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An Egg Move[1] (Japanese: タマゴわざ Egg Move) is a special move that a Pokémon is able to inherit through breeding from only one parent. Egg Moves often (but not always) cannot be learned through other ways.

Egg Moves are one of several ways of inheriting moves from parents. Prior to Generation VI, a bred Pokémon will inherit any TM/HM moves its father knows that it can learn. In Pokémon Crystal, a bred Pokémon will inherit any Move Tutor moves its father knows that it can learn. Additionally, if both parents know a move that the bred Pokémon can learn via level-up, it will inherit that move. From Pokémon Emerald onward, a bred Pichu will know Volt Tackle if either of its parents are holding a Light Ball. However, inheriting moves in these ways is distinct from inheriting moves as Egg Moves.



If either parent (male Pokémon only prior to Generation VI) knows a move that is an Egg Move for the child's species, that child will be born knowing the move.

For example, if a male Dragonite that knows Outrage is bred with a female Charizard that knows Flare Blitz, the resulting Charmander will know Outrage and Flare Blitz (or only Outrage, pre-Generation VI).

Parents 149Dragonite.png
Moves Outrage Flare Blitz
Thunder Wave Shadow Claw
Surf Dragon Claw
Ice Beam Fly
Offspring 004Charmander.png
Moves Scratch
Flare Blitz*

Obtaining Pokémon with Egg Moves

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In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, it is also possible to encounter Hidden Pokémon that already know a random Egg Move as their first move. A few special Hidden Pokémon even appear on Route 102 in fixed areas, and these particular Pokémon always have a particular Egg Move for their first move.

Relearning Egg Moves

In Generation VI, if a Pokémon has a move it learned as an Egg Move in Generation VI and forgets it, it can be taught to the Pokémon again at the Move Reminder. Forgotten Egg Moves will be listed at the top of the list of moves that can be relearned, above the Pokémon's forgotten level-up moves.


Mutually-exclusive Egg Moves

Prior to Generation VI, Egg Moves can only be inherited from the father Pokémon during breeding, making certain combinations of moves impossible to possess. Starting in Generation VI, this is no longer an issue, due to both parents being able to pass down Egg Moves at the same time.

For example, Tentacool can learn both Rapid Spin and Mirror Coat as Egg Moves, but no Pokémon in the Water 3 Egg Group can possess both moves at the same time in any game prior to Generation VI, so it is impossible for Tentacool to inherit both moves together. However, starting in Generation VI, both parents are able to pass down Egg Moves at the same time, making it possible for a Tentacool to inherit these moves if each of its parents knows one of the moves.

Chain breeding

Main article: Chain breeding

In some cases, a Pokémon species has an Egg Move, but other Pokémon in its Egg Group can also only learn that move as an Egg Move. In such cases, the move must be bred through a series of intermediate Pokémon that are in multiple Egg Groups. This process is referred to by fans as chain breeding.

For example, Spinda can learn Wish as an Egg Move and is in the Field and Human-Like Egg Groups, but the other Pokémon in those Egg Groups can only learn Wish as an Egg Move. To solve this, a Pokémon like Skitty could learn the move as an Egg Move from Togetic, then breed it onto a Spinda.

In other languages

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France Flag.png French Capacités Œuf
Germany Flag.png German Ei-Attacke
Italy Flag.png Italian Mosse Uovo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Movimientos de Huevo

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