémon that couldn't swim, thus canceling the battle.

None of Feraligatr's moves are known.

Debut The Blue Badge of Courage

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 若本規夫 Norio Wakamoto
English Corey James
European Spanish Mario Martín

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