Arena Tycoon Greta

コゴミ Kogomi
Emerald Arena Tycoon Greta.png
Art from Emerald
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn*/Kanto*
Trainer class Arena Tycoon
(Frontier Brain)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Emerald
Brain of Battle Arena
Symbol Guts Symbol
Anime debut Wheel... of Frontier!
English voice actor Sonny Dey
Japanese voice actor Sanae Kobayashi

Arena Tycoon Greta (Japanese: アリーナキャプテン コゴミ Arena Captain Kogomi) is the Frontier Brain and leader of the Battle Frontier's Battle Arena. She is the only character in the games to have the Trainer class Arena Tycoon (Japanese: アリーナキャプテン Arena Captain).

In the games

Greta can be blunt, and if an opponent looks weak, she'll let them know. She likes tough Trainers and will gladly hand over the Guts Symbol if defeated.


Silver Symbol challenge

Gold Symbol challenge


Initial battle

  • Before battle
"Hey! Howdy! ...Wait, are you the challenger?"
"Is this right? Hmm... Hmhm..."
"I don't know how to say it, but... To put it bluntly, you look pretty weak. Are you sure you're up for me? Hmm... Well, all right! We'll take things easy to start with! Okay! Let's see you ignite my passion for battle!"
  • Being defeated
"No way! Good job!"
  • If the player is defeated
"Oh, come on! You have to try harder than that!
  • After being defeated
"Ow, wait a second! You are tough after all! I like you! Let's see your Frontier Pass."
"It's going to be fun the next time! I'm looking forward to it!"


  • Before battle
"Hey! Howdy! You finally won your way up to me! I was getting worried waiting for you! I was really looking forward to seeing you again!"
"... ... ... So, are you ready?"
"I won't allow a halfhearted effort! Be ready for a thrashing! Come on, referee! Let's get this started!"
  • Being defeated
"Huh? Are you serious?!"
  • If the player is defeated
"Heheh! What did you expect?"
  • After being defeated
"Gaaah! Blown away! Let's see your Frontier Pass!"
"Arrrgh! This is so infuriating! If we ever battle again, I won't lose! Don't you forget it! Bye-bye!"


Spr E Greta.png Greta OD.png
Sprite from
Overworld sprite from

In the anime

Greta in the anime

Greta's sole appearance was in Wheel of Frontier. Much like Ash Ketchum, she's high-spirited and very passionate about Pokémon battles. As in the Emerald Version, she's the Frontier Brain of the Battle Arena, and runs a karate dojo. Unlike in the game, she's a Fighting-type expert. According to Scott, her role models are Chuck and Brawly. Before the battle, a wheel is spun to decide how many Pokémon will be used. While battles are Single Battles, the other Pokémon intended to be used remain outside of their Poké Ball until they faint. She reappeared in a flashback in A Pyramiding Rage!.

Greta used a Hariyama and Medicham in her battle against Ash. After a hard fought battle, Ash was able to win the Guts Symbol.


This listing is of Greta's known Pokémon in the anime:

Greta's Hariyama
Hariyama was the first Pokémon used by Greta in her battle with Ash, where it first battled with Ash's Grovyle. Despite that Grovyle managed to outmatch Hariyama in speed and deal some damage on it, Greta was finally able to use Grovyle's momentum as her own advantage, and land a critical hit on the Wood Gecko Pokémon, knocking it out.

Ash next used his Snorlax against the Arm Thrust Pokémon. Despite having disadvantage in type, Snorlax was able to keep itself safe from Hariyama's attacks by using Harden. Eventually, Hariyama was knocked out with an Ice Punch.

Hariyama's known moves are Arm Thrust and Focus Punch.

Debut Wheel of Frontier
Voice actors
Japanese Unshō Ishizuka
English Bill Rogers
Greta's Medicham
Greta chose Medicham, along with her Hariyama to battle Ash in Wheel of Frontier. It was the second to go up after Hariyama was defeated by Ash's Snorlax. Medicham overwhelmed Snorlax with its astounding speed and agility. With Ice Punch, Medicham was able to freeze Snorlax giving Greta a huge advantage.

Ash then commanded Snorlax to use Rest, and Greta told Medicham to attack Snorlax with repeated Focus Punches in order to break the ice. Greta told Medicham to use High Jump Kick but Snorlax managed to dodge it, causing Medicham to take some damage. Snorlax then tried to attack it with a Hyper Beam, but Medicham dodged it and hit it with Focus Punch.

Just when it seemed it was all over for Ash, he commanded Snorlax to use Hyper Beam on the ground which catapulted it into the air. Using its altitude to his advantage, Ash told it to attack with a full-on Body Slam, defeating Medicham and earning Ash the Guts Symbol.

It reappeared in a flashback in A Pyramiding Rage!.

Medicham's known moves are Focus Punch, Ice Punch, and High Jump Kick.

Debut Wheel of Frontier
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Sarah Natochenny

Greta has at least one other Pokémon, as one of the options for her battle wheel was to participate in a three-on-three battle.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小林沙苗 Sanae Kobayashi
English Sonny Dey
Finnish Katja Sirkiä
Brazilian Portuguese Samira Fernandes
Spanish Latin America Mildred Barrera
Spain Silvia Sarmentera

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Greta in the Pokémon Adventures manga

As in the games and other media, Greta is the leader of Battle Arena. She owns a Heracross, a Shedinja and an Umbreon. She is also an animator in the Battle Frontier. At first, she was antagonistic toward Emerald because he focused more of his attention to capturing Jirachi than fighting Guile Hideout, who had earlier attacked Noland. Believing he had no "guts," she rebuked him and said that her camaraderie toward fellow Brains mattered much more than some Phantom Pokémon, and charged at Guile. Before fighting the villain in the Artisan Cave, though, she insisted that she be the next Brain Emerald faces, and thus fought him in the Battle Arena shortly after the fight. Her Heracross succeeding in fighting Emerald's Sceptile evenly, and out-scored it, only to be defeated by the Fighting-type-immune Dusclops. Afterward, she called out her Umbreon, and defeated Dusclops before it, too, was beaten by a combination of the ghost's Will-O-Wisp and Sudowoodo's super-effective Low Kick. With there being one Pokémon left on each side, Greta sent out her final Pokémon, Shedinja, and commanded it to Endure in spite of knowing she would get outscored, because she believed battles should be finished the old-fashioned way. In the end, Sudowoodo was able to withstand Shedinja's final Solar Beam, and outscored, winning the battle. Greta handed out the Guts Symbol, having a shift in opinions of the boy.


Greta's Umbreon
Umbreon was first seen at the Battle Frontiers opening ceremony where it was seen with its Trainer. It was used to hit Emerald on the head when he attempted to attack Brandon who had smacked him previously. Umbreon is Greta’s main battler, being used against Guile Hideout’s rental Pokémon‎ and later against Emerald in the Battle Arena where it fought Emerald’s Dusclops and won but was defeated by his Sudowoodo.

Umbreon’s known moves are Quick Attack, Double Team, Feint Attack, and Confuse Ray, and its Ability is Synchronize.

Debut Swanky Showdown with Swalot
Greta's Shedinja
Shedinja was used against Emerald in the Battle Arena. It was used against Emerald's Sudowoodo, but lost by judging.

Shedinja's known moves are Endure and Solar Beam, and its Ability is Wonder Guard.

Debut Sneaky Like Shedinja
Greta's Heracross
Heracross was first used against Emerald in the Battle Arena. It managed to win against Emerald's Sceptile when it had a higher score after the judging but was defeated by his Dusclops.

Heracross's only known move is Megahorn.

Debut Sneaky Like Shedinja


  • She's the only female Frontier Brain of the Hoenn Battle Frontier who did not gain a crush on one of the main characters in the anime.


Language Name Origin
Japanese コゴミ Kogomi From 屈 kogomi, ostrich fern
English Greta From guts or great
French Carole From cran, guts or courage
German Greta From grob, coarse
Italian Valentina From valore, valor
Spanish Coro From coraje, courage
Korean 나리 Nari From 나리 nari, lily
Chinese (Mandarin) 黃瓜香 / 黄瓜香 Huángguāxiāng From 黃瓜香 huángguāxiāng, ostrich fern. Contains 黃 huáng, yellow.

Arena Tycoon

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese アリーナキャプテン Arena Captain
Mandarin Chinese 競技場主將 / 竞技场主将 Jìng​jì​chǎng​ Zhǔ​jiàng
Finland Flag.png Finnish Areenapäällikkö
France Flag.png European French Pro Du Dojo
Germany Flag.png German Ringmeister
Italy Flag.png Italian Maestra Dojo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 아레나캡틴 Arena Captain
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Maestra Dojo

EmeraldBFLogo.png Hoenn Battle Frontier EmeraldBFLogo.png
Ablity Symbol Battle Tower Ability Symbol
Salon Maiden
Spirits Symbol Battle Palace Spirits Symbol
Palace Maven
Knowledge Symbol Battle Factory Knowledge Symbol
Factory Head
Brave Symbol Battle Pyramid Brave Symbol
Pyramid King
Tactics Symbol Battle Dome Tactics Symbol
Dome Ace
Guts Symbol Battle Arena Guts Symbol
Arena Tycoon
Luck Symbol Battle Pike Luck Symbol
Pike Queen

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