Battleground しょうぶどころ
Match Place
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
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Location: Survival Area
Region: Sinnoh
Generations: IV
Sinnoh Survival Area Map.png
Location of Battleground in Sinnoh.
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The Battleground (Japanese: しょうぶどころ Match Place) is a building owned by Buck that is located in the Survival Area of the Battle Zone, and only available in Pokémon Platinum. After the Stark Mountain subquest with Team Galactic, players can battle Gym Leaders and Tag Battle partners from earlier in the game. Up to four of these Trainers appear each day and they can be battled only once a day. Resetting before entering the Battleground will change the Trainers who are inside.

According to Buck's grandfather, only Gym Leaders and those vouched for by them are allowed here. If the player attempts to enter before completing the Stark Mountain subquest, interacting with the door will produce the message: The door is shut tight. "Members only" is printed on it.


Gym Leaders

Stat Trainers

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

The Battleground appeared in Leaping Past Lopunny. Inside, Mira was battling Cheryl while Marley was battling Buck. Buck interrupted his battle once he sensed Looker spying on them.


  • Two groups of Trainers can be battled on one day by saving inside the Battleground the day before. The player can battle the Trainers, walk out, and walk back in to find that the Trainers have changed.
    • If some of the Trainers have not changed, those Trainers will not be able to be rebattled.
  • During the time Gym Leaders appear here, they can still be found in their respective Gyms and possibly also the Villa. This is probably due to the Battleground not being part of the main storyline; the game randomly determines which four characters can be challenged on any particular day.
  • Candice is the only Trainer to use Generation IV Pokémon only (including cross-gen evolutions).
  • Maylene, Crasher Wake, and Marley are the only Trainers to use Pokémon from all four then-released generations.
  • All of the Trainers in the Battleground have Pokémon between levels 61 and 65, except for Maylene, whose Pokémon are between levels 62 and 66.
    • Maylene is also the only Trainer without any Pokémon holding an item.
    • Maylene is thus the only Trainer in the Battleground whose party does not consist of two level 61 Pokémon, one level 62 Pokémon, one level 63 Pokémon, and one level 65 Pokémon, instead consisting of two level 62 Pokémon, one level 63 Pokémon, one level 64 Pokémon, and one level 66 Pokémon.
    • As a result, Maylene also offers more prize money than any other Trainer in the Battleground: when the player defeats the other Trainers, he/she receives PokémonDollar.png7800; however, beating Maylene earns the player PokémonDollar.png7920.
  • When both Roark and Byron appear at the same time, their after-battle dialog changes from what it normally would be; Roark tells the player that when he became a Gym Leader, he realized how great a Trainer his dad is, but that he would never admit it in front of his father. Byron talks to himself about how Roark thinks he can "show up his old man", and that he, Byron, will need to get better to prevent that from happening.
  • A small graphical glitch occurs with the counter and TV on the right side of the room. When the player (or even an NPC) is next to either object, it can cause the colors to "jump" out of line.
  • Candice and Mira are the only trainers to not use any Pokémon foreign to Sinnoh.
  • All of the Pokémon Cheryl uses give out HP EVs only.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 對決場 Duìjué Chǎng
France Flag.png French Café Combat
Germany Flag.png German Duellareal
Italy Flag.png Italian Casa Lotta
Spain Flag.png Spanish Café Revancha

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