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The Go-Goggles (Japanese: ゴーゴーゴーグル Go Go Goggle) are a Key Item in the Hoenn-based Generation III and Generation VI games that allow Pokémon Trainers to pass through Route 111's harsh sandstorm. Without them, when the player tries to enter the desert, a message will pop up and say, "The sandstorm is too harsh!" and they will be turned away. Traveling through the route is necessary in order to obtain a Root or Claw Fossil from the northeast part of desertRSORAS/Mirage TowerE, which can be revived into Lileep or Anorith, respectively, in Rustboro City.


After getting the Heat Badge by defeating Flannery in Lavaridge Town, May or Brendan will appear and hand the item to the player, then ride off on their bicycleRSE or offer to travel with them to Petalburg CityORAS.

Flavor text

Games Description
RSE Nifty goggles that protect eyes from desert sandstorms.
FRLG* A pair of protective goggles. They enable a Trainer to travel through even desert sandstorms.
Nifty goggles to protect eyes from desert sandstorms.


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Lunettes Sable (VI)
Lunet. Sable (III)
Germany Flag.png German Wüstenglas
Italy Flag.png Italian Occhialoni
South Korea Flag.png Korean 고고고글 Go-Go Goggle
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gafas Aislantes

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