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Battle Mode (Colosseum)

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In Pokémon Colosseum's Battle Now mode, the player may participate in quick battles that draw from a small set of predefined teams and opponents. The battles are set in Phenac Colosseum and the player can choose from four different battle difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard, or Ultimate, and two battle types, Single or Double. For each difficulty level and each battle type there are eight possible opponents. When the player chooses to play, they are offered a team that corresponds to the team of one of these opponents, and if they accept that team, their opponent will be chosen from one of the remaining opponents.

Single Battles

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Double Battles


Rich Boy Brot

Teacher Keeda

Athlete Pasha

Glasses Man Bayel

Rider Mayme

Cooltrainer Shadd

St.Performer Scherla

Bandana Guy Delav


Athlete Varian

Rider Wendo

Fun Old Lady Karden

Researcher Raburn

Cooltrainer Veron

Hunter Procio

Athlete Dilasi

Chaser Klame


Bodybuilder Bergin

Chaser Bano

Guy Votil

Glasses Man Lopar

Hunter Alene

Worker Ronix

Athlete Mazzel

Fun Old Lady Gohon


St.Performer Volivia