Concealed Ruins

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Concealed Ruins かくされたいせき
Concealed Ruins
Basic info
Floors: 30
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: {{{monsterhouses}}}
Main type: Normal
Boss: None
Recruiting: Yes
Items: 48
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Concealed Ruins (Japanese: かくされたいせき Concealed Ruins) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness. It is unlocked after defeating Regigigas in Aegis Cave. When the player exits Aegis Cave with Team Charm a new entrance to the treasure opens, Concealed Ruins. It consists of 30 floors.

Raikou can be found on B20F, but the player needs to have the Mystery Part or Secret Slab in the bag. There is a locked door at F29 with a box in it containing either Rock Sash, Steel Sash, Ice Sash, or Ancient Ring. At the end of the dungeon, there are six Deluxe Boxes and a Warp Tile leading out of the dungeon.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
016 Pidgey B1F-B10F 42-44 8.2%
100 Voltorb B1F-B15F 23-24 6.4%
261 Poochyena B1F-B15F 15,16 8.2%
276 Taillow B1F-B15F 17 6.4%
294 Loudred B1F-B15F 42-43 -10%
031 Nidoqueen B1F-B29F 45 -12%
110 Weezing B1F-B29F 47 -12%
197 Umbreon B1F-B29F 45 -12%
198 Murkrow B1F-B29F 23 6.4%
301 Delcatty B8F-B15F 47,48 -12%
017 Pidgeotto B11F-B20F 39-41 -4.5%
353 Shuppet B16F-B19F 45  ?%
101 Electrode B16F-B29F 45,47 -4.5%
262 Mightyena B16F-B29F 48,49 -4.5%
277 Swellow B16F-B29F 45,46,48  ??%
295 Exploud B16F-B29F 45,46,48  ??%
243 Raikou B20F TD 46 5% *
018 Pidgeot B21F-B29F 46,48 -10%


  • Within the game's code is a location called Deep Concealed Ruins, implying the location was initially meant to be split in two parts. However, the game loads data of the Test Dungeon instead.

In other language

Language Title
France Flag.png French Ruines Cachées
Germany Flag.png German Verborgene Ruinen
Italy Flag.png Italian Rovine Nascoste
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ruinas Camufladas

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