Hearthome Collection

The judges, Paris and Hermione, with Paris's Lopunny

The Hearthome Collection (Japanese: ヨスガコレクション Yosuga Collection) is a competition for Pokémon Stylists and their Pokémon, featured in Arriving in Style!. It takes place in Hearthome City's Contest Hall and is hosted by Enta. The two judges are Pokémon Stylists Paris and Hermione.


The competing Pokémon Stylists dress or style their Pokémon in a fashionably or unique way. They must then perform an entertaining attack combination just like in Pokémon Contests.

The top three Stylists are awarded with three awards. The first one for the overall winner, the second one for the best costume, and the last one is for originality.

Known participants

Buneary Hearthome Collection.png
Dawn's Buneary ♀
Hearthome Collection Cocoa Mismagius.png
Cocoa's Mismagius
Accessory Award
Hearthome Collection Pikachu.png
Ash's Pikachu ♂
Unique Award
Hearthome Collection Wobbuffet.png
Jessie's Wobbuffet ♂
Hearthome Collection Bellosom.png
Hearthome Collection Magikarp.png
Hearthome Collection Chikorita.png
Hearthome Collection Toxicroak.png
Hearthome Collection Roselia.png
Hearthome Collection Arcanine.png


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Grand défilé d'Unionpolis
Germany Flag.png German Herzhofen-Kollektion
Italy Flag.png Italian Collezione Cuoripoli
Poland Flag.png Polish Pokazach Mody
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Coleção Hearthome
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Colección Corazonada
Spain Flag.png Spain Pasarela Corazón

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